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Alien Implant Removal

Alien Implant Removal and Deactivation Method

Have you been abducted? by Gail


According to the experts there are about
two million people in the United States 
alone in need of our services.

Could you be one of them?

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Alien Implant Removal and 
Deactivation Method

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What are these ALIEN abductions about?
What do they want with me?

Read the papers! Watch TV! Go to the movies!
Could our government finally be admitting to a
world-wide ET abduction crisis?

FACT: The media is highly-censored (manipulated and controlled.)

FACT: Our government is taking risky yet necessary steps to prepare us for the impending UFO landings.

Human abductions and animal mutilations have been reported for nearly half a century. Our government knows that they are taking place, yet tries to shield us from it. Why? Eager to find solutions for survival on our planet to continue their species, Zetas from the star system Zeta Reticuli, commonly referred to as the "greys," traded technology for "permission" to experiment on the human race. As a result, our nation has experienced kidnapping, death and dismemberment of children, adults and animals. The abduction process usually consists of a traumatic and invasive examination, followed by one or more surgeries: the taking of human fetuses; sperm and egg collection to create hybrid "test tube babies." Human/animal cross-breeding (genetic manipulation) and human cloning are also commonplace. One client reported seeing a dozen clones of himself in holding tanks aboard a starship. When you are abducted, you usually get another implant. Shapes, sizes and locations of implants vary. The most common is a computer chip, surgically implanted just under the skin or anywhere on the body, frequently in the nasal septum causing nosebleeds. Another type is a metal ball about the size of a golf ball, implanted in the organs (liver, kidneys). The non-physical or fourth dimensional type is a flat, square energy grid. Individuals who have experienced multiple abductions generally have at least two types of implants.

Can you answer "yes" or "maybe"
to any of these questions?

Have you ever…

  • had frequent nosebleeds or pain in the joints for no medically-explainable reason?
  • sensed that you were being watched, or had a waking vision that made you wonder whether you might have been visited by aliens?
  • had a bad dream that sent shivers down your spine, paralyzed you, rattled your bed like in the movie The Exorcist, prevented you from screaming for help, and floated you out the window to a waiting spaceship?
  • seen a being with huge, dark, watery-looking, almond-shaped eyes and wrinkled, gray skin? Was it wearing a skin-tight metallic body suit that lit up? Did its huge head seem out of proportion to its frail body? Were there three digits for fingers — like ET . . . only not as cute.

A Family Affair

Gail's comments in green

I have some interesting issues that may just be coincidental. I scored only 13 yeses on the Alien Abduction Survey, but I have some interesting similarities with some of the experiencers I read about read on your web site. I found your site looking for someone to do an investigation into hauntings because we left a house that seemed to be “occupied” and bought by another one approximately twenty miles away. My wife felt comfortable in the new house and my son stopped looking into the tops of corners and began sleeping in his own bed. Now it appears as if these things he saw have followed us and the house is sometimes scary for no reason. Even our new babysitter has observed my son’s reactions, not only in our house, but in the public library. I had frequent nosebleeds as a child. They started after several of us witnessed what we thought were three satellites that had fixed positions in the sky for a five-day period. My wife and I also have several unexplained health problems, including pain, panic attacks, fatigue, trouble sleeping and claustrophobia. Sometimes streetlights turn off when I walk by. This is not uncommon. This man went on to explain numerous surgeries that took place throughout his lifetime, particularly in the joints, where I recently detected implants. After two IRM sessions, he reported that his household was “getting back to normal.” That they were more mentally focused, the activity in the house stopped, and that his son seemed less agitated.”

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Just don't know. . . 

I just completed the Alien Abduction Survey and my high score indicated that I might want to take a closer look into abductions. That’s when I noticed a link to your site. I read everything on it and for the first time I felt compelled to tell someone my story. In my youth I was brought up a good little Baptist and had a healthy fear of God drilled into me. I honestly believed that God would strike me with lightning bolts if I said his name in vain. I believed in angels too, and had a profound sense of the spiritual realm. This enlightenment into the spiritual realm also showed me that dark spirits are in abundance. The seeking into the light brings on the bad guys because they don’t want you to be there. As a teenager and in my twenties, I was attacked constantly in my dreams. I would be exhausted from fighting and running. I would wake up with scratches and bruises. I became afraid of the dark and afraid to fall asleep. When I could no longer fight them off, and it would appear as if they would win and possess me once and for all, I called upon Jesus. I never saw him, but I could feel him and hear him. And I’d just know that it was him. His voice was so soothing, and every time I think of this it brings tears to my eyes. The emotion is overwhelming beyond words. He told me that he would always come whenever I called for him, no matter how many times I called. He only had one request. The only thing he asked for was my love.

I moved shortly after that experience and the bad guys didn’t follow me. I eventually married, and life seemed to be relatively normal for a while. When I entered my thirties, I started getting bouts of profound depression and a loneliness that wouldn’t seem to go away. I remember a perfect stranger telling me that I had the saddest eyes he had ever seen. Gee that’s all I needed – to be looking pathetic as well. I recall hiding from my daughter so that she wouldn’t see me crying. She found me anyway and I told her that I couldn’t wait for the second coming of Christ because he has promised to take all the pain and make all the tears go away. If that isn’t desperate, I don’t know what is.

In contrast to me, my daughter was a fountain of love. Sometimes I would just hold her in order to get a measure of peace. During the time when I would be attacked, sometimes I would crawl in bed with her for protection because they never went into her room. It was on a night when she was sleeping with me that she woke up, scared because I was making noises that sounded like I was in a great deal of pain. She said that she tried waking me and I wouldn’t wake up. That seemed unusual since I am a very light sleeper. Finally, she said that I quieted down and she tried to talk to me. She said I told her, "I’m all right now. I’m an alien turning into a human and it hurt." I have no recollection of that conversation. The topic of aliens wasn’t ever talked about in my house. My daughter was genuinely afraid for me, and I know she would not make up that conversation. Ever since then my curiosity has peaked and I have an overwhelming desire to find out more. I am retired Air Force and firmly believe the government keeps secrets. I also do not discount certain conspiracy theories.

These incidents continued over the years. I used to see things with red eyes running around my house, but I just attributed it to demon attacks. They looked like those nasty creatures from the movie "Gremlins." I wasn’t influenced by the movie because I saw them before the movie ever came out. Although they were the ones I saw, I sensed a more malevolent force, a blackness if you will, and I attributed it to some sort of Satanic thing, even though I wasn’t a member of any occult activity. I am feeling confused and overwhelmed. I just don’t know. Is it aliens? Peggy.

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How does it work?
Is IRM similar to psychotherapy?

No. IRM is not counseling or psychotherapy. It's psychic healing. Unlike psychotherapy, our role is not to re-hash the past. It's to change your probable future by getting you off the abduction treadmill, back to work and on with your life now. If you're looking for a local abduction support group, check the web and the UFO magazines. If you go to a traditional licensed psychotherapist (a PhD), (s)he will regurgitate to you exactly what the clinical psychology books say about abductees — that they (you) have delusions caused by child abuse. If you go to a psychiatrist (an MD), you will certainly be prescribed Prozac or other harmful drugs.

Personal Evaluation

My current schedule does not allow me to take on any new clients. However, you may find the following books helpful Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens by John E. Mack, MD (1994); Secret Life: Firsthand Accounts of UFO Abductions by David M. Jacobs, Ph.D. (1992). I recommend the second. They're available at this web site's store Alien Abduction Bookstore. Dr. Jacobs' latest book, The Threat, is interesting, but it will not give you an understanding of the procedures performed on board the ET spacecraft. Reading these books may upset you, but they will answer many of your questions.

How can I STOP this from happening to me again?

If you're ready for a change in the status of your health, or if you're sick and tired of being abducted, check out the bookstore. .

When I created this web site four years ago, my clients were being visited and abducted by the Greys. Things are different now. My clients are currently being traumatized and raped by the reptilians. I wasn't sure why there was such a dramatic shift until a colleague told me that, "The Greys are dying. They're desperate. They're laying low right now, but they'll cycle back around." Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT). If you've got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, chances are you've got Spirit Attachment. I've never met or worked with an abductee who didn't have at least three of these taggers on. It comes with the territory. Once the aura -- seen as a multi-layered, multi-colored energy field around the body -- is traumatized, these entities will find their way in. I like to compare the aura to a screen door. If your screen has a hole in it and there are flies around, they'll get inside.

Major case of spirit attachment

It has been quite a trek. My wife and I have been bashed around from state to state, job to job, mentally, emotionally, and sapped financially. Ever since we left England, it’s been one beating after another. We seem to attract the worst. We can’t run from it. Believe me, we tried. When we first move, everything’s OK for a while. Then, like a homing device, we’re found and the plague sets in on us again. We’ve been to telepaths, clairaudients, priests, rabbis and medical intuitives. Nobody has been able to clear us or even put us on the right path (direct us). We have said mantras, decrees, cleansing exercises and affirmations. Nothing seems to work. We asked the Ascended Masters, the Great White Brotherhood, Creator, the angels and other powerful beings. Things we require get boomeranged and bounce elsewhere, or are given to others. We attract undesirable situations, people, and things.

You asked if my wife or I ever heard voices, or if we had a string of auto accidents. Yes, we have heard voices from time to time, but they do not tell us to do anything harmful. In fact, it sounds like they’re trying to warn us or help us. My wife once heard, "You are stagnant." But she can’t remember the rest. Another time I heard, "Mr. Bailey, you are getting tired of filling out those forms, aren’t you?" At the time I was filling out lengthy government forms. The voice also said, "I am all around you." I asked, "Who are you?" But there was no reply. About three months ago, I awoke to a very large man standing in my bedroom dressed in a blue robe. He was as close as if you and I were standing four feet from each other. In front of him, filling the bedroom from floor to ceiling, were large picnic baskets. I have no idea what was in those baskets or what they signified. Is this Him? He had no wings. He had darkish hair, slightly tanned skin, a very light / thin beard, much like the way I’ve seen Jesus portrayed. My sense is that this being is his spirit guide and not Jesus, an ET, or any dark force entity disguising itself as something else.

Yes, I have also had a long string of motorcycle and automobile accidents. The writer went on to describe a series of accidents and incidents involving his motorcycle and various automobiles -- one brand new, one used, and one rented -- along with a description of their bodily injuries, which occurred from 1979 to 1999. That’s twenty years of pain and suffering. After counting how many of these entities were latched onto him (but not his wife), using his energy and messing up his mind, I graded them. On a scale of one to ten, ten being the worst, darkest and most problematic, the real troublemaker was off the chart at thirteen. This is a case of possession, or at the very least, attempted possession. Why hasn’t anyone else been able to solve this man’s problem to date? My sense is that they were probably compassionate, but either inexperienced in these matters or totally incompetent.

The secret to working with retrograde ETs is acknowledging that they really do enter our physical space, and that on some level --  whether consciously or unconsciously, from this lifetime or others -- we have actually allowed them to do that. Seldom are we conscious of this choice, because if we were, we'd never permit it. From the work that I've done, I have determined that genetic, karmic and present-life memories all affect the energy which we send out and get back each day. For example, if your subconscious is sending out the vibration of victimhood from a genetic memory or series of memories, the Law of Attraction will prevail to attract that experience. ETs have a field day with that energy! It's as though you're wearing a flashing neon sign on your chest that says, "Come on in!" Getting them to STOP requires that you change the message. Additionally, because we're attached to the energy of our forefathers through genetics, if they had ET attachments, there's a likelihood that we will also carry those attachments. Our karmic experiences sometimes carry those vibrations until we do something to change or alter the energy. What I find over and over again is that all of these alien experiences that seem to be happening to certain individuals and not to others go back to a past life memory. They are like a holographic overlay that activates and draws one back into frequency. In order for the healing to take place one has to find the lifetime and be willing to shift it out.  Hypnosis works and so does Spiritual Healing. I do both. 

To initiate the process, every new client receives the IRM document titled "Breaking Agreements" to read for 5 to 7 days before the first session begins. When your adversaries hear that you're attempting to back out of a contract that you (in a previous lifetime) or one of your ancestors initiated, things generally heat up. Here's something interesting. According to the Random House unabridged college dictionary, "the Adversary" equals the devil, Satan.


The red rocks above, but what's below?

Sedona, like many other power spots on the planet, is a place of renewal for those in need of emotional and spiritual healing. It is also the home of some of the most brilliant psychics and teachers of the healing arts in the world. Four million visitors come to Sedona each year to view the majestic red rocks and experience the magnetic vortex energy, most of them seeking a mystical or spiritual experience. My first trip to Sedona was in early April, 1995, for a two-week consulting assignment. The Pendulum Works! owner Andras Nevai coaxed me to extend my stay to assist him with a trade show in Chicago. Two weeks turned into two months. I met a psychiatrist in Chicago, Jordan Weiss, MD (not to be confused with Brian Weiss, MD), who later became my client. A clairvoyant and healer, the good doctor wrote a book called Psychoenergetics, and teaches a workshop to release emotional blocks. Promoting his work permitted me to stay in Sedona for another six months. I had lived and worked in Sedona previously, but like many residents, I felt a sudden urgency to leave. I didn't know it at the time, but the ELF and EHF (Extra-Low Frequencies and Extra-High Frequencies) that the government was testing made me so dizzy that I spent days in bed with a hunk of green malachite (my aura is green) on my solar plexus, attempting to balance myself. I didn't know much about HAARP at the time either, but I did know there was a dangerous experiment going on.

I called a local psychotherapist and acquaintance who at the time counseled UFO abductees. I came right to the point. "What do you know about the testing that's going on? I don't feel well." "Not much," she said. "But why don't you come over for a chat." She knew plenty. Her phone was tapped (like mine has been since then.) When I got to her house a half-hour later, there were huge cardboard boxes and crates all over her driveway. "What's going on?" I asked. "I'm moving," she said. "I can't take it here anymore. I've had enough of the frequencies. They're driving me crazy." Once back in San Diego, I happened to call a doctor friend who was associated with the health organization I ran. "Do you know anything about government testing and mind control devices? Something that could have made me dizzy, disoriented and have heart palpitations?" I asked him. "Coincidentally, I do," he said. He proceeded to tell me about an experience he had at lunch with his good friend, Bob Beck, and a little black box. A little box that was so powerful that it made my doctor friend have a lapse of memory, forgetting the details of a month-long trip to India.

Bob Beck is an engineer who developed the ELF-EHF technology and went to work for a time as a consultant for the US government (probably the army). I've never talked with Mr. Beck, although I've heard him lecture, and I used to share information about one of his medical devices. My conversations with this doctor friend revealed that it was the army, and not Bob Beck who turned his invention into a mind-control device. You see, Mr. Beck's low frequency device entrains the brain by resonating or vibrating at the same frequency as the brain. No wonder I was disoriented! It's my guess that the military convinced Mr. Beck that the American people needed his talents and technology to defend us against the Russians, when what they probably wanted was a device to confuse and control us.

Back to San Diego

Once back in San Diego, I watched a news broadcast about mysterious high-pitched humming noises in the New Mexico area, causing a young couple to abandon their new home. The scientists and government officials there didn't seem to know where these sounds were coming from. I also read about similar noises in the San Francisco Examiner. ELF waves can travel through mountains. Underground installations can cause vibrations on the surface. Communications dishes (which is what they look like) can cause your house to shake. You can read about one well-documented case of illness and house rattling in The Monster on Mingus Mountain, a self-published booklet by a 70-year-old former State of Arizona government employee, who lives in Cottonwood, Arizona, about 15 miles from Sedona. I met and interviewed many senior citizens, one lovely female octogenarian and former chiropractor who also lived in Cottonwood. I interviewed several others who lived in Jerome and the towns surrounding the foothills of Mingus Mountain who became so dizzy and weak they left too. On my last trip to Sedona, the dizziness and vertigo only happened when I went shopping in Flagstaff, about 7,500 feet elevation compared to Sedona's 3,200. Could the equipment have been transported to the top of the highest and closest mountain to cover a broader land mass? Could the government intentionally be trying to disrupt the lives of the Indian peoples? Why did jeep loads of military personnel in camouflage garb come in and out of Sedona at 3 AM? Why could I see unmarked black helicopters gassing up at the airport and Lear jets in the sky? Why did people go hiking in the canyons and get accosted by armed guards in military fatigues? If you're a dowser like I am, use your pendulum to find out what happened to the ELF-EHF equipment. I tracked the progression of illness (especially heart attacks) starting with reports in the Phoenix newspapers. Why did six Phoenix residents get heart attacks on the same day at the same hour? Track the hospital records and you'll begin to see a pattern. Why are there more incidents of cancer per capita in Sedona than in any town its size in the country? OK, so it's an affluent retirement town, and people are older, but there are lots of retirement cities scattered around the US. Here's one possibility... cancer like most diseases has a frequency which can be broadcast. My friend who has acute hearing said that she could actually hear negative subliminal messages coming across the airwaves (in the air, not on the radio) at night while people are sleeping. During these times there are also higher incidents of suicide.

Nov. 1998   Gael Crystal Flannagan, pH, the wife of Nobel Prize winning scientist, Patrick Flannagan, pH, died suddenly. A radiantly beautiful and fit woman in her mid 40s, she was diagnosed with a "congenital heart aneurysm." (Congenital means existing from birth.) When I lived in Sedona, I traveled to the health food store 15 miles out of town to cut costs. I would sometimes run into Gael and Patrick. Gael once told me that from time to time a white van would show up uninvited on the outskirts of their remote desert property and set up what looked like a medium sized dish, which appeared to be pointed in the direction of their house. She said they tried everything outside of shooting the driver but there was nothing they could ultimately do about it. Sometimes the dish would be stationed there for days.

Why did I return to Sedona?

My real agenda for returning to Sedona, risking possible re-contamination and illness, was to once again study the UFO phenomena. But this time with a burning desire to understand the link between the ET abduction crisis and chronic illness. From a health educator's perspective, I am convinced that the effects of this nationwide ELF-EHF testing — or "communications link-up" as it is commonly referred to by our government — is the next national health crisis. I told this to a top government researcher, Dr. Candace Pert, many years ago when she spoke at a health conference I attended in West Palm Beach, Florida. The problem as I see it is that it can't be pinned down and categorized like most health emergencies, since the side effects of these high and low frequencies have a wide range of seemingly psycho-somatic (mind-body) symptoms ranging from depression, anxiety, vertigo and insomnia to tinitis, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, and in extreme cases (like we heard about in Phoenix) heart attack.

Nov. 3, 1999   The following commentary by Eleanor White went to 180 media editors about a Mind Modification Technology report which appeared in Resonance, the newsletter of the MENSA bioelectromagnetics special interest group, by its editor, Judy Wall. "Ms. Wall is a bioelectromagnetics researcher who has published a series of articles outlining the history and capabilities of neuro-electromagnetic weapons. She is also the recipient of the summer 1999 Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse award for her ongoing efforts to warn the world about the extreme potential for atrocities. Ms. Wall writes about the piggybacked ultrasound variant in mind control technology, one of the simplest to accomplish. Words only the subconscious can hear are shifted upwards in frequency to the low ultrasound frequency ranges, just above human hearing. These consciously-inaudible words are then simply added to a normal broadcast program. What makes such words so effective as a way to carry hypnotic commands is that the target cannot resist them because the target can’t hear them. This is different from and far more effective than the early attempts at subliminal sound, which used tiny slices of normal, audible words, inserted into regular programming. The reader must keep this clear: The ultrasound method is far more effective, as the US Army’s experience in the Gulf War demonstrated. The reader should also be keenly aware that while publicized uses to date are benevolent, when this technology is focused on one individual around the clock, it is capable of putting the target into inescapable personal Hell, causing a mis-diagnosis of mental illness." (For more information about this technology, see Nexus, Oct-Nov, 1998, pp. 11-16.)

If you want to know what's coming up next in the way of government testing, and especially using the American people a guinea pigs, find out what's happening on the Indian reservations. Why the Indians anyway? Natural resources: plutonium, uranium. Live in Arizona for a while, and you'll hear stories of underground rumbling and vibration. They're drilling tunnels to mine precious minerals (without permission of course) and building underground cities. Try to enter any of the old mining shafts in the Southwest and you'll probably run into the military.

Three years of ET research


To date I have dealt with a variety of chronic health issues created by three groups of ETs known to kidnap earthlings. The first and best-known are the Zetas from Zeta Reticuli. They're known as the "greys." I still don't know why people insist on spelling it this way. Probably for their gray or blue-gray skin tone, which I now perceive to be skin-tight bodysuits. You've already seen a picture of one of them on the cover of TIME Magazine. Skinny little arms and legs with a huge head and dark watery wrap-around eyes. Only about half of the Zetas that visit Earth are bad boys and girls who kidnap and perform ghastly experiments on us. I'm guessing here... but the other half are probably trying to apologize and get them to stop. The last I heard, the Zetas have a whole colony of hybrid Zeta-Earthling children on Jupiter. That's what the abductions are about -- a giant baby factory in the sky to keep the dying Zeta race going. Are there other reasons? I've heard there are, but they're even nastier than what you've read thus far, and I don't want to get into even more sensationalism.


The next group, according to tight-lipped, Sedona-based UFO writer Tom Dongo, are the Xpotz (pronounced Ex-po-taz). Several of my clients, including children, have reported seeing or having dreams of being taken to remote places by elves... little men with pointy ears, beady eyes and wrinkled skin. Imagine ET (as in the movie ET) with Mr. Spock's ears! My clients who have been visited by the Xpotz have a three-fourth inch crystalline-type implant in the back of their necks, and they all suffer from acute migraine headaches. One medical doctor I worked with (a radiologist) put herself onto an MRI machine. She was hearing conversations half in English and half something else, through what she believed to be a radio transmitter implanted behind her right ear. She said that the MRI scan didn't give her any pictures of strange objects, nor did it give her any answers, other than confirming that crystalline structures won't show up on an MRI.


The third and last group are the Reptilians. Special thanks goes to TAL, a major contributor to, who has provided me with a ton of valuable information. These reptilian hybrids have, according to the experts, been on planet Earth long before we arrived by spacecraft lifetimes ago. I have a friend who actually saw three of them at dusk while camping near Yosemite. I can't help associating them with the reptilian characters on TV's Deep Space Nine. Some people say that that the Secret Government and the New World Order report to the reptoids; that they were responsible for Hitler's regime and involved with the atrocities. This is discussed in detail in David Icke's new book, The Biggest Secret, or you can e-mail TAL. I've had some but limited experience with this group. I worked with a woman who had what appeared to be a goiter on the right side of her neck. It was actually a tumor caused by tissue growing around an implant. Her boyfriend, who admitted being of reptoid origin, actually transformed his etheric body into a reptoid before her eyes. "His hands were more like paws. They were curled under and had claws," she told me. That leads me to another interesting story. I was living in San Diego, attending a new-age "11:11" meeting. (August 11, 1999 at 11:11 a.m. was the first moment of ascension, when our planet shifted into the fourth dimension.) "Read this flyer," the women sitting next to me said. "If it interests you, and you understand what it means, come to a gathering at my house next week." I read the flyer and declined. A friend of mine went anyway, although she didn't understand the meaning of the flyer either. A clairvoyant, she reported, "The minute I entered the house, all the people there looked like they had another body extending upwards beyond their human physical forms. Reptilian-type bodies with a big heads, about ten feet tall."

Two million abductees

Do you remember reading earlier that there may be as many as two million UFO abductees in the US alone? How is that possible? First, we're looking at a phenomena that probably started as far back as your great, great grandparents. Some people believe that our government gave the greys "permission" to abduct us and experiment on us, but only for a while, in exchange for military secrets (nuclear weapons, space technology.) If you check the genealogy (family tree) of most people who have been abducted, you'll find that the abduction process spans about six generations, and that the abductee generally gets another implant almost every time he or she is abducted, either in the physical body or the etheric bodies.

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I was on a cable television show, UFO-AZ, that focused on implants. The implants the guests brought on the show were flat, thin metal bands. The implants the surgeon (Dr. Roger Leir) produced were also metal, but puffed and triangular. I talked with hypno-anesthesiologist and Leir's former associate, Derrel Sims, by phone several years ago. I advised him that a friend of mine had X-rays of implants resembling three-quarter inch needles in her foot. Sims reported that the surgical team had removed needle-type implants, and asked if my friend would be interested in participating in their study. She declined and requested copies instead of the MUFON Journal and UFO Magazine articles in which the surgical procedures were explained and photographs of the implants were reprinted. When she read about the implants having magnetic properties, her boyfriend put large powerful magnets on her toes as an experiment. A clairvoyant, her boyfriend reported seeing "reptoid-type beings showing up during the session." So, if my math is correct, the reptoids are connected to the three-quarter inch needle-type implants, the greys with the flat metallic bands and puffed triangles, and the Xpotz with the three-quarter inch crystalline rods. I bet you won't read that anywhere else!


Dear Gail: I found your web page on implantation. I have suspected for quite a while that both myself and my son, who just turned thirteen, have implants. We both suffer with migraine headaches, and he has frequent nosebleeds, like I did throughout my childhood. I also believe that a series of dermoid tumors could have been some kind of experimentation. Doctors have no medical reason for the existence of these tumors. I had a set removed from my ovaries at the age of 17, in 1980, and another set removed in 1995. Then in 1996, when they were apparently growing again, I finally had a full hysterectomy. The circumstances surrounding all three surgeries were highly unusual. The first and the last surgery had a mysterious blood loss four to five days after the surgery. In both cases, I was pronounced well enough to go home, and during the night, my blood levels dropped so dramatically that I required additional hospitalization and transfusions. There was no sign of internal or external bleeding. The surgery in 1995 was performed during a pregnancy that was completely unexpected. I had radiation treatment for sudden thyroid acceleration. I discovered that I was pregnant about six weeks after the treatment. Three days after I found out that I was pregnant, I had horrible pains and admitted myself to the hospital, thinking I was miscarrying. I was told that there might be a strong possibility (of a miscarriage), since the fetus may have been already damaged by the radiation. I was shocked to learn that on top of everything else, I had another set of dermoid tumors. Supposedly these do not recur. I had surgery two days later and again was counseled that I would probably lose the fetus during surgery, since they almost never survive anesthesia and surgery of the reproductive area. Just before I was taken into surgery, I recall that a woman came into the OR prep area and injected something into my leg. Since I was already on drugs at that point, she struck me as oddly out of place. She told me that the shot was to "protect the baby." When I woke up in the recovery room, the doctor leaned over and whispered, "Everything is intact." I knew that the fetus had survived. The next few weeks were hellish for me mentally. I constantly thought of the baby as inhuman, and to be honest, it scared me. I am not one to promote abortion as a birth control method, nor as something to be taken lightly, but everything in my soul told me to get rid of this thing growing inside me. There was never a moment when I thought of it as a baby. I am not crazy, but I feared for my life, so I terminated the pregnancy.

Under my doctor's care, my condition worsened, and a year later I had the hysterectomy. It was the next morning after that strange night in the hospital that I was told that I could go home. That's when I once again suffered from a mysterious blood loss and panicked the medical professionals trying frantically to find an answer. That night was strangely vivid to me. Even now I recall sitting in bed, looking out at the street at about midnight, and it struck me as oddly still and dark. I was in the tower that overlooked the entrance to the hospital. On every other night there were traffic and sirens. This frozen scene of silence disturbed me, and I remember thinking, "What does this mean?"

My mother has called me "the little alien" for years, half joking about the experiments they did on me which produced the dermoids. I was identified as a "Star-person" about eight or nine years ago, and she fully believes that we are descendants of other worlds. When I gave birth to my son, I had some complications, but I think the most notable thing was that he was highly developed. His nails were very long and he was holding his head up on the way home. Oh yes, and since I had a cesarean birth, my ovaries were checked out due to my history, and they were free of any kind of tumors, which rules out the possibility that there was some remnant that continued to grow until they were discovered in 1995. The first night I was home with him, I had a dream that I looked into his bassinet and found an alien baby there. This frightened me, and I blocked the memory out until recently.

V-shaped red mark on his forehead

About two years later, the migraines from my childhood returned with a vengeance, sometimes lasting up to five days non-stop. My son started having those same migraines at about the age of 18 months. He also had an unexplained skull fracture at the age of eight months. I came home to find him whimpering. He had a V-shaped red mark on his forehead and was vomiting. I took him to the hospital and the X-rays showed a fracture in a complete circle around his head that he (the doctor) believed must have occurred that day. However, the X-rays also indicated that the crack was already showing signs of mending. I was at work, and both his daycare provider and his father passed lie detector tests showing that they did not hurt or drop him, nor did they witness the injury and trauma. The origin of the fracture remains a mystery... even 12 1/2 years later.

It was a few years ago, when there was a mini-series that dealt with UFOs and abductees, that I first suspected that my son could also have been contacted, abducted and possibly implanted. It was a segment in the series where a woman was trying to get help for her abductions, and then one night the light came for her...only this time it left her there...and the next day her son had the nosebleeds. My heart sank at the realization that we both could be abductees. I want this to stop. My heart aches every time he throws up or gets a nosebleed. I also hate what my body has gone through; and if there is a chance that we have implants, I want to explore my options. Please tell me what is involved in your procedure. Jeanette

My response to Jeanette

Dear Jeanette: Your letter is by far the best and most thorough I have read in the seven years I have been doing this work, although I did meet a woman who is well into her sixties who reported a similar situation. I met her at an abductee networking meeting while at the Gulf Breeze UFO convention near Cape Kennedy, FL. She told me that she is one of the case studies depicted in David Jacobs' book, Secret Lives. Would it be possible to duplicate your letter to me on my website, deleting your last name and e-mail address of course? My webmaster calls herself a "contactee," as do I, since we are not abductees. You asked for my story, and here it is. I have never printed it, but since typing it will take so much time and effort, I am considering adding it to my website along with yours, since I feel the time is getting closer for people to understand the totality of this phenomenon.

I have been reluctant to lecture at health and/or UFO conferences, since a variety of authors, lecturers and prominent workshop leaders (Robert Morningsky and Whitley Strieber to name a few) have been told (or should I say repeatedly threatened) to "keep quiet" by our government. If you track these warnings like I do, many of these individuals wind up having serious automobile accidents. Maurice Chatelain, former NASA space scientist and UFO author, died in an auto accident. I visited Maurice at his home in Los Angeles about fifteen years ago. He told me that someone who wanted him to keep quiet was "stealing his Social Security checks out of his mailbox to harass him." I don't know if there was any correlation, but now you know why I feel safer hiding behind my website
; and although I would be willing to make a grand splash on national television, public appearances at small groups, and even at large conferences, feel too risky.

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The first part of this narrative was written at a point in my life when I was reluctant to be a public person... at least about the controversial topic of UFOlogy. It's true that I've spoken at the Whole Life Expo in Denver and appeared on a cable television show in Arizona (UFO-AZ) that aired around the country for eighteen months. I've also been a guest on dozens of radio talk shows. The phone rings for days when there's a media event like the opening of the X-Files movie and Roswell's 50th anniversary. Earlier in this article I told you about some but not all of the experiences that led up to my being a healer in this field. Since you, my readers, have expressed an ongoing interest in how IRM works, I'll explain most of the process here, with the exception of an optional step at the end, and what led up to it. When people who purport to being abductees write to me by e-mail, I assess their written explanation describing their experiences. Most of them have never told their story to anyone. They're usually totally isolated and fearful that their friends, family, neighbors and kids will think they're crazy. Young people in their twenties suspect that their offspring will be targeted, and they're right. I offer those select individuals who I sense I can trust my phone number. Next, we have a lengthy phone conversation that begins with the story I am about to tell you.

The healing part of this work is relatively easy for me when compared with some of the other types of work I've done. I simply ask my clients to send me a photograph so that I can pick up their vibrations. Some healers and psychics will hold your jewelry or another personal object you use frequently, like your pen or your car keys, in order to read you. That's called psychometry. I prefer a photo since it's easy to mail or e-mail and I don't have to return it. I put the paper face down on my chest, lie in bed and just relax. Next I ask my friends the Arcturians to visit my client. They do most the work for me. Sedona's Robert Shapiro, who writes under the pen name "Zoosh" for the Sedona Journal of Emergence, told me that I don't take enough credit for this work, and he's right. I act as a go-between, receiving and re-broadcasting frequencies, much like a radio tower does. Like I said, there's a bit more to the session than I am willing and able to divulge here, but most of my clients, (at least those who have reported seeing something during our distance healing sessions), reported seeing lights...

pink and purple lights

The following is excerpted from Linda Moulton Howe's interview with Nancy Talbott, Director, Crop Circles Research Team, Cambridge, Massachusetts: June 9, 1999, Hoeven, Holland. It's from a story of a nineteen year-old boy who became an outstanding healer as a result of an ET encounter. 

"He describes a small, misty, pinkish-purple light, not a sphere, more football shaped... coming from the underside of this disc-shaped, misty pinkish-purple cloud or ball of light. When he got in it (the resulting crop circle created by this light, located in the field just behind his house), he felt this very strong energy... it was very positive, he said. "Love, love, love! He was very clear that it was not a UFO. It was a light, a misty, foggy light, and it apparently retained that character, even when it became disc-like looking. In his opinion, it did not look metallic or solid in any way. In his mind, or to his eyes, it retained this sort of misty character, even when it became disc-shaped rather than football-shaped (the disc enlarged considerably and changed shape) (an ET) does transmit some sort of telepathic communication about the crop circles being very important for mankind to be paying attention to, and he thinks that it has something to do with the environment and deceit... that the crop circles are somehow or other an antidote... or there is something about the crop circles that is to fight deceit." 

I read where a section of the downed spacecraft's metal hull recovered by the military at Roswell had "pink and purple hieroglyphics." This is another indicator to me that it was probably the Arcturians who crashed at Roswell, not the Zetas. I'm also very interested in crop circles. Not the patterns themselves, or where they're located, but rather how scientists are studying the plants, observing mutations in their genetic makeup, (acquiring extra strands of DNA, which is key to human evolution), as well as measuring the energy put off by the formation itself. After studying early crop circle designs, I had a knowing that they're pictographs of other solar systems. Imagine the dashboard of a star ship like Voyager, with hundreds of pictograms of universes and solar systems, where you can point to a sequence of designs and bolt off to that sector of the galaxy!

How I met the Arcturians

About four years ago I was contacted by a NASA contract engineer who actually worked with the Zetas. "They were in the next room. We all had full body suits on, including helmets that covered our faces. I could see the guys in the next room through the window. Their heads appeared larger than ours. They also appeared to be a lot thinner than us and their hands were different. They looked like they had three digits for fingers. Their work room looked somehow darker than ours. It had a bluish cloudy atmosphere. It almost looked like it was filled with a thick blue gas resembling a different atmosphere. When lunch time came around, we decided not to disrobe because it was too much trouble, so we just ate with our suits on. Lunch was delivered through a slot in the door. The guys in the next room looked at their lunch, then they knocked on the window dividing our rooms. They got close to the window and we could see them. They pointed to their sandwiches and shook their heads. Then they pointed at us, or rather to our lunch, which looked like a bowl of snot, and gestured to themselves, indicating to us that what we had belonged to them." This fellow's job at that underground site was to reverse engineer ET shuttlecraft parts, some of which worked on telepathy. He also told me that "back in the 1940s, the Arcturians approached various world governments with the purpose of introducing methods to assist earthlings to move into higher consciousness. When these various world governments continued to request only their technology, wanting nothing else to do with them, they discontinued their efforts." Can you guess where these governments finally got their space toys? You guessed it... from the Zetas!


Earlier in this article I shared my experiences in Sedona, after I sensed that the government had turned up the frequencies until we couldn't stand it anymore. What I didn't tell you is that my friend, Chuck, who I was staying with, and I had this huge fight. To this day I can't tell you what the disagreement was about; and although it was nasty, I know that it wasn't about "us." That's when I decided that I'd had enough. I packed my bags, called a taxi and flew back to San Diego. Some months later, after Chuck and I had patched things up, he called me from Los Angeles. He sounded awful. "I'm in LA on a sales trip, headed back to Sedona, and I need your help. Somehow I've gotten myself involved with some people who said they had something to do with the greys. I don't know what it's all about, but I do know that I don't feel well." "The greys?" I said, "Who are they and what makes you think I can help you? Listen, I really don't know what you're talking about, but if you don't feel well, why don't you just come over and I'll see what I can do for you."

I expected Chuck about eleven that night. He arrived the next morning after sleeping in his car. He looked terrible. I brought him into a small spare bedroom containing a single bed, a small dresser and a chair. I sat on the chair. Chuck was an internationally-known teacher of the healing arts. A big burly fellow with "big hair," the small single bed seemed hardly big enough for him. Since Chuck had been teaching healing workshops far longer then I had, I asked for his advice. "So, what do you think I should do?" I asked. "I think you should call in the energy of the people from the star system Sirius," he said. "They'll know what to do!" "Hmmm," I mumbled to myself..."that's interesting." Well, I thought, what have I got to lose? OK, I thought, I'll humor him. That's when I sat straight up in my chair and said out loud, "Will the people from the star system Sirius please come down and help me to help my friend, because I don't know what to do." And then I heard a voice. A male voice that felt like it was projecting from inside my head... like someone was holding a megaphone from behind me, close to me and directing it toward the back of my head. The voice spoke loudly and firmly. "No... WE are the Arcturians!" I was amazed....and replied aloud, in a rather cocky manner, imitating Bob Barker on The Price is Right... "Well come on down!" I felt a presence in the room, but that was about all, since I'm clairsentient (clear feeling) and not clairvoyant (clear viewing).

Three years later

It wasn't until almost three years later that I began to have a sense of what these beings actually looked like. I had never heard of the Arcturians until then. Nor had I ever been interested in reading science fiction, seeing UFOs or studying anything about ETs. Oh, sure, I watched Star Trek, but we've all done that. Somebody I confided in recommended a book written by a college professor in New Mexico, We the Arcturians. From that book I learned whatever I could about this group...their thoughts on consciousness, their lifestyle, but mostly about the design of their spacecraft which really didn't interest me at the time. There was also a pencil sketch of their head. It looked geometric or angular on top with a pointed chin, but that didn't satisfy me either. I even took a workshop with the book's author, Dr. Norma Milanovich, while on an extended visit to Florida. To my dismay, the workshop was in no way focused on the Arcturians. In fact, she never even mentioned them! We were close to the end of our two-day program when Dr. Milanovich called for questions. "Please tell me what my connection is with the Arcturians," I asked her. "Why you're one of them of course," she replied abruptly. I was surprised to say the least.

The next several years were spent diligently figuring out exactly what my connection was with these beings and how it would affect my future. Two years later I invited myself back to Chuck's house for what I thought was two weeks. Two weeks turned into two years. I developed a small healing practice working with UFO abductees (there are lots of them there) and tried my hand as a fashion designer. But it was my business marketing skills that ultimately provided my food and shelter. I was advised not to advertise my name or put flyers with my photo around town. There were too many secret agents....spies. Sedona is a small town and word soon got around about my healing work. I felt safe distributing my brochures at local drop-off points with an 800 number. I soon learned that people who you perceived to be your friends were your adversaries. My life felt like the X-Files.

Over the years, Chuck and I would invite the Arcturians down to join us... just to "hang out" for no particular reason except that we really liked them. He would call to them with a booming voice resounding like a Roman Emperor... "My good friends, the Arcturians, please come down!" And they did. Apparently they liked us because they'd come into our space quickly. Not that we could see them, (I couldn't anyway), but we definitely sensed their energy. When they showed up I'd know it because in no time I'd have a big grin on my face. It was strange because the rest of my face didn't change; my eyes and other facial muscles didn't accompany the smile. I felt like the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. These guys do have a wonderful sense of humor and are very loving and cheerful, as I have so often learned.

What do they look like?
Are they monks?

OK, I know you're interested in what they look like and how they showed up to help my clients. But that will take me just a little while longer to tell you, since it took me years to put the pieces together for myself. So please be patient. While doing my healing work in Sedona, my clients would lie down on a table. I would stand either at their head or at their feet, running my energy into their body, but not really doing anything specific. A few clients who were clairvoyant, (more common in Sedona than elsewhere I've lived), mentioned that they saw several "monks standing around the table, about 4'5" tall, with brown robes." Their hoods were pulled up, and they were unable to see their faces. I asked them how many they saw. There were always at least three, sometimes five, or even seven, and once in a while, but not often, nine. Are you beginning to understand the "we" in We the Arcturians? When asked what their robes looked like, my clients all described what we perceive to be a traditional dark brown hooded monk's robe made of coarse fabric and tied with a sash. Each client described the same design running down the front of the robe in a vertical narrow band. You've seen this design in Egyptian, Aztec and Chinese art.

Do I think the Arcturians are monks? No. My sense is that they didn't want to show themselves, and chose a familiar image... one we perceive as non-threatening and loving, in service to mankind. As the years went by, I sensed that it was the Arcturians, and not the Zetas, who were involved in the crash cover-up at Roswell, since at no time in all the recounts I've seen were the ETs ever portrayed with large almond-shaped eyes.


The mystery about their appearance continued, until one day when I sent the Arcturians to help a healer friend and former student who lives in Los Angeles. I had known Sue for several years. I learned that she was sometimes visited by what she called "dark spirits." They frightened her and "rattled her bed." In a phone conversation we had after a difficult experience, I told Sue that I thought she was an abductee. She was very upset with me and said that I was wrong. Sue called me two years later, after she had seen a television show on UFO abduction that triggered many of her recent and childhood memories. Turns out that she had told her mother about the abduction scenario early on, when she was about twelve years of age. Her mother then took her to a psychiatrist who gave her a series of electroshock treatments. That shut her up but good. It was finally time for Sue to heal. She wanted the abductions to stop, and she was open to meeting the Arcturians. A gifted healer, Sue was all too aware that the "dark forces" can disguise themselves as the Light. Remember, Lucifer is a "fallen angel." She grilled them, asking them who they reported to. When they replied "Sananda," who is supposedly the Heavenly embodiment of Jesus, she seemed satisfied, and our work began. After the session I called her to ask her how it went and what she saw. I was most curious to know what these beings looked like. She did not have a recollection of what their bodies looked like, although she mentioned that "they looked like ants." She described their heads much like in the book I mentioned earlier. When asked about their overall coloring, she said they were "bluish-green." I knew she was onto something, because when I was on television in Tucson, one of the audience participants said that when I talked about the Arcturians "the stage got brighter and turned blue." Stated simply, when you talk about any ETs that you're connected to telepathically, they literally "show up." (June 21, 1999) Sue called me while I was working on this article. I asked her to tell me more about her healing work with the Arcturians. Here's what she said. "The Arcturians will work on lost angels, dark angels, and anything that comes under the category of conjured energy -- hexes, spells, calendar/lunar cycles, inherited/genetic encoding and curses." I asked Sue what they looked like, since she had already been working with them for several years. I was especially interested in her confirming whether she still thought they were insectoid. "Yes, I think so," she replied. "But I really only see them in my mind's eye."

My hypothesis (educated guess)

Here's my hypothesis based on years of talking to others and tuning in to them myself. The Arcturians are very slight in body like the Zetas, since they do not assimilate dense foods like we do. They walk upright on two legs. Their heads are of average size (and not overly large), their necks and limbs are also very thin, and their eyes are small (not large but they might protrude like ants) and dark. They are about 4'5" tall with skin-tight metallic blue bodysuits and have little or no hair. Small mouth, small nose, small or no protrusions for ears. They communicate telepathically with words we can understand, although they do not express them by moving their mouths and sounding them out vocally. Unlike the Zetas, they have a wide range of emotions and express them freely. Love, compassion, understanding, sensitivity, joy, and best of all, humor.


My next door neighbor in Northern California met them in a redwood grove in Humboldt County. She drove there to "clear the cobwebs." "They came in on their little ships in the fourth dimension," she said. "I could see them. As they got out I started to giggle. I didn't know who they were, so I called them the giggly guys. You know, Gail, whenever I see you in the yard at a distance I see the giggly guys all around you. I've wanted to tell you this for a long time, but I thought, naw, that can't be right." Well, my neighbor was right. And she's not the first person to tell me this. I recently volunteered to be the subject of a free two-hour aura reading offered by psychics-in-training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. Four students sat in a row in front of me. They described my aura in detail, color by color, layer by layer, and what it all meant. The senior member of the group, a woman about my age, said, "You know those beings that are so close in to your body, hugging you in your energy field? Well, they don't have to be so naggy." "Yea," said the tall, stocky young man at the end of the row to her left. "You can send them to the outer reaches of your energy field. They don't have to be so close in." Well, let me tell you, I was impressed! The week prior to my reading, I was hoping that they'd be able to sense or see something, but this was remarkable. Little did they know that the Arcturians had been "nagging" me to do something public for years. I felt as though I had a three year old child who was constantly tugging on my sleeve. "Come it better, do it faster, and do more of it. Do it now!" That nagging stopped as soon as I wrote Part One of this article a few years back and put it on the Internet. This incident is just one of many. People have reported seeing images and objects in and around me (some even inside my head) since this all began.


I met a young man in his late 20s, a health practitioner. We decided to teach a class together. I visited him in Booneville, nestled in the beautiful Alexander Valley, about an hour from my home in Sebastopol, California. At the end of the day we were watching television. I asked my friend if he'd like to meet the Arcturians. He said, "Sure, why not." So I called them into our space, figuring that perhaps he would sense something, when of his mouth came, "Boy, those are cute little critters!" Was I ever surprised. So I asked him to describe them, and guess what? They looked like the picture I just painted for you! Since he hadn't read about them, but I knew he could see them, I naturally asked him if he could talk to them. And although he had never attempted that before, he said, "Sure, I guess so." I began to ask him (them) questions. Of primary interest to me at the time was having a physical meeting with them. I had heard that an Arcturian mothership (they're about five miles long) had been sighted in New Mexico, directly over a plateau where they were building new residential housing, twenty miles south of Belin, which is another thirty miles south of Albuquerque. Keep in mind that Albuquerque is where Norma Milanovich lives... and I figured that if she could write a book about them, that maybe I could go visit them. "No," he said. "They told me that you can find them on the Amazon (Brazil), near some pyramids." Have any of you ever heard of anyone visiting pyramids in the Amazon? I haven't, although I'm sure it's possible... only they probably haven't been discovered yet. In addition to malaria, crocodiles, snakes, and plants you shouldn't touch along the Amazon River, I've heard there are headhunters in the interior. So I thanked him (them) and decided to pass.

Around the time I went to visit my young friend, I was also invited to a gathering at a woman's home who had her own experiences with extraterrestrials and out of body travel to other planets. She invited about a dozen key people to participate in a day of sharing information and experiences in the world of the paranormal, including UFO phenomena. At that gathering were two women who said they had been abducted as children...both by aliens AND by our government. (See MILAB below.) 

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Raped and tortured by the Reptilians

About six months ago I noticed that all of my new clients were being raped and tortured by an "unseen force" -- a force that was definitely not the greys. Since we officially entered the fourth dimension in mid-August 1999, there has been a change of command. The greys, formerly intermediaries for the reptilians, acting as their front line of attack, seem to have stepped backward. The reptilians are now coming forward. Described by my clairvoyant clients as "average-sized humans," I was baffled as to who these beings were until I heard from one of my clients, a female attorney who has been unable to work for four years. "Once when I was being abducted, although I was paralyzed and instructed not to look back, I managed to turn my head slightly. The image of the blonde shifted or faded away enough so that I could see a reptilian figure behind it. I thought they might be using a hologram or something."

Phil and Joan share and compare


I have tried all the traditional stuff and most of it does not work with these beings. It is interesting that you say they are repelled by love, Joan, but I have not been able to try this. One of the things these beings will do is to try and keep you from experiencing love in your life. They will do things that strike at your heart to damage it. They did this with me and almost killed me. I am not easily overcome. My training precludes this. My guides have been pushing real hard to help me heal my heart, most likely because this is the key to truly freeing yourself from these beings. There is no doubt in my mind that others are suffering similar fates with less knowledge to aid them. As I said before, I have been able to fight these guys to a standstill, but it is not the final answer.

My situation began when I was just beginning to undergo a spiritual awakening. At that time I was in an experimental phase, seeking the path that was right for me. I ran across a man posing as a spiritual healer and teacher. I found out later that he was an operative for these beings or possibly a walk-in. I have had some considerable experience with the reptilians over the past five years, and have often wondered if I am some sort of covert alien operative. It would explain a lot. In any event, these guys are really laying it on thick for me and expending a phenomenal effort to take me out, particularly considering that I am (at least as far as I know) a simple kinda guy living in a studio apartment who wishes no one harm. I mean, what if I am something other than I appear to be? I still gotta pay the rent and deal with life on this plane. Anyway, this operative did something to me that forged a connection between myself and him, as well as the reptilians. In short order I had been abducted and, unbeknownst to me at the time, implanted.

I have met many healers and teachers who believe they're working with the angels, and they are... but not the "angels of the light." Instead of calling on the good guys for assistance, these well-meaning folks are actually taking orders from the bad guys. This may have been the situation with Phil's teacher.

It was at this time, while I was still in contact with this operative, that my first memory surfaced. In this memory I was on a ship or in a complex of some sort. My father was with me, and we were in a brightly lit corridor. We were running and terrified. Behind us was what looked like a round elevator shaft. Then a round hover craft came up the tube and stopped. In it were five or six reptilian beings. They were about 5'6" tall, covered in scales, with long arms and shortish legs. They were slightly bow-legged, which was more noticeable when they ran. They were wearing white helmets with black visors that covered their eyes, white breast plates, carrying weapons. They exited the vehicle and came running after my father and me. They ran much faster than us. I knew that we couldn't escape.

The second situation surfaced some months later. In this memory, I was laying in a narrow dark room on a black shelf or slab. My brother was lying next to me on a similar slab. There was an open doorway through which light was coming in. My brother and I were in a stasis vibration field that was holding us paralyzed. My father was outside the door but I couldn't see him. I could only hear him yelling for me and my brother to get up. He said, "We have to get out of here. Those things will be coming back." I regained consciousness and managed to will myself out of the paralysis. It was exceedingly difficult and it left me groggy. My brother did not stir.

After that incident I tried to break contact with this operative, but once I seriously began to struggle, I began to be attacked quite violently, psychically, on a daily basis. The attacks were of several different types, which caused incredible physical pain along with telepathic messages that I should kill myself to end the pain. In addition to the attacks, the reptilians themselves actually tried to merge with me. In more common terms, they tried to possess my body. This is what is still happening to Joan. She is presently experiencing a sucking effect in her solar plexus "like a vacuum cleaner." Both cases are no doubt very advanced. This occurred three times. They have not tried it again since then. It became apparent that in my case, a local black magic lodge was working with this particular group of reptiles. They were aiding the reptilians in their attempt to drive me to commit suicide. You decide to commit suicide, (remember, they read your thoughts), and just before you do, they jump in... permanently!

Shortly after this, the black helicopters showed up. These choppers usually appear as black unmarked military-type helicopters. They would conduct fly-bys over me several times a day. Each time they would fly by, I would be hit with a wave of energy that created some type of disruption in my auric field causing intense discomfort and then pain. Fortunately, by the time things had erupted into serious open warfare, I had gained some experience into the rudiments of psychic self-defense. I continued to study and apply what I had learned. Eventually I was able to bring the attacks more or less to a standstill. They were still trying to hit me, but my defenses had become much stronger, as had my knowledge, although I constantly had to expend energy to do so. This is where things stand today.

When I lived in Sedona, three helicopters flew over an author's house in this fashion while he was conducting a workshop. The helicopters were reading his students' energy fields during an exercise. When this fellow realized what was happening, he told his students to "turn it off." As soon as they did the helicopters left. What does that mean? First, that you don't have to have implants for the helicopters to be interested in scanning your energy field. Second, that highly-evolved, spiritual beings are like beacons or lighthouses, attracting the dark forces... whether they're demons, "retrograde" ETs or black government operatives.

This scenario has cost me everything. I have lost jobs, relationships, money, my personal goals and hopes, and at times my health and sanity. To date, neither my father nor my brother have any recollection of the incident. Although my brother is well-aware of what is happening to me, he has not encountered any problems. I suspect because he does not remember and is not causing any waves. I believe that I was able to recall the memories for the same reason I was able to break the paralysis -- because I am and continue to be a very spiritual individual. I have undergone much training of the mind in several disciplines. This is what has saved my life, enabling me to resist the attacks of these violent beings to this day.


My experiences began after I had an intense spiritual awakening as well. And like you, Phil, they are always trying to put things over my heart, either not wanting me to experience love, or keeping me from allowing divine love to flow through me, which it used to do. I will relate what I can with my limited memory. I have long since tried not to dwell on the whole thing, as it only serves to increase activity, and in doing so I will suffer.

When I moved into this apartment, the first thing I can recall is starting to feel a male presence that was watching me. At the time I was able to intuit that this male was in this location because it was an apartment building with only single women, and that he was sexually fixated. Shortly thereafter, I began to experience this entity's presence much stronger to the point of feeling something on top of me when I went to bed each night. About a month or so after I moved in, I had a dream that one of the other women living at the same place came to me, wanting to show me this door. Her approach was very childlike in wanting to show it to me, as if it were a secret. We hid behind some bushes as I saw what I can only describe as a fluorescent green door suspended in mid air, about a foot off the ground. It was just a green rectangle which sat in a wooded area. You could see the trees behind it and the ground below it. I sensed very clearly that very evil beings were coming through this door. The presence of evil was strong, something I had never encountered before.

The nightly visits became 24-hour visits. I could sense them around me all the time, even when I was working. Things would be moved around me or knocked down. The negative energy from them was hitting me in the solar plexus 24 hours a day. As I am empathic by nature, I am aware of energy and how it affects me. This, plus the fact that I could not sleep from the night-time episodes, finally got me to the point of barely being able to function. I can't tell you when it finally occurred, but on one particular night, when I was having a hard time falling asleep through the onslaught I was feeling, it must have been about 3 a.m. or so, I finally fell asleep. When I woke the next morning, only two or three hours later, I was overwhelmed with the feeling of having been violated. My body and legs ached for days. I felt as though I had been riding a horse for hours.

Most of my female clients have been awake during this experience and in their homes. One client described the creature as having "thick, rough, scaly skin" -- a truncated body, "with very thick legs like tree trunks... very heavy. It's body was straight up and down with no waist." Another female said that it was "a very sensual and pleasurable experience which I actually enjoyed... until it got violent." Yet another female who was sodomized told me that she heard a male voice telling her that it was futile to resist. She described it as being "slim and having small wings emanating out from it's shoulder blades... not big enough to fly with, but there just the same." We are looking at two different types of being here. Hybrids with truncated bodies which are supposedly vegetarian and live under the earth. This type is referred to as the reptilians. Next is the slimmer, winged hybrids depicted on, who are thought to eat humans. They're referred to as the "reptoids." Are they different? Yes. And although their activities and motives may be different, from this healer's perspective, they're both the same... bad news. 

I am not sure at what point throughout all this I contacted a woman shaman I know who does spirit detachment. She said she encountered a being she had never encountered before. A being whose literal existence was simply to create chaos and fear. That it had attached something to me and was doing things remotely. In other words, it was manipulating my experiences from where it was. She got rid of it, but not for long. The episodes continued. She did several sessions on me and each time found all kinds of things of which there is no way I can recall all of it. But the things continue to occur. During one session, which I assisted in, we found a crystal like globe which had been placed over my heart. I already knew it was there and its purpose. As you said, it is meant to keep me single and without love in my life. With her help we removed it. That was when all hell broke loose.

That night, when I went to bed, a female presence came to me in a rage. She began to attack me. She would reach into my chest trying to get my heart to stop. My physical heart would palpitate constantly under her assault. Then she placed two things into my left side. I could hear a popping sound, like a cork, as it entered my body. One placed just above my left elbow and the other placed just above my left knee. Everything is always placed on my left side, the emotional side.... the feminine side... the side which would allow love to enter and flow. After that I went into one of the deepest depressions I have ever been in. A song would repeat itself in my head about being alone, and that I would always be alone. I have often received messages from them in that manner. And although it's something I've observed, I've gotten to the point where I'm not paying attention to it anymore.

Then I moved back in with my parents, since I couldn't afford to move anywhere else. Things just continued there with her. The angry female is not what she appears to be. She's not human; it's reptilian. On one night in particular, while I was awake, I could hear the sound of a drum and see a black woman dancing around a fire. She was dressed, like those who practice voodoo, all in white. She had an incredibly evil laugh. The next morning my father told me that he awoke to the sound of Caribbean music and drumming, and the sound of a woman laughing. How's that for verification? The visits continued every moment of every day. But now with my energy being a little stronger at my parents' -- their love helped to shield me a bit -- I was for the first time beginning to get some sleep. But I knew I could not live out my life this way, and my loneliness was and continues to be deep. So I was referred to another female shaman who taught me to journey. Through this method I was able to resolve some other things surrounding me. In a dream early on I was told that 24 things were occurring with me at the same time. At one point she had to get a group of women together and did what they call an exorcism. This allows the spirits to come through the women and they are moved on into the light. During this session there were a whole bunch of them (spirits) who had been tortured and tormented.

Joan sent me a photograph of her four member family. They all have implants. Again I moved in with my parents who had bought another home. I continued working with the shaman. I also went to see a very powerful shaman in New York who did my first soul retrieval session. This was a profound experience for me and very healing. But I could still sense an attachment to a female. The very next day, as I lay in bed, I very clearly saw a blond woman enter my room, and boy was she pissed off, completely in a rage because of the healing that had occurred. She had on one of her hands a very thick black glove (like a rubber glove). She was going to use it on me for some reason, but with the condition she found me in, she had to make a change of plans. She then left and came back later that night. Everyone I had worked with had told me they could not help me any longer. So I simply existed this way, with the woman abusing me, and whomever was with her at the time.

At no time did I consider this to be ET related.

I was convinced that this was spirit related. My knowledge of the ET phenomena was very limited. So I decided to try a different route and that is what brought me to Gail. Who the female is I don't know, but she is the head person, that much I do know. The others simply do as she tells them, although there have been the occasional ones who simply come because they view me as a toy to play with. Sexuality has a lot to do with what they are with doing me. That is something I have also learned. And I know that as long as this situation remains in my life, I will remain single. I have been aware of their direct interference in these matters. So I have to agree with you on that. You asked about the doorway. Well, it just followed me around. I no longer saw it but I could hear it all the time, opening and closing. I could also sense things entering my bedroom as if from nowhere.

Joan told me on the phone that, "I finally got so tired of not sleeping that I gave these guys permission to do whatever they wanted with me, as long as they let me sleep." Perhaps that's why she's having so much trouble getting rid of them now (her agreement), and because they've been with her for so long. At this writing, Joan is still connected to one of these blonde beings. Like all ETs -- good, bad or indifferent -- when you think, write or talk about them they appear.

Joan's portal reminded me of a movie I saw twenty years ago about an elderly priest who lived in a third floor walk-up in a major city somewhere in the US. He would sit in his rocking chair day after day, rocking and staring out the window. And every day at the same time a young nun would visit him to deliver a hot meal. As the priest's health began to fail, he felt compelled to tell the nun his mission, which was to guard a small door located in the wall near the floor of the apartment. This door was also about a foot off the ground, tucked under a staircase. If my memory serves me, it was a dark wooden square. It was the gateway to hell. The movie ended with the nun sitting in the same chair, in the same apartment, looking out the window... rocking. Sometimes I imagine myself being that nun.

I had a dream a few days ago where I was told that I had only three (not 25) things that were going on with me, and that this female was the last one. I can only pray that I can get rid of her. In another dream I was in a world that was very desert like and there were reptilian people living there. I never thought there might be good reptilians. In the dream, they lived subterranean, and the good guys were sounding the alarm to the humans that the bad ones were coming. I pay close attention to my clients' dreams, because for the most part, they're not make believe... they're real incidents... abduction scenarios and encounters with ETs that occur with the etheric or non-physical bodies in the dream state. I didn't respond immediately when you requested more information regarding the spiritual awakening I had because I had to sit with that one for a bit. Since I realized what this whole thing is really related to, I have had to really take a hard look at how long this has been going on in my life. And in doing so, I am unfortunately realizing that it has been going on easily for over a decade... at least that I'm aware of.

Back in my early twenties I began to have health problems which no doctor could help me with. I would have episodes of anxiety that were really intense, but I was totally unaware as to why I was having them. They were pretty debilitating. That grew into other problems. I was also aware of the female presence at that time. I lived in fear, but I didn't know what on earth I was living in fear of. I distinctly remember having problems with my ears at that time, especially the left one. It was during that time that I met my ex-husband. I also had all kinds of menstrual problems which, again, the doctors couldn't figure out. Their only solution was to put me on birth control pills to help regulate my periods. That didn't last long since the pills didn't agree with me. So I just lived with it and dealt with whatever I had to in order to function.

I later got married and moved out of the house with my husband and step-daughter. The weird episodes continued. I would experience severe headaches which would put me in the hospital. The strong medications they gave me only made things worse. So I gave those up too. I began having dreams of a woman interfering in my marriage, trying to get my husband to go to greener pastures. At the time though, I thought it was due to a ritualistic curse which had been put on me or on us. I was so upset one day that I finally got fed up and asked my husband, who was flexible about my sensitivities, to simply lie next to me in bed and do nothing but think about how much he loved me. Then I went into a deep meditation, repeating the 23rd psalm and visualizing Jesus in my mind. I did this for at least an hour non-stop.

Suddenly I felt this cord pop in my chest, as if something had
been pushed out by my intense meditation. It was gone!

My marriage was already destined not to make it, and shortly thereafter it dissolved. I moved back in with my parents, and it was there that my transformation began. I started feeling this innate sense of love and wholeness -- an emotional well-being which I could not remember having since I was a child. This wholeness grew until the energy of love was incredibly strong with me. I started attracting people like flies. My empathic abilities really took off then too, and my ability to manifest things in my life was amazing. I would want something to happen and it did within hours. So many things became obvious to me. I understood so much. Those around me were aware that I had somehow blossomed. About a year or two later, I had a dream that I was in my car and that a blonde male entered my car. He said to me that he would only be there until the following April, but I knew that he was lying to me.

I woke abruptly from the dream, only to hear and feel
something pop into my chest again. I knew it was back.

I tried many times to repeat the meditation which I originally did, but that didn't seem to work anymore. I'll bet they were better prepared for that by then. Since that time the level of wholeness, safety and love has never returned. I have never dated again, which I had done a lot of during the absence of "it" in my life. I then moved into the apartment, and the rest is history. I am writing this story because I'm not sure if I actually had an awakening. I am beginning to think that what really occurred was that I had returned to my old self for that period... the self that I hadn't been since childhood, when they entered my life. I was never aware of it until the proverbial shit hit the fan. I have been told by several intuitive people that something very traumatic occurred in my childhood which changed me forever. I have no recollection of anything happening, but then I'm sure that's not unusual.

Today, I am again feeling the negative energy of their presence. It's really bringing me down big time. I am all too often in this place and I don't want to be. I am sure is the case with Michelle, Sara and others going through this. The level of aloneness and sadness is incomprehensible unless you've been through it yourself. My online friends are a wonderful support, but the love of another who is physically present is the strongest thing against them, along with the love which we carry within ourselves. I will continue to try to shift my energy. It just isn't easy sometimes, since the feeling of aloneness can be intense and undermine it.

Comments by John Rhodes of

"Fraternal orders of practicing magicians or priests are also accredited for initiating contact with inanimate reptilian beings living in their natural astral state by opening dimensional portals with focused thought form energy. Some ultra dimensional beings are thought to be able to reside in the deepest levels of the underworld for indefinite periods of time... These non-physical inner earth reptilians are also considered astral intelligences, fallen angels or demons of the underworld (hell)."

This scenario is depicted in the TV episode, Xena - Fallen Angel. The battle between the forces of good and evil can also be found in the latest Star Wars film. David Icke recently interviewed a brilliant African shaman-historian on Jeff Rense's Sightings, Oct. 14, 1999, who told us that ET (dark or evil) spirits have been seen by the African nations for centuries, as depicted in their art. They look like Darth Mall, with the same red and black striped faces, but with horns all around its head in a ring instead of just two. If you missed the film The Matrix in the theater, rent it. Pay close attention to the symbolism and particularly to the hoses or cords attached to the thousands of rows of cloned humans in pods, sucking the life force energy out of them. 


Phil (above) and Michelle (below) are MILAB victims. To better explain what that means, you'll want to read an article at the AAER web site Military Involvement in UFO Abductions. There is a book on this same topic  MILABS: Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction written by Dr. Helmut Lammer of Austria, a MUFON researcher. Sometimes I meet people through my web site and occasionally in person who are abducted by aliens, and then a few hours later they're taken by our government to one of their many underground ET bases. When I meet them, I refer them to Dr. Lammer if they are open to being interviewed by him. On June 23, 1999, Dr. Lammer was interviewed by the Discovery Channel in London in connection with his book. "They flew me to London and everything went well. The interview exists, but Discovery's staff censored it. I believe there would be no problem in getting it if they paid a fee to Transmedia Production."

I asked Dr. Lammer whether he believes that all of the alien abduction experiences are actually government related mind scans. "No, I do not think that all abductions are done by the military. I believe there is a fraction which is larger... a combination of complex factors... real aliens or beings from parallel dimensions or universes, paranormal phenomena, and unknown psychological phenomena. A combination of some or all of these (and more) may be playing a role."


Yes, Gail, the reptilians do rape. I have been raped by them. It takes every ounce of courage a person can muster to stand up against them. If I ever feel they are about to come into or are in my energy field, I put up a protective shield around myself. I know this might sound odd, but it works for me. I believe it works because these beings are interdimensional travelers. So if you use their weapon, which is thought, and make your own holographic field, they cannot break through. You must also be in complete power and use whatever phrase is for you. For me, because of my upbringing, I use, You are denied entrance into my field and I put up a Universal God energy around me. Other people have used different words, depending on their religious beliefs.

Unfortunately, there is another type of reptilian we have serious problems with -- the reptoids. They are the most militant and work with parts of our own government -- the Black and above Black. This group works in conjunction with the human faction who abduct and interrogate. They are interested in what is going on with the other factions of ETs, which many of us have been in contact with. I have not been able to stop this kind of abduction because this group does not follow any Universal Law and therefore can take us and harass us at will. 


I went out with this guy. We hit it off and he asked me for another date. He knows about my situation. So I felt he was aware of them, and besides, he is a very spiritual man. The morning of the day of our date, he was taking his shower when all of a sudden he felt like something was choking him, and he was not able to breathe. He said he was sliding down the shower wall and felt like he was a goner, when an image of my face came to him along with a message to stop. He knew they did not want him to see me again. So for a year he did not call me, and then all of a sudden he called me and said he wanted a date. But last night he called and broke it off again. This is the closest thing I've gotten to a relationship in eight months. So tell me, what happens to the other reptilian abductees concerning relationships?


In my opinion, your love of and obsession for this woman is probably related to past lives, since you hardly know her, and have never really met her. It's true that you bumped into her once, passing her in the street, and although you may have said hello and smiled, and she returned your hello and smiled (to be courteous), you never really had a conversation with her, and you obviously don't know her. This, in my opinion, is probably related to past lives.

For a whole summer before I met you in person, I was drawn to you as if by a powerful magnet. It was like obsessive compulsive behavior / thinking. I had to help you, but I didn't understand why. All I knew was is that I had to. I couldn't stop thinking about you. I had no choice. That compulsion lasted for three months, until I was told by a colleague that you were my son three times in past lives. That made perfect sense to me. That's when decided to come to (country) to help you in person, since I wasn't able to go any further at a distance.

Past lives are that way sometimes. I think I told you a while back how many past lives you've had with this woman. I'm getting eight times again, which I think is the same number I told you years ago. I could be wrong, but it's enough lifetimes to create this kind of obsessiveness without a foundation.

Think about it and see if that feels about right to you. We are here to get reacquainted with our soul group. It doesn't mean that we will necessarily marry them again, if we've been married to them before, or if we've been close relatives, which is also very common. But it does mean that we can, if we want to, form a bond with them this time around; or, if nothing else, a knowing that on some level they may be there for us, as long as they are able recognize us from before, or sense on some level that we are a kindred spirit.

If, on the other hand, their eyes are closed and their heart isn't open enough, it won't happen. I have a feeling that you might want some of the love and other wonderful experiences with this woman this time around that you experienced in the past. That's only natural; although it's very difficult, because sometimes it's hard to tell the present from the past -- at least in our sensitive world -- with people like us -- since time is just a construct for mankind to be able to survive and have some form of predictability in an unpredictable world.

The reason I'm so hard on you is that I see you continually slipping into the past and dwelling on it. I know that it's hard to figure this stuff out on your own; and although I did it on my own, it wasn't easy. At the time I also was living in spiritual places like northern California and Sedona, where people were pretty "out there," and where folks were reading and talking about books and taking seminars that I could read and attend on past lives, spirit releasement, soul retrieval, and more, in order to again some information and insight into what was happening to me -- especially when it came to meeting people from "before" / past lives. For many years, these past life experiences happened frequently, both in dreams and in person. People would approach me on the street, say hello, and tell me that they knew me, when I knew I'd never met them.

I don't want to see you held back any longer because of all of these negative and potentially unsettling experiences with all of these people from past lives, which is what it sounds like has been happening to you for more years than I can remember. You seem stuck, and you need to figure out the difference between now and then. It may be that your body clock is off due to your abduction experiences. That this "bleed through" is easier for you because of your highly developed sensitivity. But you have to stop and ask yourself this question: "Is this from now or before?" You have to stop and tune into your senses / your intuition and see what time frame you're living in. You're almost like the guy in the movie "The Time Traveler" -- only with you, it's all now and it's all before at the same time. It's not easy because you have to not let your mind get the better of you. But it can be done, because I did it already for years. So at least you have someone who knows what you're going through on some level. I have been called a medium. I rejected that name for years, and now, after watching movies of others who have that label, I guess I am. This level of sensitivity is OK if you have a support group, which is why I continue to go to Jane Ford's class more often now, to be with people who have more skills than I do, where I'm not considered strange. I hope that helps.

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One of my greatest pleasures these days is watching "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Why? Because that's pretty much what I do. If you watch that show, you'll notice that not only does she poke those guys with a big wooden stick to kill them, but she often times cuts their heads off, which I do. And outside of the fact that I don't know martial arts, she and I have a lot in common. I know it sounds silly, but this is how I do my work with the reptilians. I kill the bastards. Vampires are akin to the reptilians. Dracula / dracul / dragon / draco -- and even Satan -- yes, they are all reptilians. Do the reptilians kidnap and eat children and drink blood? In my opinion, probably... since they are of reptilian descent and lived on Earth way before we got here. Since my wild assumptions differ from the bible studies of Mr. Lou Gentile, who calls himself "The Man that Satan Loves to Hate." I think there is a gap between what I do and what he's been trained by the Catholic church to believe. Sure, some of the people he meets are possessed. And Satan was real all right. I think he was a big deal and the head of the reptilian invasion at the time. If you look at how Satan was portrayed visually in the bible -- tail, claws, horns, scaly and slimy looking, and most of all smelly (according to a healer friend of mine named “Jor El” who used to go out in the next dimension and deal with them directly before I got the hang of it) there's no negotiating with these guys. Whether they live out in space and come in on ships, or come up from the underworld, it’s of little difference to me. They're very real to me. My only job is to get them to leave my clients alone so that he/she can lead a normal life. I acknowledge that there is a "dark side." I don't stick my head in the sand and deny it like most of my new age colleagues do. They think that if it's not on their mind that it doesn't exist. That's foolishness. But it is very dangerous territory, and no amount of wishing and hoping will make it go away. Mr. Gentile and I have one thing in common. We pray a lot. But when I pray I call in the "heavy hitters." Not Jesus and Mary, that's for sure. Anyone who reads this who is either a healer or Catholic needs to understand that only the Archangel warriors who wield big swords like Michael and Gabriel can get this nasty job done. Unless of course, you're like me and just do it yourself. It's all about visualization. If you can see it in your mind's eye, you can handle it. Like Buffy, Willow and friends, I too caution you to take great care. Be sure that when you turn your back to walk away, you’re absolutely sure they're dead.

Well, friends, by now I hope you have come to know that my information is derived solely through meetings and conversations with other experiencers. I never rely on the writings or teachings of others. Remember, I am an experiencer and a healer, not a researcher. If you are an abductee in need of advice or healing, continue reading everything you can at this website.

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