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Lynn Taylor: Dogs Under Attack From UFOs

Lynn Taylor, UFO Field Investigator

Dogs Under Attack From UFOs

Recently, some disconcerting revelations have come to my attention concerning a mysterious illness that has claimed the lives of four area dogs. A fifth dog would have succumbed had it not been for the monumental efforts of a local veterinarian and the steadfast love and devotion of its owner. Every case involved either unexplained sudden death or classical radiation symptoms. The animals were not treated for radiation exposure because in all fairness to the veterinarians, we just don't get much of that around here. (Up until now, that is.)

Were the dogs subjected to lethal doses of radiation as a result of close contact with UFOs? There is no way to be sure at this point. Let's examine for a moment, however, what all these pets had in common:

A) They all belonged to individuals who are connected in a strong way to the tremendous, ongoing UFO presence in and around the Monroe County area.

B) UFOs were seen either immediately before or shortly after the animals fell ill, or died suddenly. (UFO activities actually increased in some circumstances after the dogs were removed from the picture.)


Lynn Taylor: Alien and UFO Reports

Other points to consider are:

A) Reportedly, aliens do not have much use for domestic animals. It is said that they have been known to slam cats against walls during abduction scenarios.

B) Dogs act as an "early warning" system, alerting all who will listen to the impending approach of a UFO. (Cats have demonstrated an innate disdain of Extra-terrestrials, as well.)

As the activities of aliens have increased and brought them into closer proximity to humans, (as all evidence indicates is the case) then our pets may present a much greater perceived threat to their security. The next question introduces an even more ominous thought: If aliens have no compunction about taking out our animals who have served as our guardians and loyal companions since time immemorial, then what do they have in store for us when we begin to bark a little too loudly in the night?

It was only by chance that we stumbled onto this aspect of the U FO phenomena. It came about only after a discussion between two dog owners revealed a chilling similarity of events. What we need to know now is:How wide spread is this attack on our animals? To answer that, I would like to ask anyone who has lost a pet under similar suspicious circumstances to please contact me. We owe it to our pets and ourselves to investigate these disturbing developments.

From the September 1996 issue of The BUFON Report

Lynn Taylor, Association for Aerial Anomaly Research and Cataloging (AAARC)

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