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Donald Worley: Historic Intrusions Under Wright Patterson AFB Radar

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Historic Intrusions Under Wright Patterson AFB Radar

My area of East Central Indiana in the United States is right under the Wright Patterson AFB (Air Force Base) radar at Dayton, Ohio located 50 miles east. Two major waves of UFOs hit our quiet little towns in a rolling hills landscape. These waves came in 1966-1967 and 1973. Otherwise scattered events occurred. The peaks seem to come in the fall of 1966 and 1973.

I was comparatively young then but I was severely taxed trying to keep up with all that was going on. But I wouldn't have wanted to miss this super adventure and incredible contest with my opponent for anything.

In a way I won because I was able to mount all their inroads on a display in the end. I nailed them to a data board. Except for me they would have gotten away with it all for the local papers carried very little of it. But it did feature me once in the headlines and that propelled me into the fantastic game for then many knew who to call to come and learn what had happened.

Of course there were prices I paid. The price of taking so much time away from my two now deceased precious wives is the one that still fills me with regret sometimes. But someone had to take up the challenge, and I, of English ancestry, and lover of a good mystery, could not resist.

Another price I paid was becoming the town character and thought off in my upper belfry by those who of course knew not a thing about what they were judging. I recall one businessman accosting me and saying, "Well, Worley, when do you think you will get to go for space ride?"

I replied, "Oh, I don't know, but when I do, I hope it is with a blonde space girl."

Let's return now to the fabulous exciting days when these cunning night intruders materialized in our midst. I must omit some things in the interest of space but I will describe the important events and attempt to give you some answers on why I believe they came. On an August afternoon in 1966 Bobby, Tina, and Gale Johnson were playing outside. A large bright star they were looking at suddenly became a large domed disc near the barn. A high pitched whirring sent Tina scurrying to the house.

Suddenly two big doors opened in the disc and a beam shot down toward State Road 44 one block distant. Coming back in the cut off edge of the beam was what appeared to be an auto. The auto was taken in by the UFO. Tina was in the driveway and as she looked up, amazed by it all, she saw two dark and scaly alien beings at the edge of the transparent dome.

The aliens had big red eyes. Bobby didn't see this because he was under some trees and distracted by the way his cat reacted and fell out of the tree. The UFO zipped away. No autos were missing from my area. I am sure that this was an abduction and the auto and person or persons in it were some time later again placed on the highway and except for some missing time, were none the wiser. Nowadays, a victim is obtained in their bedroom, but in those early days, there was sometimes auto levitation.

On an early fall morning in 1966, two paper boys sat on their bikes at the end of John Street. in East Connersville and watched a large curved topped UFO object with pulsating lights on its underside as it sat some distance toward the Whitewater River. There was the smell of sulphur in the air and a high pitched whirring.

On the morning before, one boy had seen the lights south down by a transformer bank not far from the State Police Post. He thought it was new lights installed there. When these boys two heard what sounded like something walking in the dark stubble field, they fled up the street nearly smoking their tires. Passing papers fast the hurried home and told their parents who thought they were imagining things.

That evening, one boy returned and found three cone shaped holes impressed in the ground and a pile of reddish soil-like material. I later came on the scene to investigate and document all this.

The three holes were tapered down about eight feet apart. They were eight inches deep, seven inches at top and one inch at bottom with circular ridges in the sides. The pile which soon appeared a normal soil color was off to one side of the holes. Over the years there have been many landings in the USA leaving a variety of burns, holes, materials, and fluids all common earthly substances.

We just do not know what the purpose of this is. In some instances, alien occupants have been seen. So why did this UFO land there in the city limits two times in the night? Not to look at the State Police Post or the transformers we can be sure. No, it was on another one of those abduction missions.

An abductee is very important in the fulfilling of the widespread ceaseless effort we call alien abduction. One can speculate that the abductee lived on John Street and in all probability noticed some strange things but never had a clue about what happened. In this same time period we had other sightings in this area.

In October 1966 things really broke loose. Repeated hovering near a relay tower in Rush County, the low flight of a disc with a blue glowing dome projecting a beam on the ground caused people to hide and a herd of cattle to stampede. The UFO went over parts of two counties and over the Little Charm Motel. The owner soon put up a sign, "Saucer Pilots Welcome."

One night a group of CB (Citizens Band) radio owners had a wild night chasing a small disc that kept hovering low over corn fields. Once two glowing discs zoomed in front of some C'Bers (citizen band radio users) auto on the bridge north of Laurel. It was about this time that a Mrs. Saxon near Arlington looked up into the eyes of a large alien figure in a ball shaped UFO that had a large ring around it.

In Union County some raccoon hunters spooked a hovering UFO by flashing their big light at it. In 3 seconds it was down to a glowing fire coal going away.

Meanwhile behind the Airway Department in Richmond, a UFO was seen hovering in the darkness just off the blacktop road. It was December -- Early Christmas shopping?

In 1967, a strange UFO hovered up the hill from her home on State Road 121 south of Connersville. I learned that prior to this years ago, with another husband, a UFO had landed in their pasture and just sat there for some time, or so she thought.

Of course the UFO was doing more than that. It was from ex-sheriff Jim Caldwell that I got more interesting information on this abductee. He and his deputies were called to her home near Null town and found a very frightened lady. A giant ape-like creature (the paraphysical Big Foot) had approached her back door. She stepped out and unloaded a pistol into it. It was so close she didn't miss. It just stood there looking at her.

She fled into the house and when she dared to look back outside, it was gone. Up on the road nearby her large dog was found dead. A heavy tree limb had been driven into the dog's mouth all the way down into its intestines. When I did a TV show on the Para-apes in Indiana this is one detail we just did not mention.

On a cold winter night in 1976, my loved ones watched a UFO closely out by the Visteon Plant. I missed it because - you guessed it - I was home making all the sighting reports for the research organizations I belonged to. On a starlit cold winter night in 1968 down by the Boy Scout Sanctuary, three ladies of the Haytown Hill Church of God ran out of bibles. Two beautiful orange glowing Saturn-type UFOs (with a ring around the middle) made a low flight approach to their home. One UFO seemed to come down in the woods across the road from their house, but I found no signs it had landed there.

The other UFO which was as big as a large sized house, moved slowly over their home and they felt like they were caught in a pincers movement. The women were extremely frightened and grabbed bibles.

The woman without a bible was as white as the refrigerator she stood next to and became incoherent. Finally both brilliant UFOs moved away to the southwest.

I do now suspect more happened than the women realized, for the aliens do nothing idly. In those days I had not learned the extent of abduction and the right questions one can employ to discover the truth about what happened.

The year 1973 and especially in the fall, our area was to see another banner year of UFO activity much like the 1966 fall peak. A number of D&M Manufacturing employees on an evening break on the west side of their building, were treated to the sight of a big disc coming from the northeast. It appeared to land or go over the Federal Explosive Test facility on the nearby hill. I was denied entrance to the Federal facility to look for landing indications.

Later, there were sightings over Connersville, Indiana of a disc having a tri-sectioned bottom. This fact was not mentioned in the local paper until the third sighting of it in a 15 day period. One witness swore it had three green doors.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

Meanwhile, down at the little town of Laurel, excitement erupted. This craft hovered right over the town. When a truck driver got in his truck and blew his air horn, it spooked the UFO and it whizzed away across the treetops so fast it was unbelievable.

On August 19, 1973, I was presented with yet another pile of reddish soil. The farm family watched the square-looking light down in the trees by the creek off Harrisburg Road on two nights in one week. In the twilight it had risen up as a disc shaped craft and flown east.

The farm resident and I were later hidden in some tree roots on the bank but nothing else happened. A pile of reddish soil remained behind just like one had in the John Street landing.

Specimens of the pile and outside soil were sent to the Purdue University Agronomy Department to be analyzed, but no abnormalities were found. I was not surprised for there have been several hundred touchdowns with a variety of burns, materials, fluids, and holes left behind and they have not proven anything.

Hogs avoided the site and the farmer found three circular about 30 foot pressed down places in his wheat fields. It was in East Connersville near Davis street where a real mystery took place. I called this event "The Davis Street Zombies." It began with this very bright star zipping all over the sky for several nights.

Suddenly on this night, the star became a large long fish-shaped object that sat or landed in an open space not far from the railroad bridge. This was near the end of Davis Street and next to the two shocked observers' house. Many brilliant yellow lights were on the lower circumference; the UFO had round windows and a large glass enclosed front.

One witness found herself on the UFO with a very kind small alien Gray. He gave her a tour of the ship and she even saw other alien Grays at the controls in the transparent front of the UFO. Knowing how the aliens usually get their victim flat on a table and do their thing, we suspect this nice tour may have been just another screen memory caper to block her from remembering what really occurred on board the UFO.

Anyway, while she was in the UFO, she looked out a big circular window and saw there were some 10 persons standing in her yard like zombies looking at the UFO.

The other witness who observed all this from her window in the house also saw all the people standing on the ground. Were these persons taken on board?

I suspect so for I had cases near Anderson and Indianapolis where the abductees claimed they saw others being taken or saw them on the UFO. In similar events, they were taken from an apartment building and in a swimming pool.

So who is to say the aliens just take one or two persons? The abductee remembered the persons leaving for their homes toward Davis Street. So maybe this is a different kind of case.

Anyway, all my effort failed to find anyone on Davis Street who remembered anything of that night. But remember, the aliens have phenomenal abilities to erase human memory.

In 1976 came the spectacular sighting of a gigantic barbell of all things. Now no one in his right mind is going to make up a tale like this. It was summer and a long train was passing about 6 miles west of Liberty.

The time factor was brief but suddenly there in the sky north of the train was this gigantic orange bar bell shaped object. There were many windows in the connecting part of the two balls and in the balls themselves. This is a rarely seen shape of a UFO. One wonders -- maybe it was just a tourist-type trip.

On a cold snowy day in 1978, abductee Pamara Johnson, who had already been abducted several times starting when she was very young, and her family were returning from a visit to relatives near Abington in Wayne County.

The UFO hovered over the snow covered tree tops which later had dead tops. At the sight the family was seized by fear. Next they found themselves driving home and about 3 hours were missing.

Pamara was in such a state that she hid on the back seat floor and once home crawled into the house from there. Later that day she bled from her vagina and felt empty. She had been carrying a fetus as confirmed by her doctor, but later learned her fetus was gone.

In later months she began to remember what had happened while in the clutches of the aliens in the UFO where her legs were spread-eagled on an apparatus that held her legs apart. Four short alien Grays were around her working. They used a long vibrating wire type of tool to remove the fetus. This tool was fastened to other devices. The process was painful. She also recalled being shown a wall where rows of transparent containers held little fetuses.

So we are led to believe that this particular UFO had harvested other fetuses within the populace. Wouldn't this be a logical conclusion? I suppose when the aliens met their quota of fetuses, the UFO then left this dimension returning from where ever it came.

Pamara's sister was also abducted. I was unable to find out about the father and several children. Her sister would never talk to me. I did learn that each December at abduction time a scar that she always hid with her hair on her neck begins to erupt for a time. It sounds like she was implanted to me.

It was a nice summer evening in 1991 on the south edge of little Centerville about 10 miles northeast of me here. Tim Brandenburg's wife was off to church. His dogs were raising a racket so he wondered if maybe a farmer could be in trouble on his tractor. As he stood in the darkness of his yard he was amazed to see a big aerial object just off the ground and too close to him for comfort.

Now I should mention that he too was an unknowing abductee from an early age. Tim began to back up. When the light beam struck him, all he noticed was a mild pain in his chest. In fear he turned to run. As he did he looked at the ground. The next thing he knew he was looking at the floor in a room in the craft.

Across the room from him stood two tall alien Grays. They were slim and about 7 feet tall. They seemed to be discussing Tim and in his mind came a soothing voice saying, "All is good. We are not going to hurt you."

Tim kept getting this message as they came across the room. One Gray held out his arms toward Tim. Tim thought well they want something so maybe if I give them something they will let me go.

In his pocket his hand landed on a $20 bill there. He handed this to the alien, who looked at it turning it over, and then handed it to the next alien. That was the last time Tim saw the $20 bill. Suddenly the alien Gray reached out with its long fingered hand and grabbed Tim by his arm.

While holding Tim's arm, the alien produced a pen-like device and moved it laterally over Tim's arm at the joint. Next Tim knew he was to go sit on a box-like seat. It was here that the Gray quickly held a cigarette sized device next to Tim's temple.

Tim's wife, who was not his friend or mine, later destroyed some of our valuable correspondence after he went to work.

Tim awoke in bed feeling like he had been on an all night bender drinking. Feeling rotten, he went to the bathroom and saw his urine was very dark. At first Tim thought it was just a bad dream, but then he looked at his arm and there were about three 7 inch long purple stripes under his skin.

I tried to photograph these marks but to no avail. So then Tim knew he had lost a whole night and it had not all been a dream. In Tim's back yard were two 12 inch circular browned spots about 6 feet each side of where he stood.

I didn't pick up any radiation or magnetic deviation at these places. Tim went right to the Richmond sheriff's office and reported he had been kidnapped aboard a UFO.

It was worth a line or two in the police report published in the Richmond Item. I learned about it when a lady from there told my wife Jeanie who worked in the local hospital about it.

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