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Lynn Taylor: UFO Light Beam

Lynn Taylor, UFO Field Investigator

UFO Light Beam

10:40 PM 10/03/96 (Thursday): I was feeling a little under the weather, so I chose to spend a quiet evening alone in front of the tube, watching "The Outer Limits." Linda, Jill and Jana May were attending a "Mary Kay" party at my oldest daughter Jennifer's house. Jill walked in the door at 10:15 PM, indicating that she had just spotted a yellow sphere over old 37 North, in the area of Morgan-Monroe State Forest. I remember thinking, Well, they're out tonight - they want to play, and I really don't feel like it.

Jill talked with me for a few minutes, then went on up stairs to bed. Linda and Jana did not arrive home until 10:40 in the evening. Jana came inside first and said, "Mom wants you to come outside right now. The dogs are sounding real strange!" I grabbed the video camera and hurried outdoors. Linda directed my attention to the yellow sphere over the trees to the east. I began to video tape, but soon I noticed a second sphere further to the east, near the county landfill. I yelled, "Get the van started, and get my other battery. We're going to the dump. That's where they're headed."

We parked along side the gravel road that borders the east side of the landfill. Soon we were surrounded by spherical objects which I would estimate to be twenty to twenty-five feet in diameter.


Lynn Taylor: Alien and UFO Reports

I continued to video tape the event until the objects began to withdraw. At that point, we repositioned ourselves in front of the landfill. Jana and I witnessed a sphere floating above an area of dense vegetation to the east of us.

We watched as it paused momentarily, and a bright, conical shaped light began to emanate from the underside of the ship and onto the brushy area below. The beam of light lasted for only a couple of seconds, before the craft continued on its way toward the forest, to the north.

I could not help, but wonder - what was it that attracted their attention? What was it they were looking for? And, why do they have such a preoccupation with the area around the landfill? Whatever their mission, it was obvious, that this was a coordinated operation.

Sometimes, I feel like an old coon hound. It doesn't matter how bad I feel, when the night creatures are out, I'm up and gone.

Lynn Taylor, Association for Aerial Anomaly Research and Cataloging (AAARC)

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