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Donald Worley: Nordic Alien Cataclysmic Warnings

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Donald Worley: Nordic Alien Cataclysmic Warnings

Revelations 6:14: "And heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together and every mountain and island were moved out of their places."

The big melt is on. Many scientists have now become convinced of this. Does it foreshadow much more to come? In the experiences of unknown numbers of alien abductees and contactees the apocalypse scenario runs like a broken record. The similarities between modern and ancient warnings are frightening.

For the last 38 years, I have been involved in UFO investigation and research helping a total of 200 abductees. I was not prepared for the profound truth that my data also reveals. We have a persistent chorus of visual warnings, of a coming time of cataclysmic earth destruction mainly by the human-like, tall, blonde, Nordic-type aliens who are sometimes confused with angels.

I have 50 some cases involving the Nordics and in 20 of them the warnings are presented. That represents 40% of the Nordic cases which is clearly statistically significant. It is important that you realize that my data is only a drop in the bucket when compared with all the other reports out there. Understand also, that many people receiving these terrible messages had not heard of this before, especially the geographic details. These topographical details are all startling similar.

Due to my critical nature, a series or my earlier abductees who recited what the Nordics had telepathically or visually given them, failed to convince me of its possible reality. However, some of my recent cases and the enormity of corroborative information down through the years, have caused me to sometimes cross the line from disbelief into belief. Other times, due to the immense meaning of it all, I want to believe it is all a vast alien lie. Let us look at some of the recent cases that certainly got my attention.

Case #53, Ontario Canada. Penny (BA in education) was alarmed, yet fascinated by the vivid scenes of dreadful devastation. She had not heard anything about things like this happening. Her Nordic urged her to move north away from the Great Lakes region in the upper Midwest part of the United States due to impending drastic change. Penny was also shown what will happen to the North American Pacific and Atlantic Coasts and the Mississippi Valley. Some scientists believe that a system of deep underground faults, stretching from Labrador to the mid United States, will be violently affected by crust-like movement elsewhere.

Case #79, Mississippi. Pamela, a housewife and Nordic experiencer, was shocked when she received a two page telepathic message addressed to me from a group calling themselves "The Lifeforce." I quote from some of this.

  • "You know when our words are coming to you, for you recognize our energies and style of teaching. Your friend the researcher [Worley] has a very good soul and has done much in the ways of helping people, so it is our desire to give him some information that he can use and test as such. He wishes to know of coming events in relation to the shift of the Earth on her axis."

  • "When such occurs, there will be tidal waves that will drown entire towns and earthquakes of such proportions as to belie the Richter scale. These will be forerunners of the shift and once the Earth has regained her place upon her axis pole she will be under water for many days in a place known as Oklahoma and New Iberia. "

  • "The coming changes will be central to the Midwest, but especially that known as the Old West. The one known as California will all but disappear soon after the forerunning disaster occurs. The ocean will relocate and the deserts of Nevada and Arizona will be a wastrel of water unfit. The lakes known as The Great Lakes will be destroyed in the latter part of the shift by being distributed into waterways that run toward what is now ocean."

    Case #113, Virginia. Ricardo (Aeronautical parts businessman) has had so many episodes with his lifetime Nordic mentor that he named Thor, that he has lost count of the total. Along with over 50 other abductees, Ricardo was taken down into a rocky, subterranean place, through huge doors into a large room.

    On a large screen, the group was shown mountainous waves sweeping over land and buildings engulfing doomed inhabitants. Ricardo didn't believe what he was shown and the next time at my instigation, when he was with Thor, he began to question Thor about it. When pressed about it, Thor pronounced the terrible scenes as an inevitable act of nature occurring for good in the end. As for when it is going to happen, Thor's answer was that only the creator knows when.

    This multi-abductee case reminds me of another situation. Some years ago, a Psychiatrist with 28 years experience had the compulsion to begin accepting patients who had some form of UFO experience. Patient after patient, unknown to each other, began to describe images of a post-catastrophic planet of upheaval, flooding, volcanism, and abject human misery. All patients were very disturbed by this, including the Psychiatrist.

    There exists a large amount of historic data supporting the Nordic warnings and which I will now discuss in greater detail. Among the many modern prophets of doom, there are several that I should not miss. The first is mystic-healer-prophet Edgar Cayce. He foresaw the breakup of Western America. Movement of the vast Pacific Plate in the tectonic subduction zone of the South Pacific and Western South America will precede the blows coming to the American West.

    The immense clash of the Pacific and North American Plates will cause the rocky skin of the American plate to be subducted under in a series of vast displacement. The fragile island chain of Japan will vanish into the sea. Much of Northern Europe will go undersea rapidly. Polar shift and deep convulsions will see some regions sink and others be elevated. Africa will become three land masses.

    The famous deceased psychic Arthur Ford told psychic Ruth Montgomery the following from the "other side." "When the major shift occurs, the weather will be so drastically altered that it will be difficult to recognize some locations. Many people will not survive. Others will survive because after a period of churning seas and frightful winds, the turbulence will cease and these will live in a tropic climate and vice versa.

    I was positively stunned when I discovered that the ancient ancestors of the Hopi Indians of Arizona had met the very same Nordic-type aliens thousands of years ago, that are still involved with certain abductees of today. These ancestors were named Hisatsinom.

    In religious mythologies, legends, pictographs and petroglyphs, these ancestors recorded their meetings with tall, blonde, beautiful, human-like beings. These entities flew in amazing aerial craft. The ancestors called them Kachinas and they imparted much wisdom about future events to the Hisatsinom.


    Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

    Photo of Donald Worley,
    Alien Abduction Researcher

    When the Spanish Conquistadors approached the Hopi (ancestors) across the mesa, the Hopi had known they would be coming for a long time. In their armor, they looked like turtles and the Hope already knew what would happen to Turtleland (USA). When black ribbons (highways) crossed the land and bugs (automobiles) crossed on them, the first great earth shaking or cleansing was near. This was World War I.

    When paths in the sky (contrails) and cobwebs you talk on (telephones) along with a crooked cross (Nazi Germany) appeared in the East, and a sun arose in the West (Japan) it would mean the second great earth shaking was near. This was World War II.

    The Hopi foresaw the dumping of a gourd of ashes on the land evaporating the sea, burning the land, and turning villages of stone into dust (nuclear bombs). I regret to add they also saw this very same weapon being used on the ones who first dropped it. In the end time they also foresaw a brilliant blue star in the sky.

    In 1987 SN1978A, a rare blue super giant star erupted in violent death and was the brightest supernova in four centuries making world history. In the end time, a house of mica (reflective windows of the United Nations building) would be erected on the Eastern shore of Turtleland. The Hopi were also told that when a house shall be thrown into the sky and man shall live in it, then this is the time of imminent change.

    All the things I have listed have happened. It is the Hopi and the Holy Bible's prophetic agreement on the UPC bar code (666) now found on all items in stores that is utterly startling. A bear marks its territory by making parallel claw marks on the trees there. The Hopi place these marks in the final time of great cleansing. Soon everyone will need to be computer identified as the Bible long ago specifically referred to this.

    Revelations 13:18: "And he that causeth all both small and great, free and bond, to receive the mark in their right hand or forehead and that no man might buy or sell save he had the mark. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of man, and his number is six hundred threescore and six."

    Let us look at several more important biblical forecasts of the coming stupendous Earth changes. The pole shift is certainly indicated when it tells of the stars falling or moving. This effect can only be caused by Earth's gyrations.

    In this vast upheaval time Jewish prophecy foretells the coming of the Jewish Messiah. Old Testament prophecy states that this coming will be within a generation of the re-establishment of the Jewish homeland. This occurred in 1948 and the Jews are so sure his coming is near they have the priests frocked and trained, all the furniture, and keep a suitable red cow handy for the sacrifice. They need only to demolish the Muslim Mosque or see it leveled by earthquakes, and then build their temple as has been foretold.

    Is global warming a prelude to all I have described? The warming is certainly accelerating. Carbon Dioxide is only one of the greenhouse gases bringing ruin. With half a billion automobile engines and countless factories spewing it out we now see its effects. Forestland is being lost at a rate of one USA state the size of Iowa per year.

    A world population of over six billion is very habitat destructive especially to food and water resources. Long time records of northern tundra show the Earth's temperature is slowly rising. According to Scripps Institution of Oceanography, (using carbon dioxide records), spring now comes a week earlier in the Northern Hemisphere.

    Vegetation above the 45th parallel has increased 10% since 1950. Since 1980 there have been 20% more storms a year with extremes like 1100 American Tornadoes and Britain's hottest year since 1659. The hottest world year in 130 years was 1995 running at 59.7 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The glacial mass of the Alps is 50% of what it was 130 years ago. Alaskan glaciers are melting. Artic and Antarctica ice is thinning and departing in immense chunks. A polar shift causing an equatorial sun to beam down would soon see a rising sea level.

    Meanwhile rising tides in the Caribbean and South Pacific alarm nations there. These islands have pleaded their cases in the United Nations to no avail. Earth's rotation has slowed and magnetic polar wandering has increased 400% since 1950. The recorded and archival evidence of periodic polar movement is too extensive to cover here.

    Tropical foliage and coral reefs found in the Artic Circle tell us that Earth has shifted on its axis before. The last full reversal is said to have been 12,400 years ago with one brief relapse about 860 BC. Some scientists believe another one is overdue.

    A far superior intelligence is expending prodigious effort for it knows what is looming ahead for our little planet. We have the secret, relentless, alien project of temporary human abduction, acquisition of our reproductive egg/sperm resources, and the creation of untold numbers of beings that are alien-like hybrids and human-like Halflings.

    Most important we have all the monstrous warnings of coming destruction. I have listed only a few of the early harbingers of a coming time of peril. The reason for the whole terrible scenario is sure to come crashing down on us one day. Until that fiery violent time, I wonder if certain secret, elite groups already know the unspeakable truth. Have they protected it even resorting to deadly methods if necessary? Do they have their secret places of refuge all prepared? Meanwhile, we peasants, not realizing what it all portends, remain in unprepared ignorance.

    Let me end with one final thought. Yet another Holy Bible scripture that certainly applies today is Genesis 6:5: "And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the Earth, and that every imagination of the thought of his heart was only evil continually."

    Yes, this is generally true of most of the complacent, rich revelers of Earth. Little do they suspect what is coming. The Apocalypse warning message has been repeated and repeated in exact undeniable form, in both ancient and modern times. We see it clearly given by the Nordic aliens in all centuries.

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