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Questions and Answers: Has anyone else felt the date 12-24-2011 was significant?

Questions and Answers

Has anyone else felt the date 12-24-2011 was significant?

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I first started hearing about the Mayan calendar and Dec 24, 2012 about 6 years ago, and how people think that is when the world is going to end and all of that.

Back in March of 1977, I was a twenty year old that had just joined the U.S. Air Force and was in a Jet Engine Tech school at Chanute Air Force Base in Illinois. I was in class sitting at my desk listening to the instructor. I was getting bored so I started drawing on a sheet of paper that I was taking notes on. For some reason I started drawing flying saucers and them landing here on earth.

I remember looking at it and for some reason on the bottom of the picture I wrote down the date Dec 24, 2011. I don't know where I got that date from. I still remember looking at the picture I had just drawn and thinking that I hope that I am still around when that date gets here so that I can see if they come here.

I saved that sheet of paper and have only showed it to a few people. I typed that date into google to see what I would find about that date. This site and a few others talked about that date. Another person asked about that same date in your question and answer section What is the significance of the date 12-24-2011?

I also found this on youtube 2012 wrong! The Mayan calender ends December 24, 2011 Is this strange or what?

I have never drawn anything like that since that day back in March 1977. It is not until recently with all of the documentaries on TV, 2012 and returning aliens that I have been thinking how strange that I would draw something like that all those years ago and put that date down. Back then I had never heard of the Mayan calendar and was not even interested in UFO's.

I am sure you get letters and emails from people all of the time claiming all sorts of things that happened to them and you might think that I am making this up but what I have said is the truth. I just for the life of me do not know why I drew that picture and why it was so important to me to save it for all of these years.

I have not ever seen a UFO. I was stationed in New Mexico at Holloman Air Force Base from 1986 - 1988 and went to Roswell, New Mexico a couple of times to play in a Darts tournament but never even went to the UFO museums. I was also stationed at Royal Air Force Bentwaters from 1988 - 1993 but never talked to anyone that was there in 1980 about the UFO landing there in Rendlesham Forest.

The only weird thing that ever happened to me was back in 1972 or 1973 when I was in bed around 11:00 p.m. when I woke up and heard my mom in the kitchen washing dishes or something when all of a sudden I felt this weight on me and I could not lift myself up at all. It felt like I couldn't breath. I remember trying to yell for my mom but nothing would come out.

After about 15 - 20 seconds the weight lifted off of me and I jumped up and ran into the kitchen telling my mom I was being held down and could not say anything. That is the only thing that ever happened to me. The picture I drew in 1977 is below.

Drawing of UFO Landing


Back in the 1970's nobody ever had even heard of the Mayan calendar except maybe the archeologists. It is possible in your daydreaming state you were picking up information from alien sources since their communication is mostly mental. It is also intriguing you saved this piece of paper and did not toss it out as most people would have done. I think you saved it because you were told to save it or because you had a hunch it would be significant in the future.

A lot of people think the Mayan calendar is all about disclosure when the president of the United States will announce aliens are here, but I don't believe that will happen at all. December 24 would be Christmas Eve day, so maybe it will be some important world event related to aliens.

Any readers with more information are asked to write to the website with their experiences.

February 6, 2011

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