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Joe Stewart: Bigfoot Investigation in Lapeer County, Michigan

Joe Stewart, The Paranormal Nomad

Bigfoot Investigation in Lapeer County, Michigan

Photo of Joe Stewart, The Paranormal Nomad

Photo of Joe Stewart,
The Paranormal Nomad

Date: Saturday, May 21, 2011

Location: Lapeer County, Michigan

Team: Bob Daigle

     Tom Thomas

     Mark Azofeifa

     Joe Stewart

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day for a Bigfoot hunt. I met Bob Daigle and Tom Thomas in Lapeer for breakfast. We were waiting for Mark Azofeifa who has had some interesting Bigfoot experiences in Lapeer County. Unfortunately Mark was still working and he was going to join us later in the day.

Bob and Tom had just gotten back from the Ohio Bigfoot conference. We all sat in a booth exchanging tales and our personal encounters with Bigfoot as we waited for breakfast.

Photo of Tree Break in the Swamp
Photo of Tree Break in the Swamp

It was unfortunate on such a lovely day that Tom and Bob were on limited time and had to return home. They would not have time to venture out in the wilderness that day. Bob wanted to show me and Tom the active areas and access points so we drove to the north to start the tour.

After the first couple of stops, Tom had to leave so we said our good-byes. Bob and I continued on to another area where we followed a two-track deep into the woods coming out at the south end of a lake for a look around. It was about that time Mark called us saying he was getting close and wanted to know our location. We decided to meet Mark at the point where we were planning on launching our late afternoon Bigfoot hunt. Today's hunt will feature me and Mark.

Photo of Teepee Across the Pond
Photo of Teepee Structure Across the Pond

While we all talked at the entrance to the trail, Mark and I got our gear together. Bob said his good-byes and headed home, so off Mark and I started on our little adventure.

The spring rains had brought flooded swamps and marshes. Some of the main trails were under water making it difficult to follow. We finally came to a small creek that had all the makings of rapids. I briefly looked up stream to see who was manning the fire hose; it was flowing at a good rate. Thankfully it wasn't too difficult to jump and so we continued our journey down the trail.

Next Mark took me to a spot where Mark and his friend also liked to hunt. The trail is a bit sunken and had a ridge on one side of the trail. While hunting the area one day they came back down the trail and found it blocked with some trees of varying thicknesses.

Photo of
Photo of "X" Made on Forest Floor

It's important to understand these trees were not growing on the side of the trail but were uprooted somewhere else and dragged to that spot and laid across the trail. Obvious message if there was one, "Stay out." Mark theorized they were infringing on Bigfoot's hunting area.

They also experienced someone from the ridge area tossing debris down on them when they were investigating the area at a later date; no one was seen on the ridge. Mark also showed me a rock where he would play this game of stacking rocks on a larger rock. He would return the same or next day and find the rocks were moved about or removed all together.

Photo of Dog  Hair
Photo of Dog Hair

At some point Mark and I left the trail and we started to cut through the pathless woods looking for a clearing Mark has used as a hunting spot in the past. We came to a spot that seemed to puzzle Mark. He thought someone had mowed the area. It was grassy area where briar and grass grows tall.

With further inspection it looked like something large and heavy was laid on the vegetation. Everything was crushed flat. At the perimeter you could see where some of the vegetation was broken and all pointing the same direction. We continued on to the clearing where Mark was using for hunting during deer season.

Photo of Stomach
Photo of Stomach

While hunting in 2007 Mark had placed a game camera at the base of a tree. When he returned later the branch above the camera was broken and the camera was destroyed. Mark was able to retrieve the pictures from the now defunct camera. It showed something fussing with the camera on its few pictures.

Mark placed another game camera pointing at that tree. Mark showed me where the branch was broken off the tree. Mark also did capture what looks like a black mass and a pair of staring gray-bluish eyes that night. He has no idea what it was but it was strange to say the least.

Photo of Stomach with Intestine
Photo of Stomach with Intestine

Now we were down by one of the lakes in the area. One of the odd things we were finding in the woods was branches that were crossed as "X's". I can understand that something like that could randomly occur, but in this case the branches were broken to the same length and where crossed at the exact middle.

Like I said, I could understand one "X" but four of them spread out in the woods, and these were not on any trails but in the woods. Mark showed me where he encountered Bigfoot up on the ridge. He figured it was perfect spot for Bigfoot to lay in wait for a deer to wander by since they had a game trail there. Yup, I would say easy pickings by hunting standards.

Photo of Stomach with Intestine Closeup
Photo of Stomach with Intestine Closeup

We continued on to the pond. Here we found a tree 3 inches in diameter in the pond broken about 12 feet up with the top of the tree touching the water. We couldn't figure out how it got broken by natural causes. The tree was young and strong. It would have taken a lot of force to break it. It looked like something grabbed and broke the tree. Mark found suspicious looking large tracks on the edge of the water headed in the direction of the tree.

We continued to navigate the pond Mark discovered a gut pile. This shocked the both of us; there were intestines, stomach, 1 kidney, and no blood. Upon further inspection nothing appeared to be cut but was ripped out. Where were the rest of the organs and the body? That's when mark found some hair.

I didn't want to say it but it looked like dog hair, German Shepard very likely. We both know how much Bigfoot hated dogs and it wouldn't be the first time Bigfoot had killed a dog. We continued to inspect the organs and decided they were large enough for a large dog.

Photo of Kidney
Photo of Kidney

We continued on looking for a body and looking for these tepees built out of small sticks from the forest floor. This is an activity claimed to be done by Bigfoot. We don't understand the reason yet. We finally came to the end of the pond and moved to the other side working our way back to where we were only on the other side. We were resting on a large bolder. Mark called me over. Across the water as big and plain as could be stood a teepee like structure. It was at least 5 feet tall.

Due to the lateness of the day and in light of the new findings, we will return to document the new findings on the other side of the pond at another date.

Joe Stewart, The Paranormal Nomad.

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