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Donald Worley: Laughs, Tricks, and Worse in Ufology

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Laughs, Tricks, and Worse in Ufology

First, let us look at some of the laughable situations created in alien abduction. A real puzzle began when an east coast USA female abductee was returned wearing a man's tee shirt instead of her nightgown. The logo on the shirt was, "13th. Tsukuba Marathon." I finally traced the source of the name to a Japanese outer space complex, but why was the tee shirt on an east coast USA woman?

According to our covert Federal controllers abduction is not even happening, but the aliens are so busy at it they regularly goof up on abductees' clothing. Probably sometimes due to the less than smart at times, Gray type aliens. My abductees have returned with clothing inside out or backward or owned by someone else. A Virginia case has four shirts he never owned.

In case #92 Jacqueline, a Sage Apache in Idaho, was quite furious when she was returned in some other woman's panties. Some bewildered persons have found themselves outside naked in the yard. A family of five all found themselves all in different beds on the night neighbors saw bright lights and found a burned circle in the yard.

One husband kept replacing his wife's nightgowns in the hope that she wouldn't be seen floating naked over the neighborhood. One woman wore her Victoria's Secret nightgown to bed and returned in a man's oversized shirt. What man awakened in the Victoria's Secret nightgown and what did he tell his wife?

In case #4, Fox an Illinois farmer, moved to a new house on the property and some tenants moved into his old house. The next morning they were hurriedly moving out having had the wits scared out of them. Some very strange big headed ghosts with large eyes had peered at them in their rooms. Apparently the imperfect aliens had temporarily lost track of the farmer that they were abducting.

In case #58 Curtis from Michigan and his abductors again proved they were not perfect. The aliens had light beam power problems and they had a frightened flailing human on their hands. They couldn't get through the roof until the beam powered up. Once in bed Curtis watched a Gray bump its head on the ceiling unable to get through until the beam again powered up.

In case #1 Brandenburg, Indiana the joke was on the frightened abductee. When two tall Grays approached him in the craft holding out their arms toward him he decided he better give them something. He handed over a $20 bill from his pocket. Both examined it and that was the last he ever saw of it. He didn't have long to worry for one alien grabbed his arm and moved a pen-like device above the arm bend. I viewed the three long purple marks under his skin. In the yard were two 12 inch circular browned grass places each side of the spot he was zapped into the UFO from.

In case #34 Wingate, Kentucky a woman was mad, pregnant and not under control when three Grays in a row approached her across the bedroom floor. She leaped up and grabbed the middle Gray by its thin neck. She squeezed and its head fell back on its back. A slight startled look appeared on the faces of its two companions. Supporting the injured one they backed up robot style into the light beam in the bathroom and vanished. The abductee went back to bed full of remorse hoping she had not killed the being. David Jacobs Ph.D. also had a case in which the abductee kicked back causing the same effect in a Gray.

In case #105, New Jersey, Peggy possessed phenomenal ability to disturb all manner of electrical/radio equipment. Once when she walked by a row of slot machines in Atlantic City she set them all off. Jackpots clanged, happy players screamed, and casino employees stood aghast.

In case #3 White Song, Indiana, Zanna this abductee's Gray mentor, and others would fly White Song and her sister out of their upstairs farmhouse bedroom and up to the UFO. One night while enroute the troop of beings stopped and stretched their necks looking around as if checking something out. Later that morning as the little girls played on the floor in front of their parents they tried to stretch their necks like their aerial friends had. The parents, of course, thought their children were trying to act out another of their wild dreams.

Just about the funniest alien goof up was when a woman near Jefferson City, Missouri. had her escorting aliens abandon her and rush back to their craft. The UFO had landed and the weakened earth gave way under it. It had landed on a Missouri sink hole and sank out of sight. Scientists from near by Rolla, Missouri investigated this 20 foot diameter, 30 foot deep hole.

Although the UFO scene is deadly serious, one can see a little pathetic humor occasionally. The aliens will use space to tell you in detail about one alien "trick " then move on to things that are worse and show the intruders' awesome ability to do as they wish.

Mrs. Reed was driving on US-97 southeast of Crater Lake in Oregon. A she and the others climbed toward the summit, they noticed they were getting low on gas, so they began to look for a service station. Around a bend they came upon a big round building that was all lit up. As the car motor sputtered, then stopped, they coasted into a brightly lit, covered parking area containing several autos.

They entered a circular enclosure that was so brightly illuminated the walls seemed like mirrors. The group sat at a strange-looking table. The big round room had many windows around it two feet from the ceiling. The waiters and waitresses all were blond, and looked alike. They were about four and one half feet tall, slender, and wore silver uniforms and boots. They had soft musical voices.

One of the witnesses later remembered saying that the place was "really unbelievable." They believed they ordered, ate, and paid for a meal . As they left, their car coasted out of the place and was going around a bend before the motor started. They were still worried about the gas until they discovered the gauge showed half-a-tank full.

Later they arrived at State Road 138 and stopped to ask one of the highway employees working there with snowplows about the new restaurant up the road. The man looked at them as if they were "nuts " or something. He said there was no restaurant up the road and directed them to Chenult, 10 miles distant, where they bought gas.

It was here that Mrs. Reed's stepdaughter discovered she had left her purse in the restaurant. So they drove back to the area where they thought the restaurant had to be located. Their search proved fruitless. At Chenault, they stopped to eat and no one there knew of a round restaurant and they got the same strange looks.

Mrs. Reed also discovered she had the same amount of money she had before they stopped at the mysterious restaurant. It is apparent the group's abduction started before the false gas gauge reading and ended after they departed the so called restaurant.

Let us move on to things of a more serious nature. On a farm near Floyd's Knob in southern Indiana, a brother and sister I'll call Ted and Susan, later begin to have recall of a prior event. Susan remembers the orange ball outside and the beautiful blue, purple and violet lights in her room.

The little Gray beings and the tall blonde-haired human-like being in resplendent robe who seemed to be in charge.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

The being's great interest in her stepfather's polio atrophied legs. Her sister's curly head next to hers as they went up the beam into the craft. The needle that was inserted up her right nostril.

Once back in the house she found her family sitting like zombies in the front room. The next day the military arrived. In came a white staff car, jeep, vans full of instruments, and a troop carrier with soldiers who combed the entire one acre farm. Equipment was set up in the front room and many tests were conducted especially on Susan. She was given an injection by white-coated doctors that made her sleepy and caused her to reveal the secrets of her mind.

Ted remembers some of the activities of the military outside the house for he was the only one allowed out to do the chores in the several days that the military was there. In this incident we see our forces trying to find out what the aliens were up to after they had already done it. One thing sure we have never been able to stop any of the thousands of abductions.

Even more alarming is a case investigated by Robyn Quail, who has hypnotically regressed nearly 500 abductees over the last 20 years. In broad daylight in February 1991, 150 employees of a major Data Communications Center, over a two hour period, experienced a lapse in memory. Those scheduled to get off their shifts woke up in the corridors two hours later. Those arriving for work came to in their cars in the parking lot.

Three witnesses reported small gray beings getting off ships, bodies being levitated in the hall, humans passing through the ceiling, and many other details. Five large burned circles were outside the isolated building. Three independent security systems made to withstand nuclear war had failed. Insulated cable in the lead lined room was "lasered out " and video tapes and computer data was erased. People were transferred and this foreboding incident was quickly hushed up.

As we continue on with the worst, we see things under the lid of the Pandora's box we would rather not have to acknowledge. I'll just randomly sketch through a few and not try to go into detail.

In my Lisa/Ohio, Pamara/Indiana, Rosemarie/New Jersey, Becky/Indiana, GP/California, and Barbara/Arizona cases, the heartless aliens were fetus thieves at about three or four months. Yes, the fetuses were there and they vanished.

Pamara (Richmond, Indiana ) remembered the time when her confirmed baby was taken from her womb. Her apart legs were restrained on one of those examination apparatuses with four Grays around her. They used a vibrating wire-like device to get the fetus out. Her fear was such from this trip that she hid on the floor of the auto and crawled into her house from the car. Her family had been with her.

A few of my abductees have ended up in mental wards, but got back out. Who knows how many were not this lucky.

In my Mark/Decatur County Indiana case this law enforcement employee kept his sanity but the beautiful straight line scar in the back of his head was a great worry.

In my Hicks/Florida case this ex-naval intelligence officer did not survive. With his life ruined he hung himself leaving a wife and three children. I was very upset with myself that I didn't do better in this case, but when you have a series of cases you must due to time limits, let the ones who seem ok, move on.

In my Cloud/Indiana case the poor soul who was out walking his dogs was taken . His young life was greatly changed because he was returned with grand mal epilepsy controlled to petit mal. His two dogs skin turned red and hair fell out and they died. [AAER Note: See Lynn Taylor's research into the negative impact that alien contact has on house pets.] In a New Hampshire case, was again the result.

In my Ingrum/Tennessee case when the oriental-type MIB in their big black limousines showed up, it was finally too much for Stanley Ingrum, an ex-judge and news columnist, who died of a heart attack.

My Bridget/Indiana case happened near the street where I was born 81 years ago in this city. Bridget was taken aboard the long fish-shaped (even had a scale like surface) UFO that sat just off the ground near their house. Her daughter does not remember being taken but she and her mother remembered seeing from the house a group of about seven persons standing zombie-like looking at the UFO.

I wrote an article about this incident published in the local paper seeking any of those persons. My search of the neighborhood and this article never uncovered one person who recalled being there. Since I have had several other cases of groups like this, I was not surprised no one was found. At least they all did not vanish.

This brings me to several times in which the persons did vanish. The late Indiana radio announcer-writer Frank Edwards, with whom I corresponded, uncovered several interesting cases where the end result was terrible. The island trading schooner Joyita was found abandoned off Fiji and the 25 persons aboard her were never seen again. A circular section of her upper deck was burned. Four years later, 3,500 miles away, a wine bottle washed up on the shore at Wirlota Beach in Australia. A hastily scribbled note in the bottle read, "Abandoning ship. Strange, circular, metal object forcing us aboard it. Help us! "

Frank Edwards also reported on the strange case of the village on the shore of Lake Anjikuni 500 miles north of Churchill in Canada. On a windy, frigid day in November of 1930, trapper Joe Labelle stopped to see his friends at the village. His cried were answered only by the moaning of the wind for not a soul remained in the village. He found his friend's guns leaning against the walls of their huts. Their clothing was still there. He found a certain kind of berry in the cooking pots and realized this last meal must have been prepared several months ago.

Outside, the dogs were found dead of starvation where they had been tied. The village kayaks were found pulled up on the beach. The body of one Eskimo had been removed from its grave. In those harsh regions no one goes off leaving his gun, clothing and dogs. Eskimos do not disturb their dead. Skilled trackers found no signs on the tundra that the inhabitants had left the village. A lengthy and thorough investigation by the Northwest Mounted Police and Canadian Pathologists failed to find an answer to this riddle. Something suddenly removed the 30 hapless inhabitants from their village.

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