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Questions and Answers: How can I help my boyfriend who was abducted?

Questions and Answers

How can I help my boyfriend who was abducted?

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Hi! I need some help as I don't quite know what to do. My boyfriend feels that he is an abductee and was abducted when he was quite young (younger than 12 years old). He started getting a feeling that he had been abducted when he was 12 (not sure how!!) and has had this feeling since then.

I totally believe him but do not how to help him come to terms with this as he told me this on our second date. He was shocked and said that he was sorry for dropping this on me but I said that if I could help then I would. He has asked me to read up on it, but not knowing where to start, I am a bit stuck and I had a feeling there would be something on the net that might help me in this matter. Please help as I do not know where to turn.


First of all, your new boyfriend has certainly dropped a heavy load on your shoulders. It is a lot to handle for a new relationship. You may even find yourself wanting to pull away from your new boyfriend because of it. If you want to pull out of the relationship, let him know in a caring way that you are concerned for him but find yourself unable to be his support network.

If you want to continue the friendship and are curious about the abduction experience, then read the topics here at the web site. They will give you an understanding of what your boyfriend may have experienced. But if you are both young, then probing this subject can be disturbing and is not recommended. If you or your boyfriend are still in school, it is best not to overwhelm yourselves with this subject matter. Best thing to do is to keep school, family, and friends as the most important part of your life. The abduction scenario can be explored later.

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