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Alien Abduction
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Lynn Taylor: UFO Alters Sound

Lynn Taylor, UFO Field Investigator

UFO Alters Sound

12:00 midnight 5/27/96 (Monday) This evening, I was to meet with John to test his intuition that tonight over Mt. Tabor Road the skies would again be busy. Mt. Tabor Road is located in a more sparsely populated area of northwestern Monroe County. Therefore, I was much surprised to encounter a low flying aircraft directly over Mt. Tabor Road at midnight. As it approached my position, it seemed almost motionless. I stopped my van and stepped out on the running board to get a better view. I could detect movement and the drone of a piston-engine. I could not actually see the body of the craft - only the lights. It was probably an airplane. Probably.

All right then, assuming it was a conventional airplane, one has to ask - what was it doing out there at that late hour? And why was it flying so low? And what kind of electronic equipment would it have to posses in order to fly safely under those conditions? Somehow I knew its presence was not a mere coincidence.

I got back in the van, and drove another 1/8th of a mile to the rendezvous where I met with John. As soon as I stepped out of the van, John quietly yelled, "Bring your camera, there's one over here!" as he pointed toward the eastern sky. This time I was able to get some decent video of a yellow-orange sphere as it floated almost motionless over the tree line in the distance.

After about three minutes, a car came up over a rise in the road between the sphere and my vantage point, its lights shining directly at me. At first I thought, perhaps the car's lights were causing the sphere to appear dimmer. However, John from a different position, indicated that the sphere in fact had "dimmed down." After the car passed our position, I could see that the sphere had remained dim. After a few more seconds, It "blinked out."


Lynn Taylor: Alien and UFO Reports

About thirty minutes had passed when what appeared to be a prop-driven airplane, powered by a piston engine, approached from out of the west. It was flying just above the tree tops when it banked sharply over our location then turned back toward the west. I was able to video tape the lights of the craft as it turned directly overhead. As soon as the "plane" passed from view, I spotted another yellow-orange sphere in the distance. Dim at first, it hung motionless in the northern sky. Seconds later, with the suddenness of a light switch, the glowing orb attained its full brilliance. Fortunately, my video camera was able to record the whole event before it "dimmed down" then disappeared from view.

A post script to this event: John came over to my house a couple of days later to view the video footage I had captured. I said to John, "Before you watch this, tell me- what kind of plane did you here turning around in the back yard?"

"It was a twin engine prop plane," he replied.

"What kind of engines?" I asked.

"Piston," he answered.

I had already viewed the tape. That's why I was pressing about the specifics of the plane. What John was to hear on the recording, was not what we heard with our own ears. The camera recorded the distinctive sound of a turbine engine(s). This is just another fine example of the strangeness associated with the experiencing of UFO phenomena. The camera faithfully reproduced what it heard without the encumbrances of a human brain which is often susceptible to psychic suggestion or outright control. A lady in our local UFO group, upon hearing our account, asked, "How can you be sure that what you saw were really airplanes?" The truth is, -- I can't.

Lynn Taylor, Association for Aerial Anomaly Research and Cataloging (AAARC)

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