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Questions and Answers: Why am I afraid of being in my bedroom at night?

Questions and Answers

Why am I afraid of being in my bedroom at night?

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I am 18 years old. Male. I have a phobia of doctors. I don't like to be examined by doctors. It makes me feel uneasy and I try to avoid going to the doctor by all means. I have awakened with some parts of my body feeling very stiff, and once woke up in the middle of the night finding a piercing white light shining at me through the window. Right when I saw the light, it felt like I knew who/what it was. I covered myself with my blanket in pure terror saying to myself, "Don't come for me now. I'm not ready. Please don't come now."

I used to wake up with nose bleeds almost every other night. I also had much fatigue. Had to take 2 naps a day, I was so tired. I am still afraid of my closet at night and am afraid of being alone in my room with the lights off. I have to cover my whole body with the blankets to hide myself.

I have seen UFO's in the sky, but not up close. I have had a dream where I walked outside and there were at least 3 UFO's hovering. I always have a feeling of being watched/monitored. I feel there is a task on earth that I must complete. I feel like some sort of power source.

To this day, my friends witness streetlights and house lights go off when I walk by them or go under them. I am always interested and reading things about the occult, extraterrestrial life, etc. I feel that an "end" is coming, some type of warfare, and that I am here to help do something about it, like I am supposed to stop it or something.

I have talked to my immediate family about any experiences they have had. Some give me typical abduction situations (out of body, paralysis, dark figures by the bed) which makes me think it runs in the family. I have heard my grandma tell me stories of all the 'cigar-shaped' UFO's she has seen in Oregon. Please help me. Evaluate my situation and get back to me soon.


It is regrettable that you are in this difficult situation of sensing what is going on and yet fearing it at the same time. Many others report being afraid of the bedroom closet, seeing a light shine in through the bedroom window at night, or seeing faces around the bed at night, or dreaming about UFOs. We suspect you scored quite high on our abduction survey. Given your age, do your best to keep focused on your family, friends and school. Try to keep a positive outlook and remind yourself that you are in control of how you feel about your life. Good luck.

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