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Donald Worley: Cry Woman Bridge - Drowned Children

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Cry Woman Bridge - Drowned Children

My reputation stands behind my statement that this is not fiction but fact. I present the unbelievable details in the form of an urgent letter I wrote to the Sheriff of Wayne County and the Palladium-Item Newspaper Richmond, Indiana. The best psychic at Chesterfield, Indiana was also informed. The date of this letter was January 6, 1998.

Dear Sirs,

Yet another child drowning in your Dublin/Centerville area of Indiana has greatly upset me and it is urgent that you listen carefully to what I am trying to explain. This tragic situation must not be allowed to continue on forever. I will make a very startling statement and then lay out the true facts at least briefly. I know you are a very busy person and I'm sorry about the volume of this but I must somehow convince you of it.


I will list some of the factors in this deplorable situation hoping they will convince you we are not talking about hearsay or coincidence here.

It was the crash of two autos at the crossroad south of Dublin and north of the now abandoned iron bridge over Simmons Creek that gave birth to all of this. My informants on this event were Mr. and Mrs. Herman Warner, ages 67 and 65, who then lived near the bridge. It was Mr. Warner's brother's wife who was killed in the accident. The husband, wife, and two sons, and the 18 month old baby, were returning from a swimming party in Simmons Creek in the summer of 1937. The broadside crash threw the mother and the baby in her arms out of the car. In her last fleeting moment the mother raised her head, looked for her baby, moaned, then died. The baby was not hurt and the last I learned was a married woman named Fields living in Union County. Apparently this mother's great love for her baby became a twisted destructive thing. In disembodied form she has never ceased to seek to replace that which she thinks she lost.

The Jana Hunter (8 years) drowning on July 1, 1963. Jana lived on the south edge of Dublin. This incident gives us some important clues about what apparently was going on. Jana's parents had ceased to talk about what happened but their neighbor a woman named Boyd knew all the details very well. For some time Jana talked about an angel who would appear to her. This was a beautiful woman and Jana repeatedly said she was told that she would not grow up like other girls and have babies but instead was going to go with the angel. This proved to be correct when she drowned in a limestone drop off in Simmons Creek below the iron bridge. The father was able to rescue his pregnant wife and son when they became hysterical and fell in when Jana did, but he reached Jana too late. The mother claimed that she seen Jana grow calm, look up, and smile before going under the final time. Apparently something controlled the little girls mind at this crucial time.

The ghost light incident one night in August 1967. This occurred under the canopy of tall trees that covered the approach to the iron bridge. As the six witnesses in the Chevy station wagon approached the bridge they saw a dull reddish-orange volley ball sized object about 15 feet away. The driver stopped and everyone looked at the strange object about two feet above the ground. The object looked solid when it darkened and transparent when it lightened. Fear brought on pounding hearts, one observer dropped to the floor, and the driver floored the gas pedal. The glowing object began to pace them south of the bridge Then it moved ahead of the car and at the next curve disappeared.

The ghostly apparition incident that occurred on the cement bridge on State Road 40 about a mile NW of the iron bridge on a cold winter night in February 1968. As the auto approached the bridge the four witnesses first thought the object was a big dog about to cross the highway. Then as the object was illuminated by the cars headlights, it became apparent that it was a form of a person dressed in a long flowing garment. The shocked driver swerved to the left and stopped as the form reached the center of the road. In the light the form appeared to be a solid fog-like white color. The slender form appeared to be that of a woman moving in a slow steady motion. The witnesses, who will forever remember that night , heard a low whimpering cry even though the car motor was running and the windows were up. As the apparition reached the right side of the road out of the headlights it appeared as a bluish white form with a mist around it in the partial moonlight. The figure then vanished from sight. Now for a moment want to discuss your possible rejection of the type of ghostly scenarios I have described above. I can only declare that no one in the above events is telling it anyway but the way it actually was. In an effort to convince you I will give a few details on another case of an entity who still was hanging around. The site is the Big Williams Creek, Mary Grey Bird Sanctuary area southwest of Connersville, Indiana. Three couples, plus I and my nephew, at separate times viewed the gliding form of Gladys Tate in her isolated creek valley. She appeared in a white glow and it was her plaid skirt that enabled me to identify her. Seventeen persons have seen her when she appeared as a ghost light. She has paced some and one night sped ahead of one lady and waited for her over her driveway. So here too we have a glowing orb and an apparition just like we do in the drowning area. Frustrated love in her life seems to draw Gladys to couples in the area.

The Tuft children drowning. In June of 1972, all four children of a Mrs. Tutt of Cambridge City, who were out playing alone, drowned in a farm pond near that city. Is this showing a skill to even produce multiple deaths in a favorable setting? I was able to talk to Mrs. Tutt about her children but she recalled nothing out of the ordinary.

Lisa Miller drowning. On August 23, 1976 this three year old child drowned in the Michel Miller above ground swimming pool a quarter mile west of Dublin. The mother missed her and found her at the bottom of the four foot pool. Address then RR 1 Cambridge City.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

Jeremy Rose drowning. This son of Sondra Rose 5069 Lead Line Road was found drowned in a pond outside the home. It was in April 1983 and the child was only 19 months old.

Campbell drownings. The January 1, 1998. May, age 10 and Levi age 9, children of Glen and Pamela Campbell, 847 N. Germantown Road were out playing with their dogs and fell through the ice on a pond near their home. Concerning these drownings that I have only accidentally learned about since I live down here and am not familiar with what goes on in the affected area. I have a dreadful feeling that there may be a number of other deaths. I want to stress that I have no information for the 26 years from 1937 to 1963. I am positive if you will look into those years you will find more drownings. In her early frenzy to have her baby back this tragically mixed up soul probably created even more tragic events. Simmons Creek was larger in those years and more little ones probably went swimming there. Nowadays we have only the backyard pools and farm ponds. The Dublin Funeral Parlor operator owner did mention several earlier child drownings but since I had no official authority he chickened out and did not cooperate with me. Now let me discuss a most important relevant factor in all of this. It is the great disparity I'm sure you will find between child drowning in the affected area and the areas surrounding it. I have not heard of any drownings in Fayette, Rush, or Franklin Counties but of course I could have missed several. Now we have several natural child drownings in Whitewater and Brookville Lakes. Look east into populated Richmond with its many more children and pools and we do not see this kind of death concentration. Now the question arises just where does this drowning area extend into. Can it be wider into Hagerstown, Greensfork, Milton? No, it does not seem to be. It is just concentrated near Dublin. It is a trait that these things seem to keep to their home locality. I do hope that you will seek to determine the number of child fatalities since 1937, their location, and frequency. You can get this through Court House records, or a survey of all funeral parlors. Trying to learn this data by newspaper microfilm machine is a dizzying task and I soon gave up.

Now I want to discuss the time in April 1984 when I tried to alert the Palladium Item to what was going on thinking that things would then develop from that. I soon learned that this was not the way to go. I was not taken seriously. The reporter who was assigned my story wrote a fun making article about me only briefly mentioning little about a crossroads crash and children. No one believed my warning and I got nowhere.

This time I am trying again and want it officially know that you have this important information and the ball is in your court. I do not want any article written about me again. I am going to try to explain just what is happening here between the victims and the mixed up earth bound spirit.

When the victims were in a favorable position such as near a body of water subtle telepathic mind control goes into operation and the desired result is another downed child. Its immortal spirit then enters the realm of of the serial killer. I am sorry that what I am claiming sounds absolutely insane to anyone not having the remotest idea of such things. Let me remind you that I am an experienced expert with other cases under my belt and such things are a part of the real world.

Let me make two suggestions on what you can do after you have first verified that the series of drowning in your area are not accidents but cruel acts by a demented soul.

1. I really don't know if you will pursue this or that it is a job for the State Police. If you do decide to enter this I hope you will treat it like an actual serial killer case for much is at stake here. The lives of still more innocent children and the tremendous grief of their loved ones. I sit here now angry at myself for giving up in 1984. If I could have succeeded maybe the Campbell children and others would be alive. In your choice of the personnel to follow this up, please avoid someone who is skeptical of such matters. If you don't choose an objective person, the investigation will suffer.

2. After  you have learned that this is indeed a bona fide situation in which a series of crimes are being committed, though extremely strange, I urge you to contact the following person I will list and no other. I am well acquainted with this person and she is one of the very best psychics in the Camp Chesterfield group of psychics. I can not say positively that she will come and try to make contact with the demented spirit but she is likely to do so. Your detective will first need to go to her location and explain his mission. She would then need to come to the scene of the crossroads or iron bridge area and seek to make contact with the errant spirit. She will expect a fee for this service. She is Louise Ervine, 404 Eastern Ave. Camp Chesterfield , Chesterfield Indiana 46017. Phone 378-7075. In closing let me say that if you cast this aside and do nothing then this awful situation will continue on and on and there will be a mounting toll of drowned children and shattered parents. I am asking one important favor from you. Will you please inform me of what you intend to do ? Do not leave me sitting down here wondering if anything is being done and fearing more drownings.

Postscript--- Following this letter I received no word from the sheriff or the newspaper. In the time following the letter as far as I was able to determine the drownings ceased. I had informed Mrs. Ervine and we were left to wonder if our knowledge and prayers had an effect on what was happening.

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