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Questions and Answers: Did aliens mix-up our answering machine and cellular phone?

Questions and Answers

Did aliens mix-up our answering machine and cellular phone?

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Something weird happened with me and my mother and we both are curious to say the least about any explanation that can be offered to us. She and I were home alone chatting about our plans for the next day when I called a friend. I received a call-waiting signal and asked the caller to hold while I checked the other line.

At the exact time of the call-waiting signal, my mother's cell phone began ringing in her purse. I switched over to the waiting call at the same time my mother answered her call and we were talking to each other. Somehow both phones were ringing each other. This happened six times throughout the night with my mother and I speaking to each other on the separate phones.

One evening we took the cell phone with us to a restaurant. My mother answered the phone and heard her answering message on her home phone. She said, "Oh my God, it's my answering machine!" This was confirmed when we got home and checked the messages.

My mother's cell phone is through her work and her home phone number is unlisted so there is no record of her home phone number connected to the cell phone, nor has she ever called her home phone with her cell phone or vice-versa. A call to the cell phone company (we were dispatched to the manager on duty) proved what we suspected, there is no way that could have happened. The rather shaky manager was unnerved by the events and had no explanation other than asking was our house haunted. Any suggestions?


Telephone mishaps and possible alien activity were discussed by abductees in Can aliens communicate with us by telephone?

There may be a connection with telephone mishaps and aliens, but only after all of the following have been ruled out as a possible cause.

An important consideration with electronic equipment is frequency range. Electronic equipment operates on different frequencies. You may have noticed very tiny print accompanying all your electronic appliances purchased in the U.S. The fine print describes how the appliance is not supposed to interfere with broadcasting or televisions, etc. according to the FCC.

In the case of your answering machine and the cell phone, both these appliances operate on specific electronic frequencies. If there is an incompatibility, the appliances will either not work or work incorrectly or erratically, especially when within range of each other.

That is the reason some appliances do not work when connected with each other. Quick examples include some VCRs which do not work when connected with certain TVs or computers, or some answering machines which do not work when connected to certain telephones or fax machines. And the list goes on.

At other times of the year, sun spot activity will spike causing distortion of the earth's magnetic field. This results in radio and TV communication signals bouncing many times farther than normal or broadcast signals being disrupted. It can also cause remote control devices to automatically turn on TVs or VCRs and other ghost-like activity.

Sun spot activity can even disrupt public two-way radio communication. One day during heavy sun spot activity, a police officer ordered a female to get off his two-way radio channel! However, the female interrupting transmission was a 5 year old girl miles away playing with a toy walkie-talkie!

Some abductees have their phones tapped by government surveillance. This type of surveillance is described in the movie Enemy of the State.

It is important to consider all possible scenarios and to understand that not all strange things are caused by ghosts, aliens, or the government. But before we say it is aliens, we must rule out all other possible scenarios.

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