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Paranormal Photos: Questions Regarding Alien Choir Photo Analysis

Paranormal Photos: Aliens, UFOs, and Unexplained Phenomena

Questions Regarding Alien Choir Photo Analysis

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In response to our readers' requests for more information on "Alien Choir" Photographed, here are answers to your frequently asked questions (FAQs) along with comments from the witness-photographer of this outstanding photo.

Dr. John Gedye observed, "The 'alien choir' photographs should be judged primarily by whether they are acceptable to "experiencers" (abductees) as representing what they see when they "experience." Only if the photos are acceptable, is it worth spending time discussing how they are produced.

1.  Why are the aliens glowing green?

Answer:  According to biophysicist Dr. William Levengood, the appearance of glowing aliens may be attributed to "a very significant Doppler shift in a highly active energy form, which is beyond our ordinary methods of monitoring electromagnetic energy. The final state from this Doppler shift appears to be in the 'actinic region' of the spectrum where it stimulates photo-luminescence in the green region of the visible spectrum." Note to readers: "Actinic" means in the region of the x-ray and ultraviolet light.

2.  Could the aliens actually be caused by tree branches lit up by the street light?

Answer:  No. The electric pole closest to the aliens has no street light. It has a transformer. Therefore, it could not shine a light on anything.

3.  Could the electric pole down the street, and to the left of the pole in the middle, have lit up the trees to look like aliens or the strange ball of light?

Answer:  No. A street light does not diffuse light in the downward shape of an irregular ball. However, it is possible that what appears to be a ball of light may have been an energy field interacting with the street light and the transformer.

4.  Isn't the street light throwing light up under the trees to make them look like the shapes of aliens?

Answer:  No. The street light is not going to travel  up under the trees to selectively light up a few branches in the middle of a shaded area, and not light up any branches to the left (which is closer to the light source and out in the open) or to the right of the alien shapes. That is not how a  street light, which is in the visible light spectrum, would light up night-time objects.

5.  Couldn't the dark line of the tree trunks be creating the dark shadow which runs between the first and second alien shapes on the left and then farther down on the right?

Answer:  No. The aliens are not standing vertically straight like the trees. In fact, the alien choir is leaning to the right at a 75 to 80 degree angle to the horizontal line of the roof. The tree trunks are standing at 90 degree angles and are perpendicular to the ground. These angles are different and do not correlate. See photo above in question 1 for reference. This peculiar slant may be indicative of the electromagnetic field described above by Dr. Levengood.

6.  Could the house and street lights light up the tree branches to create the illusion of aliens standing on a roof?

Answer:  No. The photo on the right shows the lights at night. There is a mercury street light on the far left pole. The middle dot of light is a front porch light. The dot of light to the right is a side house light. This is a dark area at night.

7.  What kind of camera was used?

Answer:  A Hewlett Packard PhotoSmart C200 digital camera

See picture of camera.

8.  What are the technical specifications for this camera?

Answer:  See next for camera specifications.

9.  Do the wavy or blurred areas around the strange ball of light indicate the image was pasted into the photo?

Answer:  No. The wavy areas were photographed by the digital camera which "sees" more than a 35 mm film camera and thus records more. Consequently, the digital camera photographs these wavy areas which may be caused by a change in the index of refraction.

10.  Why do the close-ups of the electric wires have wavy lines?

Answer:  Because the digital camera "sees" more than a 35 mm film camera, it is able to record the energy field around the electric wires and other objects as well. Note waves of energy which look like alternating bumps on the top and bottom side of the wires.

11.  Were any special camera settings used, such as infrared for night-time photos?

According to the photographer, "It was just a 'point and shoot' digital camera. There were basically no settings to fiddle with. I used the same settings for day or night."

12.  Did the photographer see or hear anything unusual just prior to taking the photograph?

The photographer explained, "I could see movement in that direction, so I shoot [took a picture] as I always do. The only noise I heard was a humming like the power lines or what sounds like a huge generator running in the background that no one else hears,  so I don't pay much attention to it any more.

13.  The photographer was asked, "What do you think is in your photo?

The photographer answered, "These however almost look like a choir or children to me. I don't know but I would put my money on aliens. Why else would they have let me take the picture?

14.  Do other people feel a conscious-connection to UFOs or aliens which they photograph?

Answer:  Other people tell us they feel a conscious-connection or psychic bond with the UFOs and aliens which they photograph.  These people can sense when it is a good time to get the camera out to take a photo of UFOs.

15.  Why do the alien shapes look like "beings of light" rather than having a solid, physical form?

Answer:  "Beings of Light" are mentioned by abductees and reported on in various books, including Passport to the Cosmos by Dr. John Mack and in Linda Moulton Howe's book, Glimpses of Other Realities Volume II, among others. Some abductees have been told by the aliens that the "beings of light" are in a transitional state from their dimension to ours. Perhaps these beings were in transition. The photographer took another photo less than a minute later, but the lights and shapes were gone and the photo was dark.

16.  Is this photo merely a case of misinterpretation or misidentification?

Answer:  No. While people are free to postulate on a variety of "what if" scenarios, the bottom line is that we are dealing with a photo involving quantum physics for which easy 1-2-3 answers do not exist. But the photograph is genuine and the witness was known to us long before this photo was ever taken. For all the reasons identified here, as well as the scientific issues, this is a genuine alien photo worthy of further study./p>

Name and address of photographer are on file. Photo analysis and enhancements by AAER.

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