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Donald Worley: The Forces of Light and Darkness in the Universe

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

The Forces of Light and Darkness in the Universe

Dual creation is the nature of the universe. There is construction then destruction. There is love and there is hate. In the dimensions of spirit and the UFO Aliens we have two divergent realms but both do have some similar attributes. As we look at these two limitless, impossibly complex, parallel realities I admit that I am not even scratching the surface of it all.

Both these stupendous systems coexist with our Earth dimension but of course most ordinary humans, with our very limited five senses, don't really believe they exist. Before I look at each realm I will point out some interesting basic similarities that exist between the two. The invisible spirit energies of these realms rarely manifest themselves making only brief non-physical appearances.

Any artifacts left behind are inconclusive. No astral beings from these dimensions have ever been apprehended and kept as positive proof that such places exist. This is because the forms of light energy inhabiting these realms differ completely from Earth's vibrationally low dense residents.

Another special similarity involves "Light" the fundamental denomination in God's creation. In the spirit realm and biblical passages, we see "Light" beams projected number of times. A beam from a glowing pillar of cloud parted the Red Sea for the fleeing Israelites. In a memorable life changing episode Saul was hit by a beam from above and went on to become a special person in the bible.

In my Gladys Tate haunting case we watched her apparition glide over the ground in her isolated creek valley. She was in a white glow, dressed in a scarf, blouse, and plaid skirt. She also frightened motorists in the are when she appeared as a glowing orange volleyball sized object.

In my tragic Cry Woman Bridge case, she appeared as a moaning, white cloaked, figure or as a glowing globe. This demented earthbound soul seeks the child she thinks died in a car crash. Far too many children have drowned in that small area since 1927.

Moving now to the alien realm we see "Light" featured much of the time. Alien light beam projection is universal in my cases. UFOs are famous for their intense, glowing, colorful, light emissions. On state road 44 near this city a domed disc used a light beam to transport an auto up its beam and into itself. It was yet another abduction.

Near Deputy Indiana Martha Cain's car was caught in a beam and lifted by a bowl shaped UFO in 1967 She lost time and her car finish was suddenly rusted with other systems rendered useless. Her skin was reddened and she was severely swollen. In my Blooming Grove case the woman exited a church and was hit by a beam from a UFO.

I later had the pleasure of holding between my two fingers the tiny implant that fell from her head above the hair line as she brushed her hair one day. On a farm near Floyds Knob Indiana the glowing UFO hovered outside. The light display in the bedroom was a beautiful blue, purple, and violet.

In the midst of this there appeared a tall blonde haired, human-like being in a brilliant white robe. I have mentioned only a few of the light similarities of the two realms but soon we find that these are only superficial likenesses.

There is one other similarity that arouses my curiosity about these two great realms. I have extensive knowledge of both realms. In my abduction research data an overwhelming percentage of the abductees have native American Indian ancestry. ,/p>

For some reason the aliens seem to prefer persons with this bloodline. Then we find that there is an almost universal presence of Indian spirit guides or protectors in psychic contacts with the spirit realm. So here we strangely have the Indian similarity in both realms.


The best description of these parallel coexisting realms is found in the Christian bible -- God's inspired word. Corinthians 2:9 "But it is written, eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man, the things that God has prepared for those that love him."

In God's multidimensional haven of souls, all is serene and incredibly beautiful. His love permeates all things of his creation. It is a pure non-judgmental love of the highest caliber as embodied in Jesus the third part of the trinity.

The personification of love for all energy forms in the universe. The cosmic creator who is always was, eternal, and forever immortal. You too find that this also applies to you.

All things are created from thought in these realms. When you cross over the only question to concern you is the amount of love you have in your heart. These are busy dimensions for the influx of millions of souls steadily arriving. When most of us zip out of this flesh we soon find that we have arrived back home.

Some disembodied are delayed in Earths dense lower layers due to unresolved issues and we call them ghosts, apparitions, poltergeist etc. In these fascinating unobstructed universes we learn space and time is nothing like it is on Earth. We are free spirits with Gods special gift of free will. We have wondrous powers.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

We have only to think of someplace and presto we are there. In my readings by psychic mediums in Massachusetts, Arizona, and Florida, my loved ones were there already waiting. On the other side of the veil they know far more of what is going on than you suspect.

They come into your vibrational level and check you often. Family and friends who have passed on to the other state of consciousness have not forgotten you. They are more accessible to you in this state than when they were alive. It was a joy to have my two wives, daughter, father and even my grandmother Sophia who died in 1904 comes in by name along with good evidential information. So rest assured your loved ones can find you anywhere anytime.

At this point I want to mention another similarity of the dimensional realms that closely parallels what I have just described in the paragraph above. In my 250 abductee cases numerous ones have found they can never escape the aliens no matter how they try. One lady moved from California to Washington State to Illinois. Yet they found her and even began to take her little girl.

It has been theorized that the aliens find their abductees due to implant signals. No, the aliens have the same omnipotent abilities that our loved ones acquire in spirit. There is no need for something so crude as implant signals.


Research data of the last 65 years shows conclusively that the forces of darkness originate from the UFO alien realms. Here we see the exact opposite of the spirit realms I have just described. At the least we must say the intelligence behind it is quite cunning and deceptive. At the most at times they are wantonly cruel and heartless.

Now there are those who will heatedly disagree with my assessment. Yes, I know there seems to exist some groups who seem benevolent at lest on a personal level. Maybe they can be trusted I wouldn't be sure. With the remainder it is their human egg, sperm, fetus activity that I classify as sneaky and devilish and gives me a very valid reason for concern.

Research groups can find out about UFOs forever but it is their vast relentless abduction project that sends ominous signals for us. I am in full agreement with David Jacobs, Associate Professor of History at Temple University,in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who calls a spade a spade.

The aliens  are creating a breed of alien-human hybrids. In this secret, unstoppable way they will one day have full covert Earth dimension control. That is unless the divine creator of all moves his forces to stop this demise of the little blue green planet.

In the Christian bible we see this rescue by the forces of light promised and described in detail. It is the criminal kidnapping of hundreds of thousands of humans that brands the aliens as evil. They are clearly identified in our Holy Bible. Ephesians 6:12, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness in this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

In some of my cases the minions of these realms are guilty of outright cruelty. It was evil to remove all the inner female organs in one of my cases. One wonders how much of this is really going on. In another case, as in several I've had, the boy was left with Grand Mal Epilepsy. His two dogs suffered red skin, loss of hair and they died. What these insidious aggressors are doing has caused the death of some persons, suicide in others, and distressful lives in others.

However, the majority of these victims manage to live near normal lives. In 20 of my cases the Nordic-type aliens issued warnings of a time of coming cataclysmic Earth destruction. But with their track record of deception and fabrication one may be foolish to believe them.

In God's serene astral realms we have all the normal spirit energies, the higher forms such as Angels, Archangels, ascended Masters, and spirit guides. From the black areas of creation come a bewildering array of alien intruders bent on a final end for us. They are the Grays, Nordics, Reptilians, Humanoids, Halflings and other types.


These two massive forces are locked in an endless struggle. Only time will tell who the victor will be.

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