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Donald Worley: Caribbean Island Abductions

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Caribbean Island Abductions

Worldwide abductions in paradise starting with Puerto Rico

Soft, warm breezes stir the groves of plantation and coffee trees on Puerto Rico. Alien abductee Betsy, age 38, lives on a farm in the central hills of this island and she can look down and see the cruise ships coming in.

Beginning in babyhood she has had many episodes with the alien entities who take her. I will now relate in Betsy's own words what has happened.

Betsy described the alien visitors this way. "I have been visited all these years by two type of entities. The little ones are like 3 feet tall and their heads are not so big as the Grey kind, and they have little eyes, noses and a mouth. They have peach-ivory skin and long segmented necks. Their body is short with long fragile arms and legs."

"They make a lot of examinations. They inserted something in my nose and left it there and I couldn't get it out. The other day they put in the palms of my hands some big black needles that I tried to take off but couldn't."

"When I am paralyzed they screw my head around and it hurts a lot. They have put me face down on a table and it feels like a thousand needles in my back. I scream but no one listens to me. Once I was sucked into this big tube that had glowing inscriptions on its walls. Next morning I had a bad burn on my breast."

"Not all my experiences are bad. Once this little one came out of my closet, stood by my bed and asked me to leave with him. He took my hands and led me to the closet and rubbed my hands and I rubbed his. He asked me to go but I said no, then he disappeared."

"They don't have any clothes on and move slowly with caution and observe a lot. Other entities take me to beautiful places with several moons, a beautiful sea, and vegetation.I felt secure with them. They were over 8 feet tall, and wore long white robes. Some had blonde hair and the one who teaches me had white hair. He looks like us, but he is some kind of an old man."

"In the past month I have been contacted by entities who looked like the Nordic ones but they have different hair color like reddish and some darker. They look like humans but are bigger and they have only 3 fingers on their hands."

"They dress like a Star Trek series and if something needs healed or fixed they stand up, raise their hands to their chests and began to say something like a prayer or spell and a fluorescent green light comes out of their hands."

"I don't have bad experience s with them. They are kind and protect me. They show me things like the Nordics do but these ones are more lovely and respect me so I feel important to them. Do you know what kind of entities they are?"

Betsy's attitude about all this is very good. She told me, "Donald, I am so glad I found you. You are an angel. I feel more confident now. Before I was lost, confused, without any clue to what was happening to me. Now I understand lots of things in my life. Now I have a clear purpose in my life -- with God in my heart."

Worldwide abductions in paradise - Virgin Islands

I now move on to Thalia another amazing abductee in the Caribbean sea. The Virgin Islands lay hundreds of miles northwest of the island where Betsy lives. They know nothing of each other but each has had extensive contact with the aliens.

Thalia is a good looking 32 year old blonde of Scotch-Irish ancestry. She is a free-spirited gal having traveled to Africa, Central America and other places. She has had many contacts with the Nordic types and has named her Nordic guardian, Alex.

Thalia has also had episodes with other aliens she calls the bad ones. Just recently she was attacked by a short hooded Reptilian with evil ideas but she broke his mind hold and grabbed a machetti she had in her bedroom and swung it at him. He instantly vanished. She then ran screaming out into the street at 3 a.m.

Thalia has also been the target of 6 feet tall hideous dark alien entities who are much uglier than even a Reptilian. They move extremely fast and she cries out for her guardians who are nowhere to be seen. Later Thalia wants to know why and the Nordics just stare at her.

Thalia's Nordics are 8 feet tall with striking blue or green eyes, angular human-like facial features, and long blonde or black hair.

In one memorable encounter with a giant Nordic, the Nordic got down on his knees and held out the open palms of his hands to her. Thalia has a magical association with this Nordic group and it originates back to other dimensions and times.

They tell Thalia to sing when confronted with danger. She tells them they are nuts and why didn't they just get rid of the evil black forms themselves? She never gets an answer; they just stare at her blankly.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

One time Thalia's Nordic alien touched his forehead to her forehead and she felt such an overwhelming sense of love and acceptance it cannot be described. There is no experience in life that compares. She felt that he was proud of her and wanted something meaningful with her.

Over time as with other abductees, Thalia has received details of the cataclysmic geographical changes coming to Earth. I will now share some of this information with you which she kept a journal on.

Thalia explained. "When I see disasters in specific areas, it is usually what I call movie style like I am seeing it on TV. Sometimes I don't see the entire scope of the disaster, just a specific region."

"In three different maps I have seen the state of Washington, western Canada, and a large part of Alaska disappear almost instantly. The water seems to come in as far as the Sierra Nevada mountains."

"The Great Lakes are affected in one of the maps due to a giant earthquake on the huge fault line straddling the midwest. The flooding is a Tsunami effect from Lake Michigan. This covers Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana the most."

"Also on a map I have seen large portions of Tennessee underwater."

"Lastly, the Caribbean Islands, a huge portion of the southern US coast - Texas, Lousiana, Alabama, and Florida under sea. Almost the entire eastern seaboard will be affected. These were shown to me on a map which is usually shown to me on a global scale."

"The map I was given on 10/15/10 already indicated where the terrible earthquake that hit Haiti was. This was also the map that predicted the Japanese earthquake and Tsunami earlier this year."

"Areas yet to be hit that have the spots on the map include Western Africa, Central Mediterranean, Central Caribbean, Indonesia, and the Pacific near northern Mexico/Southern California. There will be a devastating loss of life."

I know our welcome readers will find my reply to Thalia's terrible disaster information of upmost interest so I am adding it here.

"Hi Thalia - Great to hear from you. Your rendition in your message about cataclysmic events coming as shown to you by your Nordic mentors were so very informative and so similar to the over 25 other Nordic abductee experiencers and what they were shown and told."

"It is positively astounding how all you guys get these exact details of coming awful earth changes that are all alike and you never heard of such cataclysmic things before or knew of anyone else who had received them. All from the one source."

"All of you say the Nordics blue or green eyes are so stunning you are put in a euphoric state for weeks afterward. I see you said the Pacific ocean will reach inland to the Rockies. There will be islands out there but it will reach to edge of Nebraska."

"The Great Lakes will be sea and reach the Gulf of Mexico. It is always the same. Your Polar change all fits, too.

"I wonder - look again in your journal when you have time and tell me what will happen to the British Iles and Northern Europe. I don't hear good things about them and hate to see them go under."

"Well our informants indicate the final vast convulsion is sometime yet down the time road, but coming nearer is the terrible nuclear missile war. They volunteered this sad news themselves; it was not mentioned before. Well knowing the Nordics, I don't have a shadow of a doubt it is all coming. I just don't know when."

"My Virginia experiencer asked his lifetime Nordic mentor whom he named Thor, just when final time was going to start and was told, "Only our creator knows."

"Thanks too for your MIB adventures. Now that you have talked about them I hope they don't shadow you like they did my Virginia abductee. They started parking their shiny black limo at his curb and scared his wife who tore up some of our correspondence and I lost contact with him."

"With my California Nordic link, the Nordic was right on the nose ahead of the Chile earthquake. He also mentioned a big quake for southern California but there have been a number of other quakes since then but no Mexico/Southern California? However I see you list it as coming, so it just has not gotten here yet."

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Standing In God's Light - In End Times
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