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Questions and Answers: Can aliens use the Internet or e-mail?

Questions and Answers

Can aliens use the Internet or e-mail?

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Do you think that aliens can use the Internet or e-mail to contact people?


To answer your question, we must first consider what level of technology we are at when compared with other intelligent life forms in the universe. Science writer Dr. Barry Parker featured in our Book Review: Alien Life: The Search for Extraterrestrials and Beyond describes the possibility of intelligent extraterrestrial life as three types. This is based on the astronomical calculation that our own Milky Way Galaxy is 15 billion years old.

We know that intelligent life on Earth took 5 billion years to evolve from single celled ocean creatures to where we are today in our evolution. Yet, despite this long history, we have had modern technology only fifty years! According to Dr. Parker, we are in the early stage of a Type I civilization. A Type I civilization is one which has had 5 billion years to evolve or "startup time" plus 50 years of modern technology. These are the entry level civilizations just beginning their own exploration of space.

The next higher form of civilization is a Type II. At this stage, the planet has had its 5 billion year startup period plus up to an additional 5 billion years to evolve. Any beings or aliens in a Type II civilization would be evolved far beyond whatever we recognize as a life form. Their technology would astound us.

The third stage of planetary development is where the civilization has had a 5 billion year startup period plus up to 10 billion years to evolve. This is categorized as a Type III civilization. At this level, and given the age of our own galaxy, it is possible that planetary life could have evolved to this level and reached out across our own galaxy as well as others.

Since we are merely a Type I civilization, we must assume that any life form reaching out to us for contact would have to be so far advanced as to challenge any of our beliefs about life, death, travel, space, and time. Communication may exist in ways believed not possible, such as through our thoughts or dreams or silent signals sent to sleeping selves.

Then too, we have to consider that alien technology came from the aliens during the July 1947 Roswell crash of the UFO. As featured in our Book Review: The Day After Roswell, computer technology was reverse engineered from computer chips found at the crash site. This would mean that we learned computer technology from the aliens--and not the other way around. That means the aliens already have computer technology. For all we know, the aliens may be monitoring everything we do on the Internet.

So, to answer your question, yes, the aliens would certainly have the technology to monitor the Internet or communicate by e-mail, but whether or not they would, is anyone's guess. But given the aliens' superior level of intelligence, they surely would have mastered the intricacies of long distance communication with us.

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