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Questions and Answers: Are aliens monitoring our e-mail?

Questions and Answers

Are aliens monitoring our e-mail?

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An alien abduction researcher reported the following bizarre incident which occurred on Thanksgiving, November 26, 1998 in his home after going to bed. In his own words:

Three aliens visited my wife in the bedroom on Thanksgiving evening. They were getting ready to escort her out, when a Grey alien passed through the bedroom wall from our backyard. He seem concerned and had an urgent matter to discuss with her.

He asked her if she knew who <name withheld> was. Not what the name meant, but who was the person behind it that seemed to know all these abductees and was starting important research in the paranormal and spiritual development.

The Grey alien even stumbled over the pronunciation of the name a few times. My wife told him the person they were looking for was me. That it was my new e-mail name. He seemed relieved and satisfied. I guess they thought I was someone new to watch that they did not have control over. That answer seemed to satisfy him and he left the way he came, back through the wall.

Joseph Stewart, Alien Abduction Researcher


There have been many odd reports about abductees having contact suggesting the aliens have access to our e-mail. A woman in Pennsylvania came home from work every night for a week to discover her computer turned on and connected to our web site's home page. After a week of these unexplainable occurrences, when no one had been in her home, she finally deduced the aliens wanted her to write to us, so she sent us a note explaining how she came to locate us.

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