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Alien Abduction
Experience and Research
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Alien Symbols: Alien Symbols Alter Human Energy

Alien Symbols: Index of Alphabets, Insignias, Maps, Star Charts and Symbols

Alien Symbols Alter Human Energy

Pamela explains how she uses her alien writings for healing clients.

"I have some sense of what is being transmitted in these alien writings which I call Codex Writings. I believe they are codes within patterns that alter one's energy simply by looking at them. I don't think they are a language as we are used to using that term. They predate Hebrew symbols and so, perhaps, Hebrew was inspired by the transmissions within these codes."

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Alien codex writing used for healng.

"I can tell you how they really started up. This is for real. I was doing a program at The Monroe Institute. In the middle of the week, an electric Blue Light Being with an energy which I cannot adequately describe, moved ever so gently into my body, shimmered, expanded my whole being, and altered my vibrations quite dramatically. It appeared and gently did its vibrational thing two more times."

Alien codex writing used for healng.

"I have not seen it in 3.5 years, nor has any other entity or being visited me since. I am not in touch with etheric beings, etc. But ever since then, I channel this script, do elaborate paintings of it, project it onto people's bodies with a light projector and have made healing shrouds for clients with the codex painted on it."

Alien codex writing used for healng.

"Some people recognize the language and cry because it feels so ancient to them. I suspect we are seedlings from many other dimensions, and this was our language. It may be Pleiadian, because of the Blue Light Being who started it within my body consciousness."

Alien codex writing used for healng.

"Here is another page of interpretation from the codex writings. As follows: Between the planets is the star pattern. From behind this conglomerate lies the keys to what you seek--if informed you can then know how to make contact. Your ever present sisters and brothers of love. Be meeting with us in these heavens, gathering bread for the masses, passing down and along the lines of light that which people are awaiting. We will be with you always."

Alien codex writing used for healng.

"Here is an entry from my diary minutes after channeling a long page of the script. 'Question: What is this stuff? Answer: They are patterns for the mind to awaken and release the next level of energy and chemicals to permit higher development of the brain and being. Keep writing and reading. It will keep opening your understanding for the future of the species.'"

"I also believe they are more sacred than we can imagine. I just found your web site and others who are writing these alien symbols and I feel much less out there and alone."


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Alien Abduction Experience and Research
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