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Alien Abduction
Experience and Research
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Lynn Taylor: UFO Disk of Light

Lynn Taylor, UFO Field Investigator

UFO Disk of Light

Around the eighteenth of October, 1996, I had taken to standing the first watch. It was 12:30 AM and I was preparing for a sky-watch stroll. As I went to the door I noticed that a car was stopped in the road with its lights on. When I went out, the car moved off. I went to the place where it had been stopped, looked up and saw what they must have seen to make them stop - a pulsing blue-white light, very much brighter than the brightest of the surrounding stars, and drifting very slowly to the west. Although its ground track was approximately four miles away and its elevation several thousand feet, it was discernible as a disk of light with pulses of brightness coursing it rim.


Lynn Taylor: Alien and UFO Reports

I centered my Chi and opened a telepathic greeting. At once two spheres, possibly a thousand feet away, two-hundred feet in the air and four feet in diameter, lit up in instantaneous succession and accelerated towards the ship before again darkening. Just as quickly the ship dimmed to a faint pulsing red and doubled its speed. I watched it until it faded in the distance to the west.

Robert J. Amick

Bloomington, Indiana

Lynn Taylor, Association for Aerial Anomaly Research and Cataloging (AAARC)

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