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Lynn Taylor: Strange UFO or Military Phenomena in Gulf Breeze, Florida

Lynn Taylor, UFO Field Investigator

Strange UFO or Military Phenomena in Gulf Breeze, Florida

Date: 98-08-24 23:27:00 EDT

Thought some of you might find this interesting. If you have encountered any similar phenomena in your area, I would like to hear about it.

A phenomena observed on Saturday Night - August 22nd 1998 Observed from: Shoreline Park South, Gulf Breeze, Florida Time: First noted about 11:00 p.m. Saturday night August 22nd, 1998. This phenomena contented until around 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning. Actually remnants of the phenomena were still existent at the time of our departure at about 2:15 a.m. Witnesses: Ray and Elise Pollock, Beverly Pilcher, Celena Salyars

What and Where it was observed: It was an odd behavior of sound and light reflections on the waters of the Soundside waterway to the right of the pier looking south. The area involved also included the left side of the pier looking toward Bob Sikes Bridge at times.

A Preliminary Occurrence: Just prior to the first observation reported below, Beverly Pilcher was standing just under the long covered picnic table area to the right of the pier when she experienced a powerful wave of ringing in her ears. She described it as being so strong that her ears hurt - like being jabbed with a swab or something. She even called others to stand in the spot where it occurred, but they could not hear it.

First observation: A helicopter was observed coming low over the Deer Point area and moving out over the Island making no sound. It was fairly well lit with steady white lights and blinking red lights. It was also projecting a steady searchlight type beam on the waters as if searching for something. It moved slowly down the Island to about the location of the newest condominium towers and then made a circle around that area, extending out into the Gulf. After completing this apparent search pattern, it reversed its direction, returning along the Island toward Fort Pickens until it was out of sight. The most important observation was that at no time was any sound heard from this craft.

Second Observation: We thought this rather odd that we heard no sound. Although we realize that there are stealth helicopters and have observed these on rare occasions, we had not encountered one of these obviously doing searches. This was, in fact, the first helicopter conducting a search pattern that made no sound whatsoever we had ever encountered in several years of skywatch activity.

Third Observation: Then, we noted a number of power boats traveling the waterway from the Bob Sikes bridge until they were out of sight at Deer Point. From a point just slightly to the left of the pier, and continuing on until they were out of sight around Deer Point no sound from them could be detected. (We had earlier in the evening, noted these same type of boats traversing the waterway from the Bob Sikes Bridge to Deer Point. The sound from them had been clearly heard at all times.) It should be noted that at this particular time, there was no breeze, the air was still - almost to the point of being stifling.

Fourth Observation: We noted this absence of sound from boats in that region several more times and then noticed that there was a dense black area in the waters that did not reflect the light from the lights on the beach, even though these areas appeared smooth. There were short reflections of the lights in the waters immediately adjacent to the shoreline at our observation point in the Park - beyond the “black” water area.

Fifth Observation: We then noticed that while there were some reflections on the East side of the pier from the lights on The Bob Sikes Bridge and adjacent to it, these were dim and at times almost non-existent. Additionally, there were no traffic sounds coming from the bridge, despite the fact that there was plenty of observed traffic on the bridge.

Sixth Observation: Beverly Pilcher and Celena Salyars went out to the end of the pier at Shoreline Park and could observe this “black” water and curiously observed that their voice echoed sharply from the pier facing this black water. This was something never before noted. Ray and Elise still on the shore could clearly hear Beverly and Celena on the end of the pier and vice/versa. (Remember the “black water” was slightly beyond the pier.)


Lynn Taylor: Alien and UFO Reports

While on the pier, a boat coming up the waterway from the Deer Point/Pensacola Bay direction was observed to be making no sound, both from the Shoreline Beach and from the end of the pier. It did not become audible until it crossed the area of black water making an approach to the launching ramps at Shoreline Park. At that point it suddenly became audible and included conversations being carried on aboard the boat.

Repeated Observations: Once it became obvious that something unusual was going on, we made it a point to make observations of everything around us. Boats moving up the waterway from the Bob Sikes Bridge shortly became rather extraordinarily audible and remained audible, but varying in intensity or loudness along the waterway until a point slightly before a point that could be reached by an extension of the pier at Shoreline Park. At this point they became inaudible and remained that way until they were out of sight at Deer Point.

This was observed repeatedly. After approximately and hour and a half of these observations, the water gradually began to show reflections again in the area where they previously did not show and the boats traversing the water way became audible (though somewhat muffled) for a longer stretch of the waterway directly in front of our observation point on the Shoreline Park beachfront to the right of the pier. They still had not returned to full audibility nor were they audible the full length of the waterway before we left the area at approximately 2:15 am.

Other Observations:

Additionally, there were a number of noisy wavelets at the edge of the shoreline directly in front of us. These did not match the mini tsunamis observed at other times, nor did they last as long, only a few seconds. There was, however, no apparent source for these. In a few instances, there were boats approaching the dock at Shoreline. (In most cases, these did not produce wave action of any sort). For the most part, there were no boats or barges to produce these effects.

Another observation was that cars entering or leaving Shoreline Park were not audible until they were actually in the Park and in close proximity to our location. During the maximum black water observations, some vehicles were not audible leaving the park. Interestingly, several vehicles pulled up to the parking area adjacent to the long shed structure on the right side of the bathroom facilities and almost immediately, pulled out of the park and left, without ever leaving their vehicles. This is quite contrary to the normal situation. We can only speculate on what sort of “feelings” they may have had that prompted such action, since we were naturally unable to question them about it.

Lisa and Andrew Cavaseno left just prior to all of these events, because of uneasy feelings or restlessness. Pat Gerbig and Judy Francour had done the same. Ray and Elise Pollock, Beverly Pilcher and Celena Salyars had remained to talk and skywatch a little longer.

After these events, Ray and Elise Pollock and Beverly Pilcher experienced sleep disturbances and weird dreams for the next few hours. Celena Salyars did not report sleep disturbances more than normal, but did report weird dreams.

Comment from Phil Gerbig

Phil remembers reading an article where the Coast Guard was chasing a UFO under water in Pascagoula, MS. They seemed to have experienced a similar thing to our observations and it was called a Dead Zone. There have been a number of reports over the years concerning these “Dead Zones” in the Bermuda Triangle.

Sunday Night, August 23rd, 1998 Ray and Elise Pollock, Judy Francour and Pat Gerbig returned to Shoreline Park for skywatch and observation. They were later joined by another skywatcher - Jim. Departing around 10:30 p.m., nothing had been observed except that a very small patch of “black water” seemed to be forming between the Island and Shoreline Park. No changes in the sounds from boats traveling the waterway were observed during the two + hours that we were present.

Ray Pollock, UFO Researcher

Gulf Breeze, Florida

Lynn Taylor, Association for Aerial Anomaly Research and Cataloging (AAARC)

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