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Questions and Answers: Why do I have unexplained nosebleeds?

Questions and Answers

Why do I have unexplained nosebleeds?

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For many years now I have wondered whether I was or not yet all the while knowing the answer was yes. I still feel as I'm being told not to discover what has happened to me all my life but I've decided to not listen to the tug-of-war any longer and have to know (I get a physical pain just typing that statement).

I have scars, nosebleeds (profuse in the night as a child up to my teens), nightmares and missing time. I've read a lot of things but have never been able to find out if there is someone in my area that could or would help me to find out at no charge. Is there reputable "free" help out there and if so where? I have to get this out in the open or it's going to get the best of me. It has most of me now as it is. Maybe a researcher would be willing to help if they could read some of the things that have happened to me.


You are responding to the inner urges felt by many individuals as they begin to explore their abduction histories. The physical pain you described when typing the sentence is something other abductees have felt. Others feel a head pain, ear pain or other pain, as if a silent observer is censoring the thought process. Nosebleeds are commonly experienced by abductees, though medical concerns must be considered. Finding free help is often found through support groups. Check our page for Alien Abduction Support Groups where we invite groups to send in their information about free support groups.

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