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Questions and Answers: Can a person experience 16 hours of missing time during an alien abduction?

Questions and Answers

Can a person experience 16 hours of missing time during an alien abduction?

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In 1976 in Bull Mountain, Montana, I lost about 16 hours. It started when the animals started acting strangely. Shortly after sundown, I was the only one on a small ranch hired to feed the stock. The closest neighbor was 4 miles away. I was 17 miles east of highway 87, and about 15 miles south of Roundup.

Anyway, I was out grazing the horses when I could se a glow on the top of a hill 600 yards to the south. I walked toward the glow along a favorite trail I used frequently. The next thing I recall was I walking down a different path, as if coming out of an intense daydream. When I got to the house (15 minutes later) it was 12:00 noon the next day.

When my friend returned from Billings, Montana the next day, I casually mentioned it to him, not being alarmed at all. Actually I felt better, so we walked up the hill to check it out. It was April and there was snow. When we reached the top of the hill, we found a big circle melted down to the grass. My friend was very intelligent and he explained it as thermal activity, so I figured he was right.

In August 1976, I returned to my native Los Angeles. I rarely thought about what had happened. When I told people what had happened to me, they thought I was crazy so I soon clammed up. In June 1982, I returned to the ranch to help build a huge house for my friend. I met and fell in love with my friend's wife's sister. Her brother was studying psychiatry at Eastern Montana State. He had heard the story and was curious, he talked me into hypnosis. I was hesitant, happily suppressing the incident. All I recalled was "walking towards the hill after sundown then waking up walking at about noon the next day."

I did go under hypnosis and he walked me back up the hill. It worked and under hypnosis I could now see me over half way up the hill. The dog who was walking with me suddenly got scared and turned back about 40 yards from the top. Then I saw lights behind a series of arches and a (hard to describe) dark silhouette with sparkles.

At that moment I felt as though my father was lovingly standing there. I felt total euphoria. Then I abruptly came out of the trance. We tried once again and failed. Now here are my conclusions: I feel that I had a "friendly visit" as I felt as though I was totally rested, at peace, and not molested in any way. I felt like I do when I finish a filet mignon-lobster dinner, quite the opposite of what you hear of "abductees." They treated me most benevolently. There are many more details that I did not include. So,what do you think? This is a true story. Please give me your take on this event. I never ever tell this account to anybody, fearing rejection.

--question from Montana


You have described a classic abduction scenario except that you were missing longer than most people's. Apparently, you were available for an over-nighter and the aliens seized the opportunity at hand. Thus, the aliens took advantage of this oportunity because no one would notice your absence.

We are impressed you found someone skilled and understanding to guide you through hypnosis to aid in your ability to recall what happened to you. Without that understanding, you could have spent many more years wondering what had happened.

Unlike most abductees, your experience was very positive. Some of us have also had very positive experiences with aliens. These intense experiences serve as profound spiritual moments which seem to have a special purpose even if we do not know what it is. Based on what has happened to you in the past, it is highly probably these abductions continued through the years and are still continuing. If you recall your childhood, you probably had other unusual experiences which you accepted as just a part of your regular life.

If you read everything you can find at this web site, you will have a sense of what else to search for in your clues as to your role and purpose in working with the aliens. You will also find other abductees on the bulletin board looking for others to discuss their experiences with. At this web site, most of us here can truthfully say, "Been there. Done that!" Please join our group and participate in the bulletin board discussions. You will find many other people with whom you have a lot in common.

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