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Alien and UFO Research: Aliens Perform Tracheotomy on Woman

Alien and UFO Research

Aliens Perform Tracheotomy on Woman

This is the incredible report from a woman whose physician informed her she had recently undergone a tracheotomy without her knowledge.

In late November 1999, a married woman from Michigan awoke in the morning to see a large red mark "like a bruise" in the hollow of her throat just below the larynx (Adam's apple). She thought it was  unusual but had no way of explaining it. She did not tell anyone about it. This woman also has seen a UFO on the ground from less than 50 feet away and has a history of other experiences suggesting alien activity.

On January 6, 2000, the woman was at the physician's office for a routine physical examination. The physician noticed the red mark on her neck and asked her about it. The following is the woman's description of their conversation and the physician's discovery of the aliens' surgical incision.

Physician:  "I see you have had neck surgery recently."

Patient:  "I haven't had any surgery recently."

Physician:  "And I don't have a report for it in my files."

Patient:  "I have not had any neck surgery."

Physician: "I can see from the incision that this was very recent surgery."

Patient:  "But I haven't had any surgery on my neck!"

There was a long pause. 

Physician:  "Are you saying that 'they' did it?" as she made an outer space sound.

Patient:  "Probably."

As the physician examined the surgical incision, she remarked on what she saw.

Physician: "The circular mark here in the center is where something was inserted into you, such as a trache tube. The skin was then cut about one half inch below the point of insertion and then to the left and up. This is a new incision which is healing nicely."

The patient had never before mentioned aliens or UFOs to the physician. She was even more surprised next when the physician volunteered to tell of her own experience with a UFO.

Physician: "Let me tell you what happened to me when I was a teenager in Missouri." The physician then described how a UFO, which looked like a large ball of light, followed her and her friends back and forth in a field and finally came right down over their heads. They started walking down the road to get away, but  it followed them, hovered above them, and then stopped in front of them over their heads.

AAER Note: There is probably more to this encounter with the UFO, even if the physician is unable to remember it. We would speculate there was probably a period of missing time due to an alien abduction for this future-physician and her teenage friends.

January 6, 2000

Alien Tracheotomy

Alien Tracheotomy

Click here to see enlargements of aliens' surgical incision

Alien Tracheotomy

This is a close-up with the colors deepened to show the irritated skin.

Alien Tracheotomy

This is a close-up with the surgical incision drawn in black lines.

Alien Tracheotomy

The circled area shows circular white scar tissue where the physician said the tracheotomy would have been inserted.



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