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Donald Worley: The Planet of the Cross

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

The Planet of the Cross

The Nordic aliens think of our beautiful little blue and green planet as the "planet of the cross." The cross of course means Jesus, God's enduring love, and all that it represents down through the ages. As humanity moves into its precarious future, the presence of these angelic forces is urgently needed.

Because it is so vital to every living soul, I first want to tell you that your earth is now a frightful tinderbox. The current proliferation of nuclear missiles and numerous smaller types has caused our world to reach a lethal stage. At least 35 countries now have nukes. This stockpile of nukes has reached at least 23,360 warheads.

Do you really think none will ever be used? Look at all the hate and lies in our present situation. There are forces here and beyond here in galaxies that want to see them used. It is really a horrific end-game and one can see the terrible Book of Revelation and Armageddon just down the time road somewhere. Harvard University's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, states that about 3.5 million pounds of highly enriched uranium and half a million pounds of bomb-grade plutonium remain in the world.

It is no wonder the mass murderers of 9/11 were so interested in crop dusting planes. Any radioisotope of plutonium could be sprayed, using crude technologies from an adapted civilian aircraft and it would take just 66.15 pounds of this to spray an area of 62.14 square miles to a killing height of 9.8 feet. All life would die within weeks and entrance to the area would be denied for maybe 30 years or more.

Israel is a one megaton small country you know but they do have submarines targeted on an enemy such as Iran and if they are ever evaporated as a country, they will likewise nuke away that enemy, especially Iran. The fatal global chain reaction could start when Iran desiring to cremate their long time foe lobbed a missile across the border. Last but not least there is PERIMETR that could be the centerpiece of an enemy's ultimate retaliatory revenge for a first strike. This would be doomsday semi-automatic missiles encased in deadly cobalt deep in the Urals, or Rockies, or mountainous hinterland of China. Its use would be like opening the gates of hell on Earth. In view of these terrible facts, should we wonder why other galactic intelligences are so interested in us. Both sides good and bad have shown they know us better than we know ourselves.

Space-time galactic intelligence has always kept track of us, but when we solved the secret of the heart of matter it was time to pay more attention. Yet another huge war had been fought and the war-like inhabitants of Earth had learned to create awesome nuclear weapons capable of world holocaust. There followed through the years up to this present day a systematic vast down to bedrock surveillance of the planet by UFOs.

This intelligence snooping has been as thorough as one would expect from such a stellar infinite source. Even more important there began a limitless, relentless project of temporary human abduction. Through 46 years allied with several good research organizations, I have had hundreds of cases of abduction. For years I have been with the worlds oldest, largest alien abduction research organization and web site

I have tried to cover this western hemisphere and if the amount of abduction in my own area of southeast Indiana, United States, is any indication, then there must be hundreds of thousands or millions of abductees out there in the English speaking part of the globe. I am sure that among them there are many who do not realize they are abductees or have never breathed a word to anyone. Who wants to be thought of as a little off in their upper belfry?

All earthly places have their UFO waves at times. Central and South America have been hot beds for years with some undersea locations having alien traffic in and out of the water.

Locally, my first abduction case was in the fall of 1967 when Martha Carnes, a farm woman, had her car levitated near Deputy, Indiana by a large glowing orange disc. Since I was special investigator for APRO in the Midwest, they sent me to interview her.

Martha was a swollen sight and had difficulty opening her eyes. Her car was a scarred sight that had electrical systems which soon failed afterward. Dr. J. Allen Hynek, the official adviser on UFOs to the Air Force then, and Dr. Jacques Vallee, a prominant researcher, wanted me to have Martha hypnotically regressed, but no professional help could be found in conservative, religious Indiana.

If you have never heard about UFOs or abductions back then, it is because in the beginning the highest councils of inner government chose to never ever reveal that we had far superior visitors on Earth from afar. Why did the government do this and pursue a course of colossal lies and pretense and keep you from ever realizing the awesome truth?

Well, what do you suppose would happen if the government admitted they were totally helpless and could not stop penetrating intruders? Then next, the even more terror sowing news would have to be revealed that this secretive, sinister force was also busily engaged in the abduction of hapless citizens as an even more personal part of its agenda.

Speaking of the reaction of my fellow man to even a limited amount of knowledge about the presence of UFOs and abduction now here, I can say from much experience that some people exist here in a sea of disbelief and a lack of interest, and at times suspect I must have a screw loose. In this highly saturated religious area, it is clear that concrete brain washing is rampant.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

Yet if the time ever comes when those who have kept the awful truth hidden for so many years, officially release it, a new sight would burst upon the scene. Now near empty churches would be packed with fearful people. Hoards would be outside the churches pressing to get in. In a way the Christian religion will have been right all along. Good and evil forces are really out there. The news of how well they are into humanity via the mind, what they look like, and what they are doing will be the things that cause the supreme shock.

In my efforts to help abductees who have been from many different countries, I am sometimes successful, but too often there is little I can do. Success in itself makes all my time and effort worth it, especially if I am able to save someone from a ruined life, mental facility, or death. I especially enjoy Nordic-mentor cases. In my two worst non-Nordic cases I was a big loser on one and winner on another. The ex-naval intelligence officer who came to my home hanged himself leaving a wife and three kids. It was a sad blow to me for I thought I had him stabilized. My time has to be limited with each case so I can move on to others.

In my winning case of the Florida woman, she had all her inner female parts excised cleanly much to the shock and puzzlement of a group of doctors. She sought me on the net and of course was in very deep depression and with suicidal thoughts. When the alien mind voices are present, it is a very uphill struggle but she never went silent. It all took time and prayer but she survived and has a good life and we are still friends on the net yet.

In the recent Cape Cod case, I was hopeful but ended up frustrated and defeated. I will tell you some about this brilliant female, a new graduate from Boston University. I quote from her words, "I would be eternally grateful for any help you are willing to give me. Many people have experiences here and UFO sightings happen in certain places. I was never particularly interested in these sort of things, especially since I always had nightmares of faces outside my window as a child." (An abductee is acquired as a child.)

She continued her story, "Two years ago I was driving down this road on the cape. At first I saw a star in the sky but it was moving about. Suddenly there appeared a large craft floating before my car. I felt an overwhelming feeling that I was not to tell anyone about this experience. The aircraft or whatever it was had round tubes of light coming off it perpendicularly. Then it faded away."

She explained, "I had been sitting there for 5 hours and remembered nothing. Over the last two years my life has been turned upside down. I have nights where I park my car at the beach, then suddenly wake up in bed three hours later and my car is still at the beach. This has happened 5 times. When I lay in bed I hear voices. Not a human voice that I can understand but a collective entity of voices saying come outside. I have spoken to doctors and they say that I am crazy. They say I had hallucinations, disassociation and psychosis, but I know I am perfectly sane."

She continued, "I have stopped speaking about it but was forced into a psychiatric ward for a week and a half this past month. I am sane and I am very smart. I am not stupid. I love math and physics and had a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University at the age of 20. But living in the aftermath of these experiences is very hard for me. There is a certain stigma that society has pressed on to me. I hope you believe my story and can offer me some comfort and help."

Well, I was unable to help the poor soul because she went silent on me after we started. The voices have stopped her with me. Though I have been opposed by a wife, my grandchildren and others, my wonderful avocation has been an adventure I never would have wanted to miss. I daily thank my creator for allowing me to be what I have been in this moment of time on this soon to be ravaged planet. It will survive the coming nuke war but on down the time road will finally come the violent Earth change the Nordics have often warned about. Following this will come the glorious return of Jesus and his host of Nordic angels and the total eradication of the bad forces that now mostly control Earth.

Standing In God's Light - In End Times
Standing In God's Light - In End Times
by Ann Druffel and Armand Marcotte
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