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Donald Worley: A Journey Into the World of Reptile and Hooded Aliens

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

A Journey Into the World of Reptile and Hooded Aliens

Where is their world? It is just beyond your fingertips -- in a parallel universe just beyond your limited senses. I will present three incredible cases for your thoughtful deliberation. As we look at the main facts in them I will try to reach some tentative conclusions that you may or may not agree with. The most important questions are always, "Who are these silent specters?" and "Why are they here?"

I will give each case the titles of THE ZOMBIE WALKER, THE BLUE JEANS GIRL, AND THE REPTILIAN VETERAN. All the names and locations in this article are generalized for I cannot reveal them. I simply say on my honor as an investigator researcher for over 38 years that I am stating only the true facts in each case.


The location of this is on the coast of Newfoundland near St. Johns. Sue, a middle aged mother in a family of three, recently with my help, learned the reason for the very strange events in her life. In her childhood she often sleep walked. Out of the house she would go, arms at her sides, head fixed straight ahead, and eyes seeing nothing. Into the woods for yet another visit with the strange hooded ones who would later be so much a part of her life.

Sue has always sensed their presence, but has never been able to commune with them or see their faces. Her health always seemed precarious and in mid life took a turn for the worse. She suffered the mysterious loss of a series of pregnancies much to the consternation of her doctors. The fetus would just vanish. For a while she was given a short period to live. She was told she was a medical mystery and her immunity was missing some major components.

It was in this time period that Sue began to have deep scoop-like wounds appear in her back for no logical reason. They would scab over leaving a scoop scar. Then another figure began to appear in her home. This entity had peaceful, serene features, blue eyes, and blonde hair. Sue began to call her "the lady in white."

Sue appealed to her to protect her and help her have the baby she now carried in her womb. Her prayers were answered and the baby she named Ashley is now a marvel of advanced intelligence. When Ashley was two years old, she told her mother that "the lady in white" had come down and touched her head. Later Ashley told her mother that before she was in her stomach, she was in the sky with the pretty lady and they were looking down at Sue because she was crying over the baby that had died in her stomach. The lady told Ashley that she could go down and be Sue's baby. Sue had never mentioned anything about the "the lady in white" or her pregnancy problem to Ashley.

Sue has extraordinary psychic abilities and has even helped the RCMP. She gets a cold sensation from the, tall black, hooded, figures she sees and believes they are evil. Sue loves all of nature and is happiest walking in the forest. Her effect on wild animals is extraordinary. A Lynx is a frequent companion and often sleeps in her house.

When a child, Sue would play with lizards and rattlesnakes causing her mother great alarm. Only horses and cattle react with fear near her. Ten years ago, Sue discovered that the hooded ones often congregated in a place down by an old church and graveyard. On a moonlit night or at dusk she would sit in her car about 500 feet away and watch them glide over the ground. All was silent except the distant rhythmic sound of the Atlantic Ocean surf. When the ghostly forms moved in her direction, she retreated. One windy night the person with her was so shocked at the sight he yelled, "Get the hell out of here!"


I have been on this out of ordinary case for well over a year and my file is thick on it. Pat is an unmarried woman living in the state of Wisconsin. At first I thought this must be a disembodied sex hungry incubus kind of thing.

Finally more revealing evidence surfaced. It was Pat's decision to start running tape recorders. I advised against it fearing an increase in the trauma she was enduring. The tapes have been a valuable source of information.

After the click and Pat is rendered unconscious, you hear normal men and women's voices saying things that apply to Pat or to each other. Pat can recite you many of these utterances. I have heard them and others have heard them. Things like, "Do you love me?" that Sue learned was Peter's voice. Or, "Don't hurt her or you will answer to me" by a Rick. Or a woman saying, "He really loves you Pat."

Once Pat was laying on her side and another incident began. She describes this attack, "My God! This thing crawled in bed with me! It pressed itself against my back and did that thing again to the back to of my head paralyzing me. I was so angry and terrified. I screamed and broke its spell and turned over. There was a flash of light that was all."

On the tape besides Pat's distressed voice can be heard the two mentioned and a woman named Tracey. Pat wonders if this Tracey is her in out-of-body form. A figure in a mirror looked like her with alien features.

Developments soon gave us clues to what may be going on. Pat saw two white faced, human-looking beings wearing white lab coats. Their hair was black and plastered down. Due to their human names, human looks, and human emotions it's not difficult to realize why they are called, hybrid halfling.

The furious resistance put up by this irate woman Pat caused even more revealing things to take place. In the night she would sometime hear propeller sounds overhead. A light was flashed on her from a black helicopter.

Then suddenly standing in the wall next to her bed was a tall being Pat would later call "Snake Face" and wonder how he could just stand there within the wall. He was the alien type we call Reptilian. He gave her a lecture she couldn't remember. The dark enigma was illuminated even more when Pat recovered briefly during pain and saw an alien arm holding a silver scoop-like object near her vagina.

Pat wonders if she is not being molested by the halflings for egg planting and fertilization projects. Pat has other indications of being an abductee. Once she got to meet a tall blue white rabbit. This is a Nordic alien shape shifting trick often done. Pat causes light bulbs to ping and wonders if this is normal. At last report, the incredible struggle by this woman who has somehow eluded insanity goes on.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

Often Pat wears tight, sewed up, locked blue jeans to bed each night. It seems to thwart the rapists and you can hear their consternation on the tape. I have not heard from Pat in months. She had turned to drinking wine at bedtime and God only knows what has happened. She has a history of never doing what you urge her to do.


Like the two previous cases this one too is ongoing. This time it is an abundance of Reptilians that this Mississippi State woman I will call Karen has suffered from. Things are quieter now but it has all been far too much for 20 long years and she is very weary and discouraged.

I have a deep regret that I could not defeat the heartless ones but this is quite beyond my capabilities. I sensed an initial hope in me by her then later disappointment. Truly the frustration is great and I hate Reptilian cases. Karen has had experiences with both the Reptilian and the robed hooded figures.

Karen has been raped more times than she can remember. In these incidents she is immobilized but can move her eyeballs and see. She does not remember the setting or how she got there but she does remember the time when she awoke in bed with her clothes torn off, her nose full of blood , and bruises on her inner thighs.

One time two short Reptiles held her legs while a tall one held her arms and raped her. She also remembers the time when she saw a baby Reptile come out from between her legs. It was covered with a shiny, translucent, substance. The pain was great. The hooded ones were silent observers.

There are three sizes of these repulsive creatures in this brave woman's life. Some were about five feet or more tall with other at heights shorter than this. They are very strong in spite of their skinny extremities. They seem frail for their oversized heads and bodies. They have snake-like faces and their eyes are snake or cat-like. The vertical pupil is clearly there.

Karen was terrorized by their tongues. The blue-gray tongue is very long and they make use of it. Karen didn't want to talk about this anymore. She has seen claws on the taller ones hands. They move at human speed. The long, black, flowing, robed, hooded figures were eight or nine feet tall and the smaller ones about five feet tall.

The taller ones acted like ordinary parents teaching their children what to do. Karen has never seen the face of one of these sinister specters. She is glad she has not seen as many of these as she has the Reptilians. The small hooded figures had on brown robes that looked too large for them. They had some kind of tie belt around this.

Karen has seen these strange entities when in an awake state in her parents' house, the dorm rooms at college, and at a friend's house. On that occasion the entities filled three rooms. After 20 years just seeing them does not bother her. It is when she is taken by them in an altered state that is so very distressing to her.

The large Reptiles' tone is calm and soothing to keep her from freaking out. She tries to scream but it is hardly a whisper. Once she actually said something and began to move and they quickly moved to stop her. She has felt their hands often and they are dry, and not slimy as you would expect. God only knows when this will finally end for her. For now she has learned to cope and lead a nearly normal life with a husband and children.


Here are some important facts we need to note. The normal sane experiences are widely dispersed and in the beginning never knew similar dreadful things werehappening to others.

Only Karen reports the sighting of a UFO. The others report nothing. Karen's object was a gigantic almond shape with many light pulsating around it. Data shows that both types of entities are associated with UFOs and also are part of the grand conglomeration of types making up the alien forces. The Reptiles and hooded ones are not some separate spiritual hierarchy.

In the Zombie Walker case we have the lady in white whose description fits one of the Nordic-type clan. These have been known to be a protective mentor to a chosen human. This seems clearly evident in this case. The success with her baby Ashley and the scoop mark monitoring of Sue's health prove this. So even though we do have the bad aliens in the form of the Reptiles and hooded ones, we also have benevolent types in alien ranks.

In the Blue Jeans Girl case, there is no way to put an angelic spin on such hellish deeds. Both Pat and I have some choice descriptions for such wanton lawless beings. Pat referred to them as "bastards" among other terms. I call them raping rats. Pat often thanked me for sticking with her through all this otherwise she says she would have gone under. She has refused to seek medical or psychiatric help because she fears she would end up in an institution.

In the Reptilian Veteran case, Karen too has never seen the hooded one's face. Her fear here exceeds that of the Reptilians. She senses them as evil. We must face reality and brand them as from the realm of darkness. There is not light, or truth or love associated with them.

At the beginning of this article I asked the question " What are they?" It is quite clear that there are space - time dimensional forms existing in parallel universes.

I also asked, "Why are they here?" It has been demonstrated in thousands and thousands of cases that their primary focus is on our supreme jewels in the universe, the human sperm and egg. The aliens are creating unknown numbers of other kinds of living forms for a final purpose that will one day impact us in a most shocking and extreme manner.

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