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Alien Abduction
Experience and Research
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Alien Abduction Support Groups

Alien Abduction Support Groups

Various Groups Available for Help

Support group leaders are invited to submit information pertaining to their support groups. A listing in this section is for informational purposes only. Group leaders may also include phone, address or e-mail information if desired. Readers need to be aware that support groups sometimes charge a fee, or may meet intermittently or periodically disband and then startup again later.

A listing here is not an endorsement that a support group will provide any benefit to the reader. People need to use their own judgement as to whether or not a group will be helpful or not. Support groups serve an adult audience and are not intended for children unless they specifically allow it.

Many support groups have members or leaders offering additional private services such as therapy or hypnosis also known as regression analysis. There is usually a fee for these additional services. While there is no guarantee that any support group will help you, most individuals derive some benefit from a support group and meeting other people with similar experiences.

Illinois SEE Support for Encounter Experiencers

Support for Encounter Experiencers (SEE), offers support for those who believe that they have had contact with UFO's and non-human intelligences, and are seeking others with whom they might share their experiences.

Meetings are held for those living in Chicago and the surrounding suburb areas. Support group meetings are structured in a totally confidential and relaxed environment. Meetings for individuals who are not ready for group sessions can also be arranged. Christine Olivo, facilitator of SEE, is a certified hypnotherapist and experiencer. She is readily available at support group meetings for all individuals who feel that hypnosis will help them to clarify and recall their UFO sightings or abductions.

If you feel that you are a experiencer, or know of someone in need of a support group living in the Chicago or surrounding suburb areas, please email: Christine Olivo, R.HT., Facilitator of SEE

Indiana Expert Seeks Alien Abductees

This is an important message that can affect any of you. There exists in our populace many thousands of persons who don't realize that there is an unperceived part of their life. I must warn you that alien intelligence can erase from your mind what ever it desires.

However there are certain signs and events that are clues that something is amiss. Are you unhappy and disturbed by the odd events in your life? Have you had missing time, nose bleeding especially in your youth, mysterious skin effects like a straight line scar, scoop marks, tiny punctures discovered when you woke up in the morning? Do you fear a certain place or thing? Hear a voice in your mind? Had gynecological problems -- even a lost fetus? See strange aero forms or non-human beings?

If you answer is yes to many of these questions then it is possible you are a chosen one. For 45 years I have been an investigator-researcher of abductions and the Nordic-type aliens. I have helped many abductees and some have said I was a "God-send" to them. My humanitarian work is free and confidential and I often thank my creator for my wonderful skill. I work only by mail and you would need to do my questionnaire so I can determine if you are really an abductee and what your situation is. Please contact me Donald Worley at You can also read my articles about actual case histories I have worked on at Donald Worley Alien Abduction Researcher

Minnesota: Craig R. Lang, Certified Master Hypnotherapist Seeks Alien Abductees

Helping you to come to terms with the close encounter phenomenon. I am a certified hypnotherapist, researcher, and close encounter investigator with Minnesota MUFON. I research sighting and abduction cases in the upper Midwest of the United States. I help experiencers come to terms with missing time, post-contact trauma, unexpected psychic/spiritual emergence, and other phenomena which can be associated with the close encounters.

I work both with individuals with small groups. I also conduct presentations on the UFO and close encounter phenomenon for civic and public interest groups. I invite you to contact me if you have questions, if you suspect that you may have experienced the close encounter phenomenon, or for any other reason.

Craig R. Lang, MS CHt
Certified Master Hypnotherapist
Close Encounter Researcher - Minnesota MUFON
Phone: 763-257-7334
Fax: 413-480-5853
Hypnotherapy Homepage

New Jersey Hypnosis Healing Center

I am an abduction researcher and Director of Medical Hypnotherapy for the Eastern Region of MUFON (21 eastern states), presently investigating the "missing time phenomena" of people who claim to have been abducted. Feel free to contact me for any reason concerning this topic. I am available for consultation as well as to work with people who possibly have had an experience.

The Hypnosis Healing Center
Joseph Riccioli, "Master Hypnotist", M.D.,Ph.D.,N.D. - Director
The Hypnosis Healing Center

Washington The UFO Contact Center International

The UFO Contact Center International was the first alien abduction support group world wide. It started in 1978 during a time when the scientific organizations would have nothing to do with abduction scenarios. We hold meetings on the third Sunday of the month to share information and abduction stories, plus any phenomena associated with UFOs.

For further information we can be reached at:
Aileen Garoutte', Director
Phone 206-630-3399
19519 S.E. 270th Pl. #73
Kent, Washington 98042

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