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Alien Abduction
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Alien Symbols: Alien Handwriting Taught to Texas Man

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Alien Handwriting Taught to Texas Man

David from Texas explains, "This writing is very special to me. I use it mostly for sacred purposes. I cannot remember a time when I did not know this language. I write it very fast, but it takes me forever to translate it to English, mostly because it does not lend itself to translation to English very easily."

"Most of the words have no parallel in English. The English language, while having a beauty in its precision, does not contain the depth of meaning and color that this language does. The nearest illustration I can provide is, for example, with the word "love." In Koine Greek, as you know, I studied Greek and Hebrew at Seminary, the word "love" has at least three or four words used to describe it:  Eros which is physical love; Phileo which is brother love; Agape-Godly which is also love."

"In English, we have just the word "love." Shades of meaning and depth of color are missing from the English language."

"I sent samples of this writing to a friend who specializes in ancient languages. I also gave a copy to a friend who is in military intelligence, a cryptanalyst and linguist. He thought it was similar to Russian or Greek. Being familiar with Greek, I can see where some of the elements resemble Greek, but they do not fit into the schema as do the Greek letters that would have a linguistic correspondence."

"I can read Russian to some small degree and I can see evidence of Cyrillic in it, but cannot say it is a known Russian language, of which there are over 150 Russian dialects. I have heard at least twice as many conclusions as there have been people analyzing it."

"Here is the handwriting sample I referred to below."

"My earliest memory of writing this language goes back to when I was in the third grade. My older sister tells me that I have been speaking this language since before I went from crawling to walking."


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