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Questions and Answers: Am I going crazy or am I being abducted?

Questions and Answers

Am I going crazy or am I being abducted?

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When I was a child I regularly experienced dreams in which there was an awful buzzing noise, at the same time I could see what I can only describe as the needle from a machine such as a lie detector test drawing lines. The noise was so intense that at times I was scared to go to sleep.

As a child I remember discovering a scar on my left pinky, I can't remember what age I was or where it came from but I know I was quite young and I thought it was cute because it looks like a crescent moon. I always had sinus problems as a child and nightmares of being chased as well as dreams (which I now know were the start of my lucid dreaming) in which I could fly.

Until the start of 1996 I had various dreams including, a large number of dreams where I was going through a tunnel to a white light, the buzzing noise then strange mixed up dreams, I think I remember a few night time nose bleeds as a child, when I was 9 or 10 I was with two friends and we thought we saw a UFO, it was round and hovered above us with alternate flashing red and blue lights.

1996: The dreams started getting more frequent and now the buzzing noise would sometimes start before was even asleep, at times I could fight it and would realise that I couldn't move and had the feeling of someone leaving the room. At times I screamed out for my partner, I could hear my screams but he never did. I have on quite a few occasions felt like I was being pulled from my body, sometimes I fought it and had the same feelings as above of someone leaving,other times I felt myself come out of my body and leave the room, other times I felt as if I was levitating about four feet above my body.

I have experienced feelings of having sex with other men both fair and dark haired and also with a gruesome lizard thing (who I now believe was a Draconian). I have a memory of being in my sitting room and in the corner was a golden ball about six feet off the ground, it then zoomed across the room in zig zag formation.

I have had two dreams where I saw a probe that they were inserting into (I believe) my brain. THEY looked similar to the stereotypical Greys except their eyes weren't as slanted and their face was more oval. These occurrences and the following appear in no particular order as some dates are vague.

I had a dream where an older alien cloaked in orange took me on a ship and told me things which I can't remember yet. He took me over an island(I think it was Australia) everything was dead and there was a mushroom cloud over it. I have drawing done at the time of the event.In 1996 I had a visit in which I was on the table and they were poking and prodding my stomach (made a change from my head). There were 5 or six or seven aliens, the one at the bottom of the table was holding a clear ball (glass, plastic) I knew that inside was an embryo, they put it inside me.

About one and a half weeks later I was confirmed pregnant. That night my partner had the exact same dream and when we confided in each other I asked him to draw a picture of what he saw, our drawings were near enough exact. I will be brief now or this will take me all night. August 1997, on route to Scotland, took wrong turning, ended up in country lane saw bright light which slit into three, two dropped down to form a triangle then two dropped to the ground and lit the horizon up.

We got back on the motorway I then lost two hours before seeing a brilliant flash of light above the car, the first sight was seen by my daughter and I and the second by my partner and I. I get pains in my left temple, behind my left eye and in my left cheekbone. There is a scar on my right leg which I can't explain, it is 1 inch by 6 inch approximately and tapers at both ends. The dreams appeared to stop for roughly six months and only recently started again.

On Sunday I finally spoke to my mum about it and it appears that this is happening, though at a lesser extent, to my mum, my sister, my uncle, my cousin, possibly my brother and my uncle has told my mum that he believes it started with his father or grand father in Ireland.

On Sunday, under the strangest circumstances I was led past a nearby RAF base. As I approached the base I had a pain in my cheek and temple, in the middle of the base there is a radar thingy!! As I drew level with it the pain was at it's most severe and I thought this is it , it is here. My mum who was in the car also felt a sensation. As we left the base, I had what felt like an energy surge go through and encase my body for 2-3 minutes after which I was disorientated and confused. I felt I had to go back there and today I went back.

The feeling described before occurred four times, once about a mile away, though t was much weaker, the strongest was in the middle of the base when again I became confused and disorientated. On leaving the base about half a mile down the road I had the feeling strongly again and this time a vision with it, of a scene I had dreamt on Monday night, only this time I new what everything meant.

My daughter has also seen beings, she sees them from outside the house when she looks up into my bedroom, once there were two, a tall skinny one and a short fatter one, the rest of the times she has only she the tall one, they are black with bright white eyes, she has also seen a ship outside her room hovering at the back of the house. There is much more but this will give you a general idea, I need to know what is going on and what to do from here?

I have done a bit of reading over the past few days but I don't want to read too much as anything I dream, hear or see, I need to know that they have came form something I have experienced and not something that I have read.

I also have a picture in my head of a red/brown coloured planet, I feel it has a dense atmosphere, the horizon isn't blue though it is pink/lilac. I have for years felt this place is somewhere I have been or I am going to go.

-- question from England


You have experienced many of the familiar abduction events, such as the buzzing, the scar, the ball, the flying, the embryo, and more. You do not need to worry about being over-influenced by what you have read. You have already experienced the things typically experienced by abductees. Eventually, you will reach out to others as you are doing now, and in so doing, you will find comfort in realizing you are not alone.

Many others have experienced the same terror or confusing experiences. Accept it for what it is and do the best you can to incorporate it into your life. Another suggestion is to read everything you can at this web site. You will soon develop a sense that you are somehow different from other people in that you are a part of something involving beings from other places or times. This is truly an exciting time period in history to be alive.

To help yourself adapt to your new discovery of what has been happening to you, develop friendships with other abductees on the bulletin board. You will discover others have had the same odd experiences and you will not feel like you are going crazy. If you are one of the lucky ones, you will be able to develop a positive outlook on your experiences and will reach out to help others. And that by the way, is our purpose.

If you want to read any books, your description of the red planet is very similar to that of Betty Andreasson. Have you read any of author Ray Fowler's books on his case study of Betty? I think you will see many similarities between yourself and Betty. Here are 3 books on Betty in paperback: Book Review: The Andreasson Affair, Book Review: The Watchers and Book Review: The Watchers II. They are all excellent reading.

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