Feeling a bit confused…

So I dont know if this is actually anything at all, but I want to post this and get some inputs..

I had a very weird dream Id say about a year ago. I was asleep and I woke up with my body tensed up, I couldnt move but I was able to open my eyes and look at the celing, I couldnt move them anywhere else. While I was laying in bed in this state (it couldnt have been more then a few minutes I was like this), I remembered seeing a very bright white light and remember lying on a table. Once I was able to move again, I sort of figured it was just a nightmare of some sort- until today. Last night I feel asleep pretty early, maybe 7:30pm or so. My neighbors car alarm went off and I woke up to that, took me a while to fall back to sleep but when I did I had a weird dream where I was looking into the sky at night and saw a light, and it turned into a UFO with lights at each of the corners and one in the middle, then I felt my body tense up again (at this same time I heard very strong vibrations coming from outside), I couldnt move at all but this time I couldnt open my eyes and I felt a very sharp pain that started from the back of ┬ámy neck and it slowly moved up to right by my ear- I dont know how I know, but I felt like it was a solid object inside that was being moved around towards my ear area. I also felt a very sharp pain in my head. Once the pain went away, I felt as if I had been put back into my bed, my body was tensed up for a few minutes after and I felt a overwhelming sense of┬ásleepiness. At this same time was when I was aware I was back in my room, I heard the sound of my fish tank water, the heater in our room, my boyfriend sleeping, but I also remember hearing a second person breathing- it was as if they were at the foot of my bed watching me, but I didnt feel scared. I woke up today at 9am. After this second “nightmare”, I’m feeling a little confused.. I cant tell if it was real or just a nightmare. I dont have any pain since ive woken up. IDK, but if anyone can offer some sort of help, id really appreciate it.

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  1. nick.spence@iinet.net.au says:

    the part which is in common with alien abduction i se it as is the body being unable to move
    its always the same, they somehow make it so we cannot move and we always remember what they did, sort of flashbacks
    it was no dream, guaranteed

  2. christinaspirit says:

    can anybody of you remember what aliens did to u when you were a small child and you didn’t want to listen or do what was told to you by them?
    i remember one situation in particular which might of been a dream induced by aliens .i am standing on edge of the roof of muy house. i know that somebody is standing behind me. i hear a voice:” Jump and do not be afraid as we are going to catch you” and at that point of time i am getting image in my had of beam of light which wouldn’t let me fall down.
    i was hesitant and i mentaly refused to do as i was told to do. thenext i remember that i was pushed off the roof, caught in the same way as i saw on that image and then returned to my room.( they did it because i didn’t wan’t to trust them) andnot trusting them is a sign of disobedience as they say.

  3. memorydoc says:

    You could’ve experienced some sort of post-abduct seizure as well considering the possibility of trauma due to the possibility of an implant procedure, or sleep paralysis due to “their” efforts to manipulate you for their own selfish needs. As I recall my own experiences when very young one in particular stands out. I remember “hearing” a resonating vibration in my skull as something was being twisted and forcefully administered up my nose and into my forehead (as it felt) while I was unable to move or see.

  4. Iamhim says:

    the whole pain bit is relatively standard to the begining of your “apointments” you will progress to other experiences as time and occurances increase.

  5. Shadowman says:

    Sounds like you’ve experienced a fairly typical abduction event. I’d wager that if you look back at past experiences in life, you’ll see some precedent, either in unexplainable occurrences or other ‘dreams’.

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