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Lynn Taylor: Spherical UFO Objects

Lynn Taylor, UFO Field Investigator

Spherical UFO Objects

12:00 midnight (estimated time) 5/19/96 (Sunday): Tonight John Tosti and I drove out to Mount Tabor road to check the area for sky traffic, for this is one of the areas where John recently witnessed numerous sightings of unidentifiable aircraft. Tonight would be no exception. We were training our attention on the northeastern sky, and observing nothing worthy of noting, except for four meteorites who chose almost identical paths to fall from the heavens.

John was becoming frustrated due to the lack of activity he is normally accustomed to experiencing, when he and I decided to take a walk across the front yard, near the road, in order to inspect the sky, over the Union Valley road area. I scanned above the tree line, to find Venus in its proper place. However, there was something else below and just to the right. It was a round, possibly spherical object, white in color, and about two thirds the size of a full moon. No sooner did my eyes focus on it, when it began changing its color from white to yellow, then to yellow-orange. (Why my eyes failed to lock on to an object of this size immediately, is as strange as any other aspect associated with this phenomena.)

As soon as I could get the words out, I said, "There's one, right there!" John looked up quickly, while thinking at first that I had mistaken Venus for something else. Then, he spotted it just as it began dropping, and dimmed down, then finally blinked out. He said, "That's one of them, all right! I'm sure glad you were here to see it with me. Now you know that I'm not crazy!" Then John commented, "They're checking you out. You are not supposed to be here. They would normally give me a 'light show'. Maybe the next time you're here they will, when they accept your presence."


Lynn Taylor: Alien and UFO Reports

It was about that time, that a low flying jet aircraft, with lights arranged in a manner that I am not used to seeing, flew from the southwest and passed directly overhead, which John identified as a "grid runner." The UFO John and I had witnessed, was the same type seen by Linda and myself, over Morgan-Monroe forest on the twelfth of March.

11:00 PM (estimated) 5-20-96 (Monday) I was down my driveway, near the spillway, looking for any signs of my friend, the "Scavenger," when a car pulled onto our farm road. It was John and Robert bringing Jill home. I met them at the top of the hill and told them I was having no luck sighting that evening. We all wandered back down the driveway searching the sky to the east over the landfill for some signs of the UFO that had eluded me earlier. Suddenly, there it was, bright, and reddish-orange in color, leisurely floating across the sky in a northerly direction.

John raced back up the hill, grabbed his video camera from out of the car, and began taping. John said, "That's definitely a UFO. It has a constant glow about it." It disappeared but soon showed up again two more times, before the evening was over. It was a good feeling to have someone besides myself, finally see the "Scavenger." I have a hunch that these ships are assigned to specific geographical areas where they establish flight patterns which may indicate reconnaissance as a function of their mission, or dare I suggest the possibility that hunting might play a part in their nightly sky cruises.

Lynn Taylor, Association for Aerial Anomaly Research and Cataloging (AAARC)

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