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Lynn Taylor: How to See and Videotape UFOs

Lynn Taylor, UFO Field Investigator

How to See and Videotape UFOs

Here is a sure fire way of seeing a UFO. The method used to see them is fairly simple. The theory goes that there are hundreds of objects flying through the sky everyday, as evidenced by George Ritter's hundreds of UFOs at this web site, but they only become visible as they pass through the bright area of sky surrounding the sun, where they become highly reflective. You can't usually see them because the glare of the sun blocks them out.

Therefore, all you have to do is block out the actual disk of the sun, so that you can just see the bright area of sky, wear sunglasses, and watch for a while. You don't need to see the area directly at the edge of the sun (too bright), the clearest objects I saw were about 20 degrees away from the edge. I highly recommend giving this a go. You might feel like an idiot at first, but after about 30 minutes you should feel justified in your actions. A lot of birds and bugs fly past, but after actually seeing a UFO, you come to realize that your eyes aren't that unreliable, and the difference is obvious according to the article.


Lynn Taylor: Alien and UFO Reports

Yes, reportedly anyone can duplicate George Ritter's success anywhere.

Here's a little technique I devised: I taped a piece of unexposed 35mm film vertically on the right side of the camera lens so that a portion of the lens was actually covered. This allowed me to precisely set the camera just to the LEFT or on the East edge, if you will, (important) of the sun. As the camera is adjusted toward the sun, the rays of sunlight will pass through the film material first, thereby protecting the camera from damage. The camera position will have to be readjusted every few minutes as the sun moves westward.

Concept from "Unsolved UFO Sightings and Other Unexplained Mysteries"; (winter 1996 issue) by John Bro

Lynn Taylor, Association for Aerial Anomaly Research and Cataloging (AAARC)

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