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Questions and Answers: Was I abducted from my step-grandfather's house when I was 5 years old?

Questions and Answers

Was I abducted from my step-grandfather's house when I was 5 years old?

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I can't believe I'm actually doing this. I've never told anyone about this. I'm really nervous and it could be nothing, but so many things about some of the stories I've seen on T.V. have really hit home with me. I've always told myself that it couldn't really have happened, that it must have been a dream, but there are too many coincidences with the stories.

When I was a small boy, about 5 years old, I witnessed a UFO and some very strange occurrences. It was late one evening in my step-grandfather's house. My father had married his oldest daughter (it was a family of 8). I had an aunt and uncle of 6 & 8 just barely older than me. Gramps told us to go outside and get some wood for the fire. It was a nice night, cool, but not really cold. I remember there being a really bright moon. Maybe it was full, but I'm not sure.

Anyway while I was standing there, getting my arms loaded with wood, I noticed clouds coming in very fast, totally blocking out the moon, and it suddenly began to snow. All of this happened very quickly, maybe 2 minutes. I turned to go down the stairs into the sub-terranian type home, and half way down the stairs I heard what sounded like a thunder clap so loud that it shook my insides. It scared me so bad that my legs flew out from under me. I landed on the stairs, crushing my legs between the stairs and the logs I was carrying. I cried and screamed, but no one came.

Everything seemed deathly quiet. I ran up the stairs to the outside again. It had stopped snowing, but it was still really cloudy. The horses started naying loudly. A car drove up & turned to park. I heard a very strange noise. Then a glowing ball of light came out from the clouds, slowly hovering across the yard, out into a field, over a small thicket of trees, and disappeared behind them with a bright flash of light.

The next thing I remember, it's daylight and there are scientists everywhere. One of the horses had died (or been killed?) and they were autopsying it. It had been found behind the trees where I had seen the ball of light disappear (or land?). They picked it up with a fork lift and loaded it into a truck. It was never mentioned again. Shortly after my dad divorced and we moved back to Oklahoma. Since then, I've had reoccurring nightmares (or Experiences?) about little men coming to take me away. As a child I was drawing pictures of little men with pear - shaped heads and large eyes, way before it was popular. I would wake up from some of my dreams with a nose bleed, feeling nauseous, or unexplained marks on my body.

I've had several episodes of missing time. I hope there is a rational explanation for all of this, but my experiences are so much like the other people I've seen on T.V. that I thought I should tell someone. I am hoping that you guys know someone I could talk to that does research on this stuff. I would be willing to do a hypnotic regression to get to the bottom of it if necessary. Actually, it really felt really good just to get it out. I used to think abduction people were crazy, but then I started to notice similarities in my own experiences. I'm still not sure if I believe any of this stuff, or what this is really, but maybe studying my experiences can help. I don't know.

Please, if my story can some how help someone else then use it. No, I didn't take the survey. For some reason I was never able to find it. Yes, there were other people there, but like I said, no one mentioned it again. It was like it never happened. I asked my former stepmother if she remembered the incident and she denied it, so I don't know if we will ever find anything going that route. She found me. My father and her were married in a catholic ceremony. She wanted to re-marry and couldn't because the church still considered her to be wed to my father. She was willing to trade some of my Dad's old belongings if I could convince him to sign some church papers for her.


We are glad you wrote about what has happened to you. Your history is so similar to that of other abductees, with one interesting exception that is saved for the end of this reply. Did you take the Alien Abduction Survey. It asks you a series of yes or no questions and then provides you with a score of how similar your experiences are to other abductees.

All abductees at some point reach a point where they have to stop and examine everything that has happened in their lives, only to realize, hey, this stuff does not happen to other people, but it happened to me and it is still real. You will find that once you start talking about it, that you will feel better. The moment you realize these things have happened to other people, then you will start to feel better about all of this.

The abduction scene is doubly difficult because our U.S. military is in a very awkward situation. Here we have the most powerful military in the world, and they are unable to keep out the aliens or prevent abductions. Therefore, they certainly can't admit that any of this stuff is true! Because if they did, they would have to admit being unable to do their job to prevent it. That brings you to this point in your life where you have probably set all these weird things aside for years. Now as an adult, you are suddenly realizing that something is going on here and it is not what it seems, so maybe the only thing it could be is the abduction stuff.

Your experience also occurred at your grandfather's house. You would not believe how many abduction scenarios for kids started at a grandparent's house, especially if the house was out in the country or in an isolated area, with a secluded field or woods nearby. This is one of the textbook scenarios.

The exception to your history is a fascinating one. This is the part which suggests that possibly a UFO crashed or was shot down in the nearby field or woods. Were any other living people witnesses to this event, such as siblings, or cousins, etc.?

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