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Alien Abduction
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Alien Symbols: Unlocking the Key to the Alien Alphabets

Alien Symbols: Index of Alphabets, Insignias, Maps, Star Charts and Symbols

Unlocking the Key to the Alien Alphabets

Robert from California explains, "Yes, I have looked at other entries of alien typography and star maps. The star map submitted by, I believe the same individual as the internet alphabet was a creative adaptation of a Microsoft Word Art circle. Basically you can select your data then apply a circular wrap to the text. Once this was done the creator then added things like pictures to depict male and female with stretch body structures and a space ship heading towards the center of creation just after the big bang."

"Symbol reference can be seen at the top to things like Dinosaurs and global events. I highly doubt that an advanced alien race would have created an alphabet system like ours. As intelligence evolves the conception of having independent systems for describing numbers, letters, words, thoughts, ideas, history become more a pattern of repeating symbols whose complex orientations separate its meaning."

"As for the dream symbols near the bottom, the one with the basic stick figures is classic Celtic Runes. Some associate these with the mythology of middle earth and dwarves. But Celtic Runes were used by the pre-pagan Druidic Nomads during the early middle ages. They were once thought to hold magical properties and you will find many depictions of these Runes through out Fantasy RPG games, Book, Movies (Lord of the Rings) etc. It would not be uncommon to have someone dream in symbols especially those people who might have a deep occult interest even if they are not a current participant in a cult."

"As for any of the other writings you can clearly tell that some of the submissions were created by people who have some mental block or psychosis. You can clearly observe repetitive patterns in swoops and curves as well as shapes like the square root symbol. The brain to hand communication trains the hand movement to repeat certain forms and shapes when the brain is not focused on dictating thought into words."

"That is how young children learn to master forming letters and then later in life are able to write words on paper with out applying conscious effort into creating the symbols that we call letters. The hand already "knows" how to write the symbol that the brain is thinking therefore allowing the brain to "think ahead" of what the hand is writing. Other wise a writer or author or a student would be unable to think of what to write next on the fly while his hand is trying to keep up with what the brain is formalizing as ideas in the conscious."

"Philosophy shows us that man has an innate ability to recognize things created by man. As all things are "known" to man but that life's experience unlock "keys" that allow a person to "recall" this stored information. Thus recognizing something that has been created by mankind. Fear comes from the unknown."

"The proper key has not been experienced to unlock the recalling function of what the person is experiencing to create fear. For example when a novice hiker is in the woods and finds himself lost in the dark he might become scared or afraid when he hears certain sounds in the darkness. While an experienced hiker in the same situation, still lost, might hear the same sound but recall that the sounds is made from dying tree branches that snap in bitter cold and may fall 40 or 50 feet or more to the ground below sounding like big thuds or snapping and rustling."

"Same as a novice dirt bike rider attempting to go over a big jump. They might have total fear, where an experienced rider will already know that they can jump it with out worry of injury. This experience does not have to come from them actually having done the jump before but could come from like situations or like angles of the ramp or similar distance."

"The word experienced can also be drawn from an internal source where the mind has played out the situation and has examined all the possible outcomes and made an assessment of the most possible outcome therefore instilling confidence in the person that they can do the jump successfully. Others lack the analytical ability to assess the outcome but by some sort of sub-conscious experience they can do the jump without any fear whatsoever."

"In this case if it does not go well and they get hurt their conscious mind then forms an action-reaction response that might prevent them from even attempting another jump in the future. That is why sometimes you see people get hurt and they continue to do it, because their mind is aware of the possibility but takes chances based on the probable outcome. And other who gets hurt and their mind lacks the ability to think through all the outcomes and therefore provides and immediate action reaction response which is NO YOU WILL ALWAYS GET HURT."

"So this then prevents them from ever attempting a similar event. This analogy can be used for any experience a person will go through in life. Ultimately this brings us to recognizing alien intelligence, if we were to see real Alien alphabets or symbols the minds first reaction would be fear."

"Then if man was connected to this Alien Intelligence in some manner it might be possible that the sight of this Alien alphabets could unlock that key and allow a focused individual to decipher or decode it. But if it was real, your first reaction would be fear. Especially if it is indeed innate that man is to have the ability to recall Alien Intelligence. For this would mean that the Aliens as man knows them would be close to returning to Earth. Which man might know would result in total destruction of our race as we know it."

Robert from California

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