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Questions and Answers: Have UFO documentaries influenced my dreams or are these dreams real?

Questions and Answers

Have UFO documentaries influenced my dreams or are these dreams real?

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I want to know if I've been abducted. I'm 17, and a Jamaican female. I have experienced "missing time" twice (I was only aware of 2) and I have had strange dreams about being in strange places. In these dreams, I am put into a situation, then in life I find myself in these dreams. I want to know if I've seen one too may UFO documentaries, or is there any truth to these dreams and strange events.

--question from Jamaica


While it is true that UFO documentaries can influence our dreams, most documentaries serve to educate and inform their audience. The UFO documentaries have alerted you to the possibilities of interacting with extraterrestrial beings. Without documentaries, you may not have had this level of awareness and understanding of the subject matter.

This may not be the case in another 20 years. By then, most of the world will probably accept the reality of alien beings visiting our planet. At that time, there'll be many people who will dream about UFOs and aliens who are not abductees. They will be the first generation exposed to such a high degree of the subject matter, that over exposure will lead to excessive numbers of people believing they are abductees when in fact they are not.

So, for now, what you have learned about aliens and the psychological testing process they put humans through has served to enlighten you. The documentaries made you aware. If nothing else, most of the non-abducted population does not dream about aliens were UFOs. If you are dreaming about experiences with aliens and UFOs on a fairly recurrent basis, then you are probably an abductee.

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