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Questions and Answers: Why did a strange light come over the car?

Questions and Answers

Why did a strange light come over the car?

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My wife related to me when we drove down from a large hill into East Jordan, fifteen miles from her home that, "This is where the light came over the car." I asked about what happened then.

"Nothing, I got lost and was two hours late" [she explained] picking up her then husband of a prior marriage. Even asking a series of questions about where she drove to, she seemed content to not remember or have any curiosity of where she drove to during that two hours. In fact she has no memory at all. Her younger sister who was with her does not even remember the light. Is it normal to be so placid and content with such an easy answer of losing two hours of your life?

Also a year ago she woke up with a very real seemingly dream where she was in a darkened room or at least it seemed that way as she lay helpless on a table while an old or wrinkled small man was doing something to her with what she describes as a long hypodermic needle, one foot long with odd things about it. Also present were several people standing around observing.

The table she lay on was covered with a waxy substance or plastic and under that was dried blood that had been covered over from previous people. She couldn't move but remembered clawing holes with her fingernails through layers of this material, each overlaying the other. Upon waking she was scared and afraid to relate the dream. She also said that she felt as though she had been physically violated and could still feel it. I remember nothing out of the ordinary.

She also has an abnormal fear of Alien subject matter and leaves the room when anything is on TV about the matter. Her middle sister independently has quite a history also. Just wanted to share. I have an open mind but am also grounded in science and so look for proofs and logic. But as a biologist, I would be doing the same procedures if I wished to alter the genes or evolution of another race. Thanks.


Members of our web site will clearly recognize the classic scenario of an unremembered abduction. Your wife remembers the light coming down over the car but nothing after that. Her younger sister who was with her remembers nothing at all. That is also another classic scenario.

Many people do not remember their abduction experiences because the aliens instructed them not to remember. Have you ever watched a hypnotist on TV work with his subjects? Afterwards, he gives the subjects a post-hypnotic suggestion that they will not remember what has happened to them. In the case of your wife's sister, she followed all the alien's suggestion by not remembering the light coming down over the car.

Your wife's dream was likely a real experience. Despite the fact the aliens told her not to remember, people tend to remember parts of abduction experiences either as dreams or flashbacks. What your wife remembered about the old man, the hypodermic needle and the surgical procedure could have happened that same night. It could also have happened many years earlier or the day when the light came down over the car. But it is a terrifying situation which has been reported by many other abductees. As to your recollection that nothing unusual happened that night, that is also not unusual. The aliens tend to make certain the sleeping spouse stays asleep.

Other abductees have described feeling as if they were covered with something restricting their body movements. In the book Fire in the Sky, abductee Travis Walton described feeling as if he were confined underneath something which would not let him move on the table. Other abductees have described being totally paralyzed while on this table, only able to move their eyes.

Except for a few instances where senior citizens were rejected by aliens, most abductees are physically violated by aliens. This is especially true after puberty. Purposes for the violation are reproductive. The aliens extract ova, unfertilized eggs, from females. From the males, they remove semen. Females are also the recipients of other reproductive procedures involving the implanting or removal of genetically altered embryos. Both male and female abductees have been told the genetically mutated embryos are essential for the survival of the alien species. Another twist which may intrigue you as a biologist is that women with one or both ovaries missing have been used by the aliens as a "host body" for the maturation of an embryo.

Your wife is fortunate you have an awareness of alien abductions. At some point in time, it is likely she will begin to remember more abduction experiences. She may experience an increase in terrifying abduction dreams or she may recall bits and pieces through flashback memories. In any event, she will benefit from your awareness. By then, she may be ready to take our Alien Abduction Survey on the home page which is a series of yes or no questions for comparing her experiences in life with that of known abductees.

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