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Alien and UFO Research: Update on Alien Photograph

Alien and UFO Research

Update on Alien Photograph

Here is an update on the alleged alien photograph received by AAER. The alien photo has been subjected to further AAER enhancements. Anyone having seen this alleged alien or who has physical evidence of an alien presence should contact us.

The original alien head has been enlarged and enhanced. Colors were intensified to bring out detail in his physical characteristics. Note the 4 long extensions coming out of the shoulders. Now the alien head becomes more clear. It appears to be an insect head.

Below is the alien head after additional analysis with insect legs drawn in and labeled. Note these same insect leg parts are visible below: The coxa, femur, tibia, tarsus, and claw. Do you see them now? The original alien photo may be seen at Alien and UFO Research: Possible Alien Photographed. Also see Alien and UFO Research: Alien Undergoes Further Analysis

Photo enhancements by AAER.

Alien and UFO Research Alien and UFO Research



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