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Questions and Answers: Was my 7 year old daughter abducted?

Questions and Answers

Was my 7 year old daughter abducted?

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Last week my daughter, who is 7 years old, told me that she had a dream but she was awake. That was how she explained it. She said there were men with three eyes that made her lay on a bed. It must have been very vivid because she told me about it more than once. Then a few days ago, I had an experience where I was in a room at a long white table (the whole room was white) and I, along with other people, was given a pill. The pill was square and white on one side and yellow on the other. I remember it dissolved quickly in my mouth. Both my daughter and I rarely have dreams that we remember. What does this mean?


Your description matches what other abductees have reported. As you can see, these occurrences typically involve the children as well. Many parents fret over this aspect, but it is not a volunteer situation.

On occasion, abductees have reported be given a pill. More frequently, however, abductees report being forced to drink an unpleasant liquid for abdominal testing. This is often for the purpose of conducting further tests, much like we do here on earth. Most abductions involving examining tables are for medical purposes or follow-up checks.

Abductees are more thoroughly examined by alien procedures than by anything done here on earth.

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