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Donald Worley: The Frightening Abduction Phenomena of the Alien Mind Voices

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

The Frightening Abduction Phenomena of the Alien Mind Voices

Alien mind control

Let's get right to the point and not beat around the bushes. The man who slaughtered the workers at the US Naval Yard in Virginia was an abductee. He was haunted by the voices coming through ceiling and walls and into his mind. He also was stricken with the tremors.

These sorts of things have all too often occurred with many of my some nearly 500 abductees here in this western hemisphere. The killer no doubt also had many of the other afflictions and events that are the lot of an abductee.

The big difference with him was the blood death loving aliens successfully moved him into action. I am forced to wonder about such recent murderous events as the slaughter of the little school kids in Massachusetts or the record slaughter of the persons at the Virginia Military University.

Was it a matter of mind control for the hungry pain loving alien killers?

I am going to take you briefly through a few of my cases where the power of the evil-type aliens is apparent in the mind of the victim.

First I am thinking of the two men, one in Colorado and one in Texas, who leaped off tall buildings. They believed they had gone mad so they ended it all.

In the case of the ex-naval intelligence office who even visited my home here, I hoped I had him stabilized but I had failed and he hung himself leaving a wife and 3 kids.

In my Cape Cod case aged only 21, a successful electrical engineer graduate of an Eastern University, she had the UFOs appear then began to hear the voices in her mind urging her to come outside. Five times over a period of months she would drive to the nearby beach and lose hours there, then find herself back in bed with her car still at the beach.

She was grateful for my start of help but the voices were too much and I lost her. When this happens you worry about suicide or commitment to a psycho facility.

I am going to give you the exact words in one case I had and I am sorry to say I lost out and don't know what happened to her either. She lived in New Mexico. She has the voices just like the Navy Yard killer.

I quote her words as she told me, "I am still alive but they are taking over my being. I feel this horrible vibration all over my body. I don't like it one bit. But I can't stop it. I believe I have been abducted a couple more times as when I have woken up I have this awful pain in my uterus or labia are split."

She continued to say, "My mind is dull. I have trouble remembering things and my mind is dull. The newest development is they have started going for my heart now. Particularly when I am praying. But I keep praying."

"I have started praying the rosary. It helps a bit. But then when it is over they jump back on me and cause problems for me. Last week I prayed all night "LONG LIVE JESUS. LONG LIVE MARY!" When I woke the next morning my rosary had broken. Nice of you to check on me and that someone believes me and cares."


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

I am going next to a case in West Texas in which I was successful and got him back from the edge of suicide. Here is what I told him reduced in wordage. I explained to him, "Byron I am sorry I am slow getting back to you but there are so many demands on my time."

"Byron, all my Cherokee related abductees, and there are many like I told you, you almost take the cake in defeat. I don't blame you for being completely turned off on life and sick of all that has been fed you mentally by the lying deceivers."

"Byron, they have really gone extremely fanatical with you. I am telling you they are the kings of liars in the universe. Start forgetting anything they ever told or showed you. Stop their death threats. They have phenomenal power but only God can take you when he chooses, not them."

I continued, "With me they urged the victim to pay no attention to me. I am the teller of tall tales. One wanted to know who was that old man asking questions. Starting now Byron, it is time to wake up and start listening to me. Get a big smile on your face."

"Byron you must right now and always crowd out any thought of them or anything they ever told or done to you. Your wonderful forever mind can only think of one thing at a time. That is the salvation God gave you."

"Byron, when they try to come in you must suppress it with a beautiful thought, word, action, or even song. You need to learn to sing to yourself. It is a great healer of the soul. But above all you must stop any leakage of them into your mind and this will lead to victory for you."

This is a short message I received back from Byron. "They don't like you. I heard that. They did have me convinced they were going to kill me for years but then I begged them to kill me. They won't, so that fear has passed."

Byron continued, "I will do what you say of all you instructed me to do. And yes, such a fantastic story. They now tell me they made it all up and put it in my head ... just crazy."

Before ending this opus on the Alien voices I will give you a good look at what the colossal deceivers look like from a good case near Indianapolis, Indiana.

I quote her rendition of them. "There were two kinds that I remember seeing. One was smaller than the other. Both were insect like. The small ones were actually the ones who took me to the big ones. The small ones were humanoid with upside down triangular heads."

"They kinda looked like Preying Mantis insect heads. They had two sets of arms. The lower arms were smaller than the upper arms and looked more insect- like. The torsos were almost like large triangles broad at the shoulders and narrowed down to a skin waist."

"The legs were not shaped like human legs but somewhere inbetween insect legs and human legs. They didn't wear clothing as such. Not even boots. They had antenna that seemed to curl and uncurl at times. Their mouths were terrifying and reminded me of a Preying Mantis mouth."

"The larger insects were in charge and were always on the ship waiting. They were at least 7 feet tall towering over me. The had human characteristics but still had insect aspects. Their bodies looked closer to human and had only one set of arms with human-like hands."

"They had short antennae and they were pale green with tight body suits and boots. They had broad shoulders that narrowed down to triangles. They weren't as scary as the little ones. They spoke to me using telepathy, but also made clicking sounds back and forth."

"They all felt like males. I remember there was one that always seemed to be there. He was almost kind trying to keep me calm. Sometimes when I was ready to fight or struggle he would put his hand on my forehead and I would feel a calming sensation in my mind. I remember the others seemed cold and distant. OK, I have to stop here. This remembering is getting to be too much for me."

The alien mind control over man is one that needs to be taken seriously. It causes great human suffering and sometimes leads to unnecessary death and suicide.

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Standing In God's Light - In End Times
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