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Questions and Answers: Can aliens communicate with us by telephone?

Questions and Answers

Can aliens communicate with us by telephone?

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Can aliens communicate with us by telephone?


Many abductees have reported unusual experiences involving aliens and telephones. Some abductees believe the strange clicking sounds on the phone line are caused by aliens; others believe the clicks are the government monitoring us with 18 acres of underground computers located in Ft. Meade, Maryland, as seen in the movie "Enemy of the State" and reviewed at our web site Movie Review: Enemy of the State.

Some abductees have heard mechanical sounding voices. Two abductees reported the following:

Landi reports: I have also heard clicks, bangs, and funny noises on the phone several times, but the most impressive one was the time I was awakened at 3:51 a.m. (I always try to look at the clock when they're around). The phone rang 4 times. I got up and walked to the phone. As I don't like to answer the phone at that time of the morning, I waited until the answering machine picked up. There was an eerie silence and then someone hung up. I went back to bed, and shortly thereafter woke up with someone or something laying over my chest and holding my arms. I had been given an inoculation, and a month later was given a booster. I was told this was for the ET's protection as well as mine, as when I came to visit them, I may bring germs indigenous to our planet. I realized they wanted me to be aware of their presence and what they were doing, hence, the phone call. Get's stranger all the time, eh?

Bill, a male abductee reports: With my handful of experiences of telephone-related oddities, I have no doubt that e-mail monitoring would be very easy for aliens. I'm including my phone experiences and ask if anyone has experienced anything like these:

On two occasions (at about 4 a.m. each time), upon feeling the aliens' immediate presence, I have asked them to phone me instead of showing themselves, due to my fear level. Both times the phone rang upon my request (producing nothing more than a dial tone, both times, when I answered the phone).

One afternoon, when I was younger and living at my old house with my folks, my father called from work and asked if he'd received any calls from some job prospects he had. I told him that there had been no calls. He asked if my mother might have taken a call for him and I replied that it wasn't possible because I was home alone. He let me go, but I suddenly got a strange feeling in my gut that, somehow, I shouldn't have said that I was alone. As I stepped away from the phone, it rang again. When I answered it, there was silence (an eerie silence). Nervously, I kept asking if anyone was there.

From in the distance, I heard the sound of an approaching helicopter. The phone clicked to a dial tone and I hung up. I was about to call my father back to see if it was him, trying to call me back, when I noticed the sound of the approaching helicopter was louder than I was used to for passing aircraft. In fact, it came roaring directly over the house, making the house's windows vibrate. I ran outside to see a (yes) black helicopter slowly and lowly fly off to the east and up to a higher altitude. When I called my father back, he said that he hadn't touched his phone since calling me the one time. Absent-mindedly, I guess, I didn't try to investigate the source of the second call.

The spookiest thing that ever happened to me on the phone happened a few years ago when I was having a casual conversation with a friend of mine about Christmas shopping and how I ran into this girl I used to date at a local mall (you know - secrets which hold our world in the balance). After a few minutes of conversation, as I was speaking, I was interrupted by MY OWN VOICE coming over the phone, saying what I had just said a minute before!!! I asked my friend if he heard it and he said that he didn't. I'm sure that my friend didn't get weird on me and decide to tape our conversation (and I did ask him, anyway), actually, the only comforting theory for what I heard.

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