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Questions and Answers: What is night-time paralysis and hearing voices?

Questions and Answers

What is night-time paralysis and hearing voices?

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For the past two or three years, I've been experiencing this unexplainable happening. Thisis what it is: Every now and then, when I'm sleeping, I'll experience this numbness from my neck and down. It feels as if my body is paralyzed. I am not able to move, although I try to. I know that I'm sleeping, and that I'm having an odd nightmare, and that something isn't right about it. I can hear voices and I'll try to wake up. But I can't move. It's like these things are holding me down. And after about 10 minutes, I do wake up, knowing that something is not right, that what I just experienced was really weird compared to my other nightmares.

While this is happening, I don't know what is happening to me in this dream....or whatever it is. So, just yesterday, there was a program on the discovery channel about aliens abductions. It was called: ALIEN ABDUCTIONS: THE REAL STORY. And before I watched this, I always thought that what was happening to me was normal. But then, in a certain section of the program, they mention the same exact thing that has been happening to me.

I was so shocked and scared at the same time. I am real paranoid now, and I am afraid to sleep. And, before I forget...I am only 14...I turn 15 in the end of October. Does it have anything to do with my age? And why does this happen to me and not my friends or anyone else I know? My mother told me it happens to her sometimes, but it doesn't seem to bug her that much.

Am I being abducted by aliens? Or am I being checked up or examined by them? What do they want from me? Or is this just all in my head.... because I AM POSITIVE THAT THIS HAPPENS TO ME..... Please help me with these questions. Thank you so much. I am a 14 year old female.


It is important to allow yourself to grow up having an appreciation for all the wonderful tings in life you are meant to experience now. That is why we do not encourage you to label yourself an abductee. Giving yourself such a label at your young age could cause you to feel different from your friends. It could cause you to isolate yourself from the important things in your life, such as family, friends and school. There is plenty of time to explore this possibility when you are an adult.

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