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Lynn Taylor: Russian Aircraft Fly Over Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center

Lynn Taylor, UFO Field Investigator

Russian Aircraft Fly Over Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center

I could not say anything about this before, because it could have compromised the position of a certain individual or individuals which will remain nameless until I see you in person. Since it finally appeared in the newspaper, my concerns are now moot.

On Thursday July 31, 1997, at approximately 1 PM, Russian aircraft over-flew the Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center, west of Bloomington, Indiana. Personnel were made aware of the event before hand, and told not to use the phone, e-mail, etc. during the event. They were further informed that the fly-over was part of an agreement signed by the US, Russia, and other countries. Personnel were also told that, of all the possible US military installations the Russians had option to fly over, they picked Crane.

At this writing, I don't know if the aircraft were military or government. As far as any agreement we may have been a party to, I can only think of one: the "START" treaty. But, the START treaty strictly pertains to nuclear armaments. (Missiles capable of delivering nuclear warheads, and the warheads themselves.) There were some agreements a few years ago, I believe, concerning conventional weaponry, such as numbers of tanks, ships, strategic bombers, etc. Crane, however, is not a base for any of these things.

Why then, are the Russians so interested in Crane? Crane does stockpile conventional ammunition. Could they be warehousing nuclear warheads, as well? If that was the case, then what good would it do the Russians to fly over the base? What could they hope to see from the air? I have only heard of START verification being conducted on site by the other country's military personnel (with a proper escort, of course), or via military intelligence gathering satellites.


Lynn Taylor: Alien and UFO Reports

Could it be that the Russians know something about Crane we can only suspect (such as the UFO activity reported in and around that area, the suspected underground railroad and/or base, the rumors concerning Crane's Greenwood Lake, etc.,)? Still, what could they hope to see from the air, if these things do exist? None of this makes sense. A side note: John's Tosti's mother video taped a UFO near her home recently. She lives on a hill, just outside the base.

My daughter, Jana, and I saw something almost every night last week, outside our home (north of Bloomington). On Thursday evening just after 1 AM, I was able to get a video of a yellow/orange light, as it floated silently over the trees south of my house. It moved east to west, then changed course and headed north. I saw some mighty strange aircraft, as well. Two had a bright white "headlight" in the front, with a long red light (more like a red line of light) trailing. It had a jet engine noise, but was very quiet. Another aircraft on a previous night, had five white lights arranged in a arc, or "bow" fashion, with a red light in the center if the plane. I believe it may have had a dim white light in the rear. Again, it was very quiet.

Has anyone heard about or seen a show where two researchers claim to have proof that the military has been engaged in over-flights of areas where UFO activity has been reported using specially equipped planes to simulate a UFO? The aircraft is reported to be very quiet. They usually have a light that possesses the "flickering" effect. The idea is to muddy the waters, and claim that they are, in fact, what everyone is seeing, thereby discrediting the observers. That concept makes all the sense in the world, if viewed in light of all the "flare drop" exercises the Air Force has been conducting in and around areas of known and recent UFO activity (such as Gulf Breeze and Phoenix). They will go to any lengths necessary, to prove that the king is in fact, wearing clothes. It is obvious to the informed, however, that his Royal Highness is as naked as a jay bird.

Lynn Taylor, Association for Aerial Anomaly Research and Cataloging (AAARC)

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