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Alien Abduction
Experience and Research
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Alien Symbols: Dream Symbols from Jessy

Alien Symbols: Index of Alphabets, Insignias, Maps, Star Charts and Symbols

Dream Symbols from Jessy

Dream Symbols from Jessy

Jessy wrote, "I had another dream last night that was full of symbols. It was a dream where I saw a list of people's names. It was as though I was looking at a movie screen and seeing all the actors' names scroll by."

"Then it changed to a language that had symbols that looked like a cross between hieroglyphics and Japanese. The letters and names scrolled by super fast so I could not catch all the letter and names."

"The ones I did remember vividly I tried to draw as best as I could and am including them for your examination. Maybe someone recognizes these symbols. They read from top to bottom just like the Japanese/Chinese language."

"I did at one point in the dream yell out, "You're going too fast! I can't even read them!"

"It slowed momentarily and then resumed its speed."

"A voice then said, 'Do not worry. Your subconscious is reading every word.'"

Dec. 21, 2001


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Alien Abduction Experience and Research
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