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Questions and Answers: Has anyone seen an alien woman with black hair and gold eyes?

Questions and Answers

Has anyone seen an alien woman with black hair and gold eyes?

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I have two questions I would appreciate answers to if that's possible.

1st - When I was about 11, I was sleeping and was awakened to my bed bouncing. I looked at the foot of the bed and saw a woman with very long black hair, wearing a white gown. She must have realized I was looking at her. As she stopped bouncing up and down and turned to look at me, she had glowing gold eyes. At this point I passed out. Now two of my brothers have told me they had the same experience.

2nd - My daughter and I were driving back from my mother's. This was supposed to be a 45-50 minute drive, but all we remember was that it was beginning to snow and we pulled up next to a semi-truck and then we were turning down our street in town again. My  daughter actually thought we were dead and became very upset. We should have been home by 6 pm, instead we arrived at 9:30. I have actually been awakened to feel something being inserted into my nose, blood on the pillow only to be awakened again a few nights later to whatever being pulled out of my nose. Can someone offer explanations to these?? I for one would really like to know what happened both times. What do you think was being inserted into my nose and then pulled back out?? And was the woman on the end of my bed an alien who abducted me?


Your letter describes typical abduction experiences along with periods of missing time. The temporary nasal implant was probably to monitor your health. The woman at the end of your bed sounds like an alien that other people have reported seeing. The alien with long black hair used to sit on the bed of a music teacher when she was a child.

Other abductees have reported seeing the alien with long black hair including the woman beamed out of the 12th floor window in full view of the public in Book Review: Witnessed

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