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Lynn Taylor: President Clinton's Interest in UFOs

Lynn Taylor, UFO Field Investigator

President Clinton's Interest in UFOs


WELCOME to the great White House UFO cover-up. All the president's men seem quite embarrassed by the revelation - from disgraced First Pal Webb Hubbell - that President Clinton asked him to use his top Justice Department post to find out if UFOs exist.

After all, the president as UFO maven isn't exactly Clinton's dream image. Some might even find it laughable - remember how Dems tittered over Nancy Reagan's fascination with astrology? And so, White House spokesman Mike McCurry is doing a full stonewall - he refuses to say whether Hubbell is telling the truth. What is amazing - and appalling - is that the White House press corps is letting him get away with it.

As Hubbell tells it in his new book, Clinton sent him to Justice with this mandate as a personal priority: "I want you to find the answers to two questions for me. One, Who killed JFK? And two, Are there UFOs?"

Lest anyone think this was a jest, Hubbell adds: "He - Clinton - was dead serious. I had looked into both, but wasn't satisfied with the answers I was getting." In fact, Hubbell conceded on CNN last weekend that he was serious enough to ask about UFOs when he met with officials at NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command in Colorado, which monitors satellites and other objects in the skies.

"They said no," Hubbell reported. Presumably, this was one of the answers that didn't satisfy him. Hubbell ought to know if Clinton was serious. The disgraced ex-associate attorney general is Hillary Clinton's former law partner and was Bill Clinton's golfing buddy before Hubbell admitted bilking law clients out of $482,000 and went to jail.

It's easy to see that Hubbell's revelation poses a big problem for the Clinton team. To confirm it would be to paint Clinton as a bit of a UFO nut (and JFK conspiracy theorist) and invite ridicule from late-night comics. But it would be dumb and dumber for Clinton aides to call Hubbell a liar. That would hand Whitewater prober Ken Starr a weapon, as he seems to be out to prove Hubbell is lying when he denies the fat fees Clinton aides arranged for him were really hush money.


Lynn Taylor: Alien and UFO Reports

Besides, Hubbell is loyally insisting - despite a stint in jail and the risk of another one - that the Clintons did nothing at all wrong regarding Whitewater or anything else. That's not the kind of ally whom you want to tick off by calling him a liar.

So McCurry did an all-out stonewall when he was asked if Hubbell is right in saying Clinton has a UFO fascination: "I am not going to respond to the specific things in books that are written." Huh? "A lot of people are going to write books in the course of the next several years ... I'm just not going to respond to each and every thing that occurs in any of these books," McCurry insisted.

Oh, wonderful. Books are now off-limits - a kind of v-chip to screen out messy questions. Just imagine if Mayor Giuliani insisted he wouldn't answer any questions about, say, bus advertisements. The press would skewer him. Or imagine if Ronald Reagan's spokesmen had dared refuse to answer questions on books. After all, Nancy Reagan's astrologist popped up in - what else? - a book. Written by ex-Reagan Chief of Staff Don Regan, who was a known enemy of Mrs. Reagan.

No one would have stood for the no-books nonsense if Reagan's team had tried it. But McCurry did, and only a few members of the White House press corps protested - everyone else just giggled or rolled over and played dead.Which does show you something about the degree to which the Clinton White House has perfected the art of stonewalling. The Clintons will be back in New York next week, of course, to pass the cup for still more money for the broke Democratic Party. Word is it'll be a unique Clinton husband-and-wife tag-team effort.

First, on Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton is slated to star at a Women's Leadership Forum. Next day, the president passes the cup. There's also supposed to be a "message event," but no word on what it might be. That's the supposed policy event on which the White House likes to piggyback fund-raising trips.


Lynn Taylor, Association for Aerial Anomaly Research and Cataloging (AAARC)

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