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Questions and Answers: Were my absurd experiences as a child really alien abductions?

Questions and Answers

Were my absurd experiences as a child really alien abductions?

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In about 1961, I had two experiences with odd experiences and missing time. I have only recently realized how absurd my memories of the first experience are. I am looking for help in sorting out memories. Also, I had two more possible experiences in the 1970s.


You are very likely in the beginning stages of discovering your past abduction history. It often begins when people are in their 40's and they start to wonder what really happened to them when they were small. Because children lack the ability to analyze a situation closely, it is easy to see how aliens can fool them during a childhood abduction experience. Yet, when these weird experiences happen to adults, we begin to question our sanity, rather than accept the fact that reality has many faces.

Here is an example of how an odd experience from childhood can be accepted at face value until we begin to analyze it and realize it is totally absurd. In one such case, a 6 year old girl grew up accepting the very odd experience of walking up a hill in her childhood neighborhood (a hill that had never existed before that day) and into a house (that had never been there before) shortly before 4 p.m. She and her friends were greeted instantly at the front door by what she assumed were two parents and two children. After a little while, she followed the 'mother' downstairs into a furniture-less basement where they sat on stools facing each other for the next five hours. The mother showed the girl pictures and objects and explained fascinating things to her, things which she does not recall now as an adult.

The girl remembered hearing her friends leave upstairs around 5 p.m. and knew they were going home for dinner. The girl was wearing a wrist watch and knew she should go home as well. But she did not leave. She knew she was the only child staying behind with the new family.

At 7 p.m. it was the girl's bedtime, but she stayed in the basement with the mother. At 9 p.m. that night, more than five hours later, the girl finally went home. It was very dark outside. Her parents were furious. They spanked her and sent her to bed without dinner because they thought she had been kidnapped. The mother asked the girl many times where she had been and what she had been doing, but all the girl would say was that she "had gone to visit the new family in the neighborhood." Her mother asked why the other mother had not sent her home at dinnertime, and the 6 year old girl replied the new neighbor said her mother would not be worried.

Over the course of the next few weeks, the 6 year old girl attempted to locate the new family again. But, since the hill in the middle of the neighborhood had never existed before, she was never able to find it or the family or the house ever again. As is true with so many childhood abduction experiences, this girl grew up accepting this set of impossible circumstances and did not start to question the experience until she began to realize she was an abductee.

Now, as an adult, she has heard other abduction stories and knows other people were abducted as children and fooled by false hills, which were probably stairs or ramps leading up into the UFO. She has also heard that other abductees were shown or taught things inside the UFO. She realizes now that the aliens screened her out of her group of five or six friends that day and deliberately detained her for their own special purposes.

She does not know if this was her first abduction experience or not. But, she knows that as a toddler before she could talk, that she would excitedly point out electric light bulbs in magazines. This was something her parents and her aunts thought was so cute of her to do. When she was in her twenties, she and her mother had a conversation one day about this and never questioned its strangeness. But that was before she knew about alien abductions.

Now that she is an adult, she knows the shape of an electric bulb is often used to describe the shape of an alien's head. To her young mind as a toddler, the picture of the G.E. light bulb could have represented the head of an alien peering into her crib or playpen. Again, this is another absurdity from childhood pointing to alien abduction.

These examples are the kinds of weird experiences to analyze when assessing your abduction history.

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