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Donald Worley: Alien Halflings - The Lawless Ones

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Alien Halflings - The Lawless Ones

Abductee case #l0l (identity must remain unknown and will be called only l0l.) Donald Worley, Investigator-researcher has many years experience mostly in abduction and Nordic-type alien areas. Nearly 50 articles published here and overseas. See Flying Saucer Review site for a current article. I will now quote l0ls exact words and later in part 2 try to clarify the situation for you.

l0l speaking: "Dear Don, Dear God! Last night this "thing" crawled in my bed with me! I had just turned the radio off and was falling asleep. I was laying on my left side when I began to feel something coming closer behind me. I was frozen in fear. I could feel it becoming tighter against me and then that horrible experience again on the back of my head. I was terrified and angry that this was occurring. I was screaming in my head, saying things like, "Who are you? What are you doing? Leave me alone!"

"Then I screamed as loud as I could in my head, 'Get out of my bed!' I broke the paralyzing hold I was in and immediately turned around and looked back but didn't see anything. I had those flashes of light behind my eyelids instead."

Some explanation of some of the factors in this case are in order then we will continue with the abductees narration.

A. The file is very thick and I must leave out much. It's still ongoing and l0l (the abductee) leaves soon for vacation. She hopes and prays her constant companions will not be with her but I'd never bet on it. I've had others who never escaped on vacation. One of my  abductees moved from California to Washington State to Illinois and still never escaped. Even worse they began to abduct her little daughter.

B. One of the main episodes in l0ls past is the time she met the tall, white, blue eyed rabbit. When she told me this she started with, "You will think I'm nuts but--." No, she is sane and there are others who have met the beautiful rabbit. He was really a Nordic alien making her see what he wanted her to. Too bad this entity is never around now and the mean rascals seem to have free reign.

C. Well, I'm running out of space but will try to get in one more interesting thing. Recently l0l has had tiny crystalline like bits on her person, clothes and in bed. It's happened before. She will try to collect some for me but probably can't. Also any minute objects found in bed. This object she hid in drawer and it vanished. This could have been an implant that fell out somewhere. I didn't get to the narration so it will return next time. 

An update -- Case #l0l has returned from vacation and learned to her dismay that there was no escape from those who transit the limitless void of space. On rare occasions l0l has seen what they look like. The halflings are human-like, short, dressed in white smocks with plastered black hair. The head honcho as she calls him is a tall snake-faced reptilian type. 

She has been visited on occasion by black helicopters and recently found tiny florescent bits in her bed, on clothes and person. She will try to send me some. This bits thing has happened before to abductees. The action takes place in an out of body format, with the super endowed halflings being caught on voice tape using English names and speaking it. 

Now to some of 101s own words, "It's too late for any therapy and I don't think it would do any good anyway. I realize now the only thing I have left is to trust him. Last night I was prepared for him. I'm making my body available to him and eventually will my soul." 

"I'm tired of fighting. I tried the notes, putting on extra clothing, using pins, and the cross as you suggested. I pinned the cross on my briefs but it doesn't matter. I can hear the sex when I play the tape back. I put the message on my stomach saying 'go away.' I guess he didn't like it because I remember waking up and he was 'doing me' when I was on my stomach. I tried to twist around flailing my arms but couldn't. He sounds human and I pick up his movements when he gets off me. He sounds "squishy" like someone in a dives suit."

This is all for now. Next part we will have some more of 101 describing this distressing situation.

Narration of this very troubled experiencer continues. 


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

"I will end this letter now. It's hard to write. I try cover as I write. I have no privacy. As always you are in my thoughts and  prayers. May God keep you and Jeanie both healthy in body and spirit. Do not despair that you think you are not doing enough in helping your abductees. That could be the furthest thing from the truth. You are a Godsend. Just knowing you believe in me is all I need as I'm sure the other abductees would agree to also. It is becoming more clearer to me as this nightmare continues.

The sexual activity is primarily for depositing sperm. In my reading material that I have been going over I find a female states that after intercourse with a halfling she saw a white instrument used to scoop her. Remember I told you I saw what appeared to be a white ice cream scoop the very white faced, dark long haired, hybrid was holding in his hand. Then I felt some pressure "there" before I blacked out.

I, the investigator-researcher of this case continue with more of #101s utterances," So all these human name hybrids I told you about are using me to deposit their precious sperm to use in the breeding process. They also get the experience of performing as a human. So my personal project hybrid who pretends to care for me is a lot of bunk. Its just to get me to do what he wants and act like I enjoy it by mind control.

"Making me think I'm Tracy makes it a lot easier for them. But when I'm me, I become trouble for them."

Abductee #101 continues," These SOBs are just like us only you cant see them. They are human in appearance but have alien powers. When I fixed my clothes for a period of time at night when I went to bed so they couldn't get into my pants that's when I had the visit from the head honcho. I guess you can tell from my choice of words how my anger stands out. Anyway I believe the reptilian type being I saw was here to lecture me. And since I have no memory I don't know what he said. The hybrid did not like it. I have a very small padlock I put through the zipper hole on my jeans or shorts .I hid the key in the bathroom. I'm expecting another call from "snake head" We will see."

A discussion and sort of a summation: I have been on this case for over a year and have a very thick file on it. In the beginning I was really puzzled for certain elements in this strange case seemed more like a disembodied human haunting case some of which I have been on. We had the English speaking English named entities that were caught only on voice tape as the victim slept or was zapped out after the familiar snap sound or with use of the device to the back of the head.

Yet we had UFO indications in her past and in her bedroom even then. To further confound the situation we have the OBE state in which she is addressed as another person and has dialogue with her rapers . In this she is apparently their vassal submitting to them and even expressing love for them. 

They in turn have expressed love for her. My wife and I have heard unreadable conversations on her tapes and a few things clearly like "Peter " once. A name of one of the smaller entities.

Then finally the furious abductee did see the two human -like , short black plastered hair, dressed in white smocks, entities . Later she did have a visit from the tall "snake faced" reptilian being who seems to manage the halflings. Why all the sexual intercourse? The very distraught woman finally did see a white scoop in the hand of one of the halflings. Afterward she felt some effects of molestation in her private part. 

So a lot is finally falling into place in this very different case. It's the old sperm and egg alien creation motive we see in full force. I need to remind the reader that there are other cases similar to this one although they seem to be in a minority as far as we know. The case is still going full force and who know what the ultimate end will be. For a while I feared for the survival of #101 but after all this time I think she will finally have success in her struggle.

Stopping the taping would be a step in the right direction but she will not do it saying she wants proof of what is being done to her. If there are any major developments in this case I will let you know.

Standing In God's Light - In End Times
Standing In God's Light - In End Times
by Ann Druffel and Armand Marcotte
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