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Alien Abduction
Experience and Research
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Lynn Taylor: Alien Wolf Pack

Lynn Taylor, UFO Field Investigator

Alien Wolf Pack

10:30 9/13/96 (Friday evening): Like most nights, before retiring for the evening, I walked outside and scanned the heavens for anything anomalous. I immediately caught sight of two spheres, traveling from the south, toward the landfill. I decided tonight would be the night that I would follow these nocturnal lights, and document there activities. I hurried into the house and grabbed my video camera, then drove over, and parked along side a gravel road that borders the east side of the landfill. In no time, I found myself surrounded by no less than four UFOs. They were closing in on me quickly like a wolf pack!

That was it - they hunt like wolves, in packs! I decided that discretion, being the better part of valor, I should vacate the area with all possible expeditiousness. I was frantically trying to video tape, as I drove away from the area. First, aiming the camera out the driver's window, then straight ahead through the windshield, in an attempt to capture as much of the drama as I could, while providing running commentary of all that was going on all around me. I felt that, if I was captured, I wanted to at least leave some sort of record of what had happened. I had escaped their snare! As I crested the hill over looking my driveway, I could see another craft hovering over the road, straight ahead. I turned onto the drive, and raced up to my house.

Once inside, I attempted to place a date stamp on the video I had just taken. That was when I discovered the camera / VCR switch had been in the VCR position the whole time! I had nothing to show for my efforts.


Lynn Taylor: Alien and UFO Reports

I risked my life for nothing! I was pissed! (sorry, but no other word will work, here) For the first time this evening, my fear was completely gone, replaced by an overpowering anger at myself, and the situation. How could I make such a dumb mistake?

I hate to lose. I really hate to lose! I was compelled to go back and face them again, but this time would be different. They could no longer use my own fear against me. I parked in the same spot as before and stood in front of the van. There it was again, coming out of the south, heading toward the landfill. It made a huge circle toward the east, and behind the hill to my back. I could hear the dogs begin to bark frantically in the distance.

I looked to the south, and there, heading north in the same manner as the first, was a second object. Its path brought it closer to my position, affording me the opportunity to capture it on tape, before it moved out of sight. I could see small white and red lights strobing at irregular intervals, from the trailing side of the craft. The display provided by the two spherical objects seemed almost anticlimactic, as I powered the camera down and headed back to that fortress of safety called home.

Lynn Taylor, Association for Aerial Anomaly Research and Cataloging (AAARC)

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