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Questions and Answers: How can my family remember my foot injury but not a 3" scar on my wrist?

Questions and Answers

How can my family remember my foot injury but not a 3" scar on my wrist?

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I need to clarify something. When I was maybe 15 or 16, I decided to go fishing one day. There were two lakes behind our house. Both were used for irrigation but they were stocked with fish. I had to find some bait, so I went digging in a fairly large trash pile. I had on shoes, but no socks. I found plenty of worms. When I was done, I went home but my left foot felt funny. I took my shoe off and blood literally poured from my shoe.

A piece of glass that I had stepped on, turned up and sliced my ankle. The next day the doctor blasted me for not coming in that same day. I got 6 stitches for that injury. Now what I am getting at, is that everyone in my family knows about the scar on my ankle, how I got it, where and why, but NO ONE can tell me how I got that scar on my wrist. It is just a straight line, slightly indented and slightly curved at the end. It is about 3 inches long.


Yes, your experience is a good example of how a family can know all about who got this scar and from what injury, and they can re-tell the story as if it happened yesterday. But there you are with a 3" scar on your wrist and you do not even know how or when you got cut that way, let alone when did it scab and heal over without anyone noticing! There are a variety of scars featured in photos at the web site. Check them out.

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