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Questions and Answers: Do human-alien hybrids have children?

Questions and Answers

Do human-alien hybrids have children?

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I have not dreamed for almost three years, I know your going to say we all dream every night but not so for me. I used to have dreams of being with beautiful alien women all the time, sexual playfulness but no actual sex. Have you ever heard of this before? I'll be 52 soon and have been divorced for 10 years with no children. Do hybrids [human-alien] have children? This question has been driving me crazy for a long time.


I can't comment on the nature of this man's dreams, or why he has stopped dreaming, except to state the obvious. We dream in a lighter dream state known as REM. Logically, this man must be spending most of his sleep time in a deeper state, where it is presumed that we do not dream. This can be caused by physiological conditions, or brought about by certain prescription or over-the-counter medications. I do know that insomnia is quite common among abductees. If he was having this sort of difficulty, and is taking a sleep aid, this might explain why he is not dreaming. I hope he can get a handle on this. Doctors say that without sufficient REM sleep, we awaken tired, our immune system suffers, then everything goes haywire. Besides, it sounds like he is missing out on some pretty interesting dreams.

As for whether or not Hybrids are capable of procreating: This is something I have pondered myself. Anecdotal information is that hybrid females do have sex with male humans. If this is true, then I would have to assume that they do not engage in this activity simply for recreation or as an educational experience. There must be some function and purpose. In nature, when we crossbreed animals such as a horse and a donkey, the result is a sterile mule. I have to believe that alien knowledge and technology would easily overcome such an obstacle. In short, It does seem a logical goal, if aliens are bent on producing a hybrid species, that it be self-replicating. This leads to an another question with possibly ominous overtones; Why are aliens producing hybrids in the first place? Some possible answers:

A) Aliens want to "graft" themselves into the human species, because they are physically ill-suited for life on our planet. (If you can't beat them, then become them.)

B) The dying alien race scenario (not my favorite).

C) Aliens know something we don't, regarding our planet's future, therefore, they are adapting us to the, soon to come, Earth changes (not my favorite, either).

D) Living conditions on Earth will become so unbearable in the future (for one reason or another), that Aliens are attempting to adapt a remnant of humanity for life on another planet, or possibly, their home world. (This one would make a good sci-fi plot.)

E) They are us from the future. Somehow, we've managed to screw up the gene pool so royally, that they, or we, or the aliens (now I'm confused!) have traveled back in time to replenish said pool.

Lynn Taylor, UFO Field Investigator

Joe Stewart, Alien Abduction Researcher, adds, "Yes, I have heard of hybrids being mated back with humans and creating offspring."

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